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100% Love From The Boss is a web novel created by Wu Mo Xi, 无墨兮.
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Chapter 291 Forced Marriage

Ling Tianyi hung up, he dared not to delay, so he went back to the Ling’s villa quickly.

Ling Tianyi felt annoyed at this time. His mother, He Meishu, wanted to match him and Qiao Anna from the beginning, and now Qiao Anna was pregnant, it was even more difficult for him to explain it clearly. As for his father Ling Desheng, he was even more troublesome. If Ling Tianyi made other women pregnant, Ling Desheng maybe wouldn’t care about it too much, but it was Qiao Anna, the daughter of the Qiao’s Group, so it was no trivial matter.

Ling Tianyi came back home. When He Meishu saw Ling Tianyi, she scolded him first, and then she said, “Son! Since something was wrong, you should be responsible for Anna. She is the eldest daughter of the Qiao family and she is better than that Xia Xiaoluo. Our two families are equal in social status. We can’t let the Qiao family think that we don’t want to take responsibility.”

“Mom, you can blame me for my mistake, but please don’t slander Xiaoluo.” Ling Tianyi said coldly.

“What’s your att.i.tude? You have made mistakes and…” He Meishu was very angry.

Ling Tianyi ignored He Meishu, he went to the second floor directly. He had to go to Ling Desheng’s study immediately, facing everything.

Ling Tianyi knocked at the door with dignity. Even if he knew that he was in big trouble, he still kept his manners as usual.

“Come in!” Ling Desheng’s voice was low. He knew that his son was back.

Ling Tianyi walked in, standing opposite Ling Desheng. He continued to look at Ling Desheng with his inherent att.i.tude, “Dad, I know why you want to see me. I know that I have made a mistake this time. However, I will deal with it in my own way. I hope that you and mom would not interfere with me too much. Please trust me.”

“What do you mean by this? If we don’t interfere with you, Sir Qiao himself will be coming to scold you for it. If you just make some ordinary women pregnant, and you don’t want to marry her, I won’t care. But now it’s Miss Qiao, who is not an ordinary girl. Do you understand?” Ling Desheng roared.

“I’m sorry, Dad, I’m not young. I can deal with my own affairs. Now that the Qiao family has already known it, I’ll go and apologize to them face to face today.” Ling Tianyi said sincerely.

“It is necessary to apologize to them face to face.” Ling Desheng sighed, “You should apologize sincerely and try to meet their demands when you get there. I’ll go to the Qiao family with you in person later and propose marriage with lavish gifts.”

“Dad!” Ling Tianyi said anxiously at once. “Marriage is very important. How can you be so rash?”

“When you’re with Qiao Anna, why don’t you think about the consequences? Rash? You are the rashest person!” Ling Desheng slapped the table heavily.

“I was drunk at that time!” Ling Tianyi felt annoyed.

“Now Miss Qiao is pregnant, that means I am about to have a grandson. If you dare not to get married to her or let my grandson be in trouble, I will never let you go!” Ling Desheng roared.

“Let’s go to the Qiao family now. Your mother has prepared for the gifts.” Ling Desheng stood up and said.

“Dad, it’s necessary to go to the Qiao family, but I just go there to apologize, not propose a marriage.” Ling Tianyi said firmly.

“You are unfilial, you…” Ling Desheng was too angry to breathe.

He Meishu had been eavesdropping outside the door. She felt that the situation became worse and worse. So, regardless of anything else, she went into the study directly. She held Ling Tianyi and said anxiously, “Yi, your father is a little stubborn on common days, but you are wrong this time. You shouldn’t have made Qiao Anna pregnant.”

“Yi, I like Anna all the time and I was willing to make you be together before. In fact, I’ve talked about it with the elders of the Qiao family. They also like you. Therefore, we should turn this troublesome matter into a happy ending. It will be very nice of you two to get married and have babies! Don’t be so stubborn. Listen to my advice and propose a marriage with the Qiao family. You’re a father. Don’t be so stubborn.” He Meishu advised.

When He Meishu was speaking, Ling Desheng just listened to her all the time without interrupting her. After she finished, Ling Desheng said slowly, “Yes! Your mother’s words were not reasonable on common days, but today her words are reasonable.”

He Meishu was speechless, she stopped persuading Ling Tianyi and said to Ling Desheng directly, “Old man, I’m not reasonable on common days? Are you praising me or belittling me?”

“All right. Stop adding troubles. Now it’s time to deal with your son’s problem. Don’t digress from the subject again.” Ling Desheng was very familiar with He Meishu’s habits and character. He knew that if he didn’t stop this topic, it would be endless.

He Meishu didn’t say anything anymore, she knew that she must persuade their son together. After all, they were old couples, so they understood each other.

Ling Tianyi had no choice but to go to the Qiao family with He Meishu and Ling Desheng.

Led by the servants, the three members of the Ling family entered the living room.

Qiao Anna was all tears. Her mother accompanied her and wiped the tears for her. Her relatives were also in a room.

Qiao Anna felt wronged. She really wanted to go home and told her parents about it. She wanted them to help to put pressure on Ling Tianyi. However, her parents and all the close relatives knew about it before she had said anything. They all scolded her for her not cherishing herself one by one, making them shameful.

Qiao Anna didn’t know how it spread out. She wanted to pretend to be pregnant, but now the rumors were totally out of control. There must be someone who was playing a part. It seemed to help her apparently, but it had affected her reputation beyond her imagination. She wanted to find out who was doing this behind. Maybe it was the mysterious person who sent her a message last time. In short, as long as she could investigate who he was, she would never let him go easily.

Qiao Anna would like to clarify that it was not true and she was still a virgin, but she could only bear it when things have come to such a state. In order to marry Ling Tianyi, she had tried her best.

“Sir Qiao, hope that you are well!” Ling Desheng greeted Qiao Anna’s grandfather first. After all, he was the senior of the business. Although the Ling family was more powerful than the Qiao family now, it was necessary to show their respect. What was more, they came here to apologize and propose marriage this time.

“Am I well? Humph! I’m still alive now. Are you here to make me angry?” Sir Qiao was still very angry. His grand-daughter was bullied by Ling Tianyi, so he felt very distressed.

“I’m sorry, Sir Qiao. It’s our fault. We come here to offer a humble apology. By the way, I also want to talk about their marriage with you. It has happened and we will be responsible for it.” Ling Desheng said.

“Um! Continue!” Sir Qiao was very angry, but he was still polite to the Ling family. What was more, under such a condition, he also hoped to reduce the hurt to the lowest point, saving the face of the Qiao family and protecting Qiao Anna.

As soon as Qiao Anna heard this, most of her grievances disappeared. She hardly believed that the Ling family came to talk about their marriage, making her think that she was in a dream.

However, Qiao Anna’s dream only lasted for one second, and then it was broken by Ling Tianyi’s words.

“I’m sorry, Sir Qiao. It’s my fault. I’m sorry to Anna and I’m sorry to you all, so I’m here to apologize. However, even though I am sorry, I can’t marry Anna. Anna and I are just ordinary friends. It happened because we were both drunk at that time. We don’t love each other. Even if we get married reluctantly, we won’t be happy.” Ling Tianyi said.

Qiao Anna was heart-broken. Why did Ling Tianyi say such heartless words under such a condition?

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you don’t want to be responsible for it, right?” Sir Qiao dropped a cup in a flash. No one knew that it was a priceless antique.

“Dad, please calm down and don’t be angry.” Qiao Anna’s father said.

After that, Qiao Anna’s father said, “Ling Tianyi, you are young and promising. I always appreciate you and believe you will have a bright future. If it’s just a coincidence and you can take responsibility, I will facilitate this marriage. But now it seems that I overestimate you. As long as you have made such a big mistake, I won’t let you go easily. Although the Ling family is more powerful than the Qiao family now, you can’t stand it if we decide to fight against you!”

“Yes! I will ask my old friend to fight against Huasheng Group together. Just let me see how the Ling family could stand in A City.” Sir Qiao echoed.

“I’m sorry, it’s my responsibility. I won’t deny it. I won’t marry Qiao Anna, this is the principle. If you ask me to take responsibility, I can offer up my life as penance.” Ling Tianyi said. He didn’t want to betray Xia Xiaoluo, even if he died.

“Humph, don’t threaten us with these things. Our family won’t believe you.” Qiao Anna’s father said.

“Son, don’t do such stupid things, don’t scare me!” He Meishu looked at Ling Tianyi’s expression, she knew him, she knew that Ling Tianyi could do such things.

“Stop acting in front of us!” Qiao Anna’s mother interrupted.

“Forget it, mom, don’t embarra.s.s them. I was drunk and I was wrong too.” Qiao Anna cried. Not because of the repentance, but because that Ling Tianyi would rather die than marry her. She was really sad, tears welled up in her eyes.

“Anna, I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I’m very sorry to make you feel wronged. But, you know we don’t love each other at all, it will be a new tragedy if we are together.” Ling Tianyi said.

Qiao Anna did not say anything, she kept crying all the time.

“I will give you the last chance. Will you be responsible for my grand-daughter? Will you marry her?” Sir Qiao stared at Ling Tianyi.


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