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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One is a web novel produced by An Zhixiao, 安知晓, Calm Understanding.
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Chapter 154: Unt.i.tled

The news of Third Young Master Ye and Yun Ruoxi’s marriage had circulated within City A as fast as a gust of wind. The media reported it widely while it was the headlines of entertainment magazines. Both wrote that they were a match made in heaven and how perfect they were for each other.

It was the hottest topic of the week in City A.

Some media even dug out news about Yun Ruoxi’s hospitalization. Reporters rushed into the hospital to interview Yun Ruoxi and eventually found out about her pregnancy, which spiced up the news about their marriage even more.

People from various media gathered at the hospital almost every day. There were reporters of different news agencies, television stations, and magazines. All of them wanted to get hold of the first-hand information.

There were also people speculating about the baby’s gender openly and said that Miss Yun had the ability to bring luck to her husband, which meant that MBS International would definitely grow bigger after she got married into the Ye family.

The Ye and the Yun family held a press conference to confirm the news of the marriage and told the press that the two families were picking a date for the wedding. The big day was nearing!

Although the male and female leads were not present at the press conference, the appearance of the two important guests, Old Master Yun and Old Master Ye, made the press conference a success.

News of the workaholic third young master leaving work early to accompany the pregnant Miss Yun spread fast.

Suddenly, the third young master’s image changed from being dissolute to being faithful.

And it was very successful.

Everyone predicted that the third young master would be a great husband and father in the future.

n.o.body was sadder than the women of the third young master. The golden bachelor of City A was now taken and it was a loss for those beautiful women.

Anyway, it was pretty lively these days!

Cheng Anya watched the recent hottest news. Yun Ruoxi wore the hospital gown and looked unwell while getting interviewed on her bed. She appeared so weak and fragile, like a flower that needed care and love.

Her eyebrows showed how happy she was and she could not stop mentioning her child. She even gazed at her belly from time to time as she spoke. Her gaze revealed how happy and kind she was. Miss Cheng saw the holy light that Miss Yun was radiating, as if she was the Virgin Mary.

The camera took a close-up shot of her belly, but unfortunately, her belly was still flat.

She revealed how much she was looking forward to her future life during the interview. Some reporters with sharp tongues even asked her if she minded the third young master’s past love affairs. Like a saint, Miss Yun answered that many people loving Ye Chen meant that her choice was right. She didn’t mind about his past and would only care about his future and him now. She was confident that the third young master would be a great husband.

Miss Cheng sneered unkindly and sarcastically after listening to what she had said.

Together with a photo of them, the news reported that the two of them were very close. The media also commented that the third young master had given up the whole forest for a tree. At last, the two of them got together after going through so many difficulties. Miss Yun was the third young master’s Miss Right.

Miss Cheng laughed unkindly again. Went through many difficulties?

‘What kind of difficulties have they been through?’

‘Did they experience Fights? Or did one of them do something shocking for the other party?’

‘Seems like none of it happened!’

Difficulties? If their situation could be counted as a difficulty, could anything else be more smooth sailing?


As expected, entertainment news couldn’t be trusted at all! Too unreliable!

But this happened too coincidentally. She had just mocked her for not being able to give birth to a child all these years and then she was pregnant with a child the next second. Her luck was exceptionally good. Why didn’t she consider betting on the lottery?

The most comical thing was that she had never seen the third young master appear on screen once. This man really went to the hospital every day. He went inside the hospital with his son using the back door but used the main entrance by himself to leave. If there were reporters who caught him and asked him about the marriage, he kept quiet.

If he felt annoyed, he would say coldly that it was none of their business.

Thus, the third young master gained another reputation for being cool.

Cheng Anya switched off the television and tossed the remote controller randomly. She picked up the newspaper that was brought in by a nurse earlier on. They made the headlines in the entertainment section again.

Cheng Anya crushed the newspaper as if nothing had happened and tossed the newspaper into the waste paper basket with a standard basketball shooting pose. The newspaper formed a beautiful arc in mid-air and fell into the bin.

“Mommy, you’re cranky!” Ning Ning pushed open the door and revealed his cute little face. He looked at the crushed newspaper in the bin playfully and walked over to Cheng Anya while smiling and gave her a kiss.

Without changing her facial expression, she said, “Anyone would turn cranky if they stay here for a long time!”

“Well, I understand!” The young kid could not help but laugh out loud. He placed his hands on Cheng Anya’s cheeks and went on to squeeze and pull them. “Mommy, you’re so cute!”

Cheng Anya flicked off his hand. With a long face, she said, “Go away!”

“Mommy, don’t be like this. Daddy hasn’t said anything yet, right?”

“Does that have anything to do with me?” Her voice sounded rigid. She picked up one of Ning Ning’s romance novels randomly.

Ning Ning raised his brows. “Mommy, you are holding the book the wrong way!” He pointed out calmly.

The corners of Cheng Anya’s lips twitched and she gave Ning Ning a stare. Ning Ning shrugged. Uh… He was innocent. He was just pointing out her mistake so that she could read properly!

“So sour…” The young kid held his nose cutely.

Expressionless, Cheng Anya knocked his head with a book. “Are you asking for a beating?”

Ning Ning pouted. “Mommy, that woman is not important. You don’t need to be angry at yourself because of her. She is not your rival!”

Cheng Anya put on a fake smile. “Who told you that I was angry at myself?”

Ning Ning pointed at both of his eyes!

Cheng Anya smiled. “Your vision is bad recently!”

Ning Ning, “…Mommy, think about it. Miss Yun’s baby hasn’t even formed yet, but you have me, a grown-up son. Unless he is an idiot, he would not pick that woman.”

Cheng Anya laughed because of Ning Ning and she poked his head. “Unless it’s his own choice, n.o.body else can tell your daddy what to do. He dotes on you as he loves you. If he stops loving you one day and decides to abandon you, what can you possibly do?”

“Who said I can’t do anything?” The corners of Ning Ning’s lips raised into a sweet and elegant smile. “I’ll bombard MBS!”

Cheng Anya, “…Awesome!”

“It is a must!”

Cheng Anya lost her desire to smile and face-palmed. “I think I’ll have to separate you and the third young master. I don’t remember teaching you to be this violent!”

Ning Ning, “…Mommy, I was wrong!”

Cheng Anya rolled her eyes while Ning Ning smiled.

“Mommy, it’s a holiday tomorrow. Shall we go on a vacation?”


“Yes, it’s Daddy’s wish. Let’s go together!”

Cheng Anya pursed her lips. Bringing them out for a vacation in this situation? She looked deep in thought and glanced at Ning Ning. “Is it really a vacation?”

“If not, then what?” Ning Ning replied.



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