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Read 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Chapter 19 – Third Young Master Ye Makes Things Difficult

100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One is a web novel created by An Zhixiao, 安知晓, Calm Understanding.
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Read WebNovel 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Chapter 19 – Third Young Master Ye Makes Things Difficult

Chapter 19: Third Young Master Ye Makes Things Difficult

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Ye Chen’s gaze swept across Anya’s and w.a.n.g Rui’s entwined hands. With a slight squint, his cold gaze carried with it a few hints of anger. Anya shook away w.a.n.g Rui’s hand and stood quietly.

As the president wore a terrifying look, a few secretaries were shaken.

When Chen Yingying saw Ye Chen, her gaze betrayed a hint of desire. Like a famished dog presented with delicious food, Yingying presented her best side and gave Ye Chen an enticing gaze.

What the h.e.l.l!

What kind of flirting was that!

“President, Young Master w.a.n.g is here!”

“Young Master w.a.n.g, if you are here to flirt with my secretary, then please return. And you, Cheng Anya, please be professional during working hours. Please be professional and stop messing around with other men!” Ye Chen entered the president’s office with a sunken face.

Cheng Anya shook a little. Wasn’t w.a.n.g Rui the one who drew attention?

Chen Yingying sneered at Cheng Anya, who just suffered a scolding, and thumped into the meeting room in her high heels.

What a silly woman!

If Ye Chen could take a fancy to such a woman, she would have serious doubts about Ye Chen’s preferences and standards.

Anya made three cups of coffee and sent them into the room. As she was about to leave the room, Ye Chen’s gaze sank and said, “Miss Cheng, please stay and listen!”

A perfect secretary was not allowed to question her superior’s instructions.

“Yes!” Although Cheng Anya did not understand his intentions, she stood aside quietly. This man was cold, ruthless, and unfathomable. For a person of her ability, she was much better off showing some restraint, lest her boss tore her a new one.

Why did Ye Chen want Cheng Anya to stay behind?

w.a.n.g Rui couldn’t guess what Ye Chen’s relations.h.i.+p with Anya was. Not everyone could read what was on Ye Chen’s mind, and Anya was one who always seemed sweet and graceful to the point that w.a.n.g Rui couldn’t guess what was on her mind.

Chen Yingying had been ogling at Ye Chen, hoping for Ye Chen to notice her. When she noticed Cheng Anya staying behind, envy and hate were apparent on her face.

d.a.m.n Anya who always spoiled her plans!

Ye Chen, a man who was worth hundreds of millions and blessed with over-the-top looks and power, was Chen Yingying’s ultimate target. If Ye Chen noticed her, she was confident that she could win Ye Chen’s heart. Once she did, she must dispose of Anya, this unsightly woman.

Cheng Anya saw Yingying’s hateful eyes and knew what was on her mind. She smiled silently and thought to herself, ‘Sister, get yourself the most comfortable bed from the market and carry on with your biggest and wildest dreams.’

w.a.n.g Enterprise, a sizable corporation dealing in daily necessities in City A, was. .h.i.t hard by the financial crisis, and w.a.n.g Rui had incurred huge losses in the stock market. The w.a.n.g Enterprise faced liquidity problems and could only hope for a capital injection from MBS in a bid to turn the tide.

“President Ye, we have many stable suppliers and loyal customers. The potential for w.a.n.g Enterprise to develop is huge. We are only facing a temporary liquidity problem. With a capital injection from your company, I am confident that w.a.n.g Enterprise will be able to continue operating normally. The proposed capital injection will be a mere drop in the ocean for you. You have little to lose, don’t you?” w.a.n.g Rui eloquently lobbied Ye Chen.

Ye Chen’s deep countenance betrayed no emotion. As he looked at the w.a.n.g Enterprise’s year-on-year performances and plans for the coming years, his fingers unceasingly tapped the table. The orderly tapping of his fingers sent w.a.n.g Rui’s heart pounding. The latter looked at Ye Chen nervously.

His words could determine the fate of w.a.n.g Enterprise.

“President Ye, think about it. w.a.n.g Enterprise has many comparative advantages in the industry.

Won’t it better to share the money pie?” Chen Yingying said petulantly.

Yingying’s petulant voice sent s.h.i.+vers down Anya’s back. Could she stop being so disgusting for once?

Anya’s eyes grew wide.

As Anya looked at her arms sideways, noticing that she had gooseb.u.mps all over.

“Miss Cheng, what do you think?” Ye Chen looked up and unexpectedly asked Cheng Anya.


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