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Read 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Chapter 273

100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One is a web novel completed by An Zhixiao, 安知晓, Calm Understanding.
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Chapter 273: Unt.i.tled

Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya saw Ye Wei and Eleven sitting on the sofa when they came back. There were two cups of juice that were half-drunk and a few plates of snacks on the table. Ning Ning was seated on the other side of the sofa.

The young kid smiled in an elegant and polite manner, but he did not have the affectionate and scheming look that he had when he was hugging Ye Wei just now.

It was a standard manner of treating guests.

Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya were shocked. Ye Wei jumped from the sofa and screamed happily before running toward Third Young Master Ye and hugged him. Her speed was so fast that Cheng Anya did not have time to react. Third Young Master Ye took a step back and almost b.u.mped into Cheng Anya. Third Young Master Ye happily hugged Ye Wei.

He was so happy as he did not expect to be able to meet Ye Wei so fast.

F***, did they have to be so affectionate?

Cheng Anya thought in a jealous manner as she looked at the siblings hugging each other while she held onto her painful elbow.

“Mommy, come sit here.” The young kid kissed Cheng Anya’s face to comfort her hurt soul. He secretly blamed Ye Wei for daring to hurt his mommy.

Miss Cheng was actually fine. It’s just that her elbow knocked into the wall. It was not serious. She smiled and kissed Ning Ning back and she nodded at Eleven. She turned back and said, “Mommy shall go and change my clothes first.”

Eleven looked at Cheng Anya’s back view and looked at the siblings that were hugging. She then looked at the young kid who was smiling in an elegant and scheming manner before she continued to read the magazine as if nothing had happened.

Ye Wei was too careless. She only remembered her brother and forgot about her sister-in-law. She had offended two people at one go.

Looking at how Ning Ning smiled so gently, Eleven felt bad for Ye Wei.

It was said that Ning Ning’s mommy was a bada.s.s.

Eleven knew Ning Ning was very protective of his mommy as he always talked about her in the group. Whoever offended his mommy was unlucky. The video Bai Ye sent them—of the father and son bullying Ye Yutang—was really perverted.

She had witnessed it herself and had a deep impression of it. It was lucky that she could work well with Ye Wei.

“Third brother, I miss you so much! Do you miss me?” Ye Wei hugged Ye Chen and smiled happily. Ning Ning thought to himself that she must be lying. What did she mean by missing him? She had just recalled her memory, so how could she miss him?

“Didn’t you just remember me?” Third Young Master Ye raised his eyebrows and had a forced smile. His gaze was very doting and the young kid raised his thumb up. ‘Daddy, you’re smart!’

“Third brother, why do you have to expose your slave…”

“Cough… Cough…” Ning Ning, who was drinking the juice, accidentally choked and could not stop. ‘F***, auntie, my daddy is not for you to flirt with. Do you really want to commit incest…”

Eleven leisurely looked up at Ye Wei before continuing to look at her magazine as if nothing had happened. Third Young Master Ye raised his eyebrows…


Ye Wei seemed to realize something and smiled sheepishly. “No, you had an illusion just now. Forget about it.”

Ye beauty was not used to changing some of the words that she always said.

Third Young Master Ye laughed and touched Ye Wei’s hair in a doting manner. “You have changed so much that even I cannot recognize you.”

Luckily, she looked like their mom. Given that instinct and the jade that she wore, he was sure that she was his sister. Ye Wei was timid and shy when she was young, just like Yang Xing.

But now…

She was charming and seductive.

Although the two siblings did not look alike, both of them were seductive. Their elegant dominance was especially similar and n.o.body would believe them if they said that they were not related.

“It’s okay. I look like Mom. How dare you not recognize me?” Ye Wei smiled and looked at Third Young Master Ye. “Third brother, other than Su Man, you are the most handsome guy I’ve seen.”

Eleven sighed in a cold manner.

Ye Wei was not blus.h.i.+ng and smiled as if nothing had happened. Eleven was shocked that Ye Wei had the cheek to say such words. Whenever Ye Wei was flirting with another guy, she would always say that they were the most handsome guy other than Su Man.

But, it was good that they were siblings. Otherwise, Eleven would have suspected that Ye Wei wanted to flirt with Third Young Master Ye.

Ye Chen did not care and sat down with her. “Alright, stop praising me. How did you become a killer?”

He was sad. She definitely did not just kill a few people to get to where she was today in the world of killers. She must have gone through h.e.l.lish training and undergone many near-death experiences to get to where she was today.

A lady’s hand was delicate and fine, but there was a thick layer of callus on her finger, and her hands were not as delicate as Anya’s. Instead, her joints could be seen clearly and she looked like she had a lot of strength.

It was clear that she had gone through many things just by looking at her hands. The callus also meant that she was always holding a gun.

Third Young Master Ye felt sad and had tender affection for Ye Wei.

“It is a long story. Anyway, I was sold to Thailand’s boxing ring. I was young and hungry, so I could not learn boxing to earn money. It just so happened that I was scouted by Old Witch, and she brought me back for training.” Ye Wei talked about her decade of danger and thrilling life with a pa.s.sing statement.

Third Young Master Ye rubbed her head and said, “Sorry, I did not protect you.”

“It’s okay. I was playful. It was not your fault. What a life. Which woman would have an experience like mine? Oh, except for the person opposite me.” Ye Wei smiled and she indeed did not blame Third Young Master Ye.

It was not her brother’s fault that she was abducted, taken away by others. But due to this, she could get whatever she wanted today. If she had stayed in the Ye family, who knew what she would become.

“You have changed so much.”

“You too, brother. You are getting more charismatic.” Ye Wei was seductive no matter what and Third Young Master Ye was finally used to her personality. He doted on her so much as they had just met each other. On top of that, there was his childhood guilt. He even wanted to give her everything in order to make up for her.”

“Third brother, your son…”

“Yes, you must have met him. This is my son, Ning Ning.” Ye Wei wanted to say that his son was cute, but Third Young Master Ye interrupted her. He was showing off his son in a proud manner.

Ye Wei smiled seductively at Ning Ning. “Hi, dear nephew. Third brother, he almost locked me outside just now. Scold him.”

“Strangers are not allowed inside.” The young kid smiled elegantly at her. His delicate face was filled with banter. “You have looked for the wrong person if you want to scold me. You have to look for my mommy instead.”

“Is it?” Ye Wei stretched her voice as if she was forcing him.

The young kid put down his cup of juice as if nothing had happened and smiled in a cute manner. He was very elegant and his gaze was domineering. It was as if he was saying that they should die together if she dared to spill the beans.


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