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Read 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Chapter 390 – Before the Storm

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Chapter 390: Before the Storm

The ladies saw that Cheng Anya looked amiss and they were about to ask questions, but Cheng Anya raised her index finger and gestured them to keep silent. Liu Xiaotian and all quieted down and looked at her in worry and doubt.

After she remained silent for a moment, Louis’ laughter could be heard. “Are you afraid of me?”

Cheng Anya beckoned for Black Eagle to go over and gestured to him to tell Ning Ning. Black Eagle understood what Cheng Anya meant and acknowledged by nodding. He also realized that her response was too fast.

“I was wondering if you decided to make an impromptu call to me.” Cheng Anya smiled as she stood up and walked out of the cafeteria. Black Eagle gave an ‘okay’ gesture and she smiled and nodded.

Louis’ chuckling and somewhat cold laughter came across the phone. He said, “Die? Can you kill me?”

“Relax. Your death is a matter of when, so please eat all you can and enjoy all you can while you are alive lest you regret what you had not eaten or done when you are dead. Oh, yes, please get your erectile dysfunction cured. Hades is pondering whether he should admit eunuchs into h.e.l.l. To be frank, how could there be eunuchs in these times? If you tell me you are going to h.e.l.l, mankind will lose face as a whole. This is an ego issue for the whole of mankind. Do not let even the fiercest of demons despise you. That will be utterly humiliating.” Cheng Anya walked to a quiet hall and looked down to see people and cars moving below her.

Sunlight shone through the French windows into the room. She felt much warmer and the cold on her dissipated.

She became the vicious-tongued Miss Cheng she was.

Black Eagle and Number Six, who followed behind her, heard the conversation and touched their noses, mourning for Louis. Their master’s wife had an extremely vicious tongue.

To think she could still appreciate the scenery below as she walked and talked. Despite her multi-tasking, her words flowed and her insults were still as vicious. n.o.body could match that.

Black Eagle and Number Six were absolutely impressed.

It was now Louis’ turn to remain silent. Anybody could imagine how sinister and vicious Louis looked right now and how he wished he could utterly dismember Cheng Anya in anger.

Those who lacked self-restraint would definitely smash their cell phones on the first instance.

“You’re at a loss for words? You are seriously considering what I told you, huh? I know of a doctor in this area, so would you want a recommendation?” Cheng Anya smiled. Her bright eyes looked at the scenery below her.

This felt extremely good.

Although she was afraid of Louis, she was on home turf and he was somewhere far away. There was nothing to be afraid of, and she did not even need to be afraid.

He delivered himself to be roasted by her. Not roasting him would be a pity. As the tables always turned, they were never always in his favor.

“Cheng Anya!” His cold and vicious voice which carried a rage came through the telephone. She could hear some heavy objects smash against the floor and secretly guessed that Louis had smashed something to vent his anger. It felt so good that Cheng Anya’s mood was lifted.

‘Louis, to think that this day would eventually befall you.’

“I heard that the virus in you has been neutralized?” Louis asked. Although he sounded gentler, she could gear some gritting teeth on closer listening. He was enraged. It was something he never dreamed would happen. They were able to formulate the antidote in such a short time.

When Louis heard the news, he almost shot the messenger.

“It’s not hearsay, but a fact,” Cheng Anya calmly said. As long as problems existed in the world, there were solutions to them. Since men developed viruses, men would naturally be able to find a way to neutralize the virus.

She recalled Louis’ viciousness and how he planned to gun them down in the open sea. Louis was brutal to the point he would destroy whatever he could not get his hands on. He must be extremely angry now.

“You do know that your blood is required for the antidote, but I am sure you did not expect Su Man and Bai Ye to use my blood to develop the antidote.” Cheng Anya gently laughed. “Louis, you have underestimated us despite all your machinations. It’s time for you to experience what it feels like to be hunted.”

Louis broke into loud laughter and said, “Do you have that endurance?”

“A test is all that’s needed to see who can outlast the other.” Cheng Anya smiled as she gently straightened her slightly messy hair. She gently smiled and said, “What’s with this phone call of yours?”

“Thanks to my carelessness, you two escaped previously. You won’t be so lucky next time.” Louis coldly laughed. Despite being separated from him by a telephone and not knowing where he was, Cheng Anya felt as though a cold snake was wrapping itself around her neck.

It felt extremely uncomfortable.

“You’d better make sure you can stay alive until the next time to say that again.” Cheng Anya coldly laughed. “When we meet the next time, it may be your doom. Oh, yes, when I was having lunch earlier, I heard some information about your old man. He sure is in very bad shape. He fervently protected you ten-over years ago. Why didn’t you return to respect and honor him?”

“Anya, I underestimated Third Young Master Ye and you. How the h.e.l.l did you convince the Zhang family to come after the Mafia?” Louis asked instead of answering the question. Information about Commander Zhang pulling all ties possible to capture Louis and come after the Mafia reached him last night.

Adding to the conflict the Mafia had with the Dragon Gate and the First Terrorist Organization, international opinion became unanimous and several governments considered stopping supporting Louis.

Once they lost the support of governments, Louis would be substantially strained in terms of funding and materials.

Commander Zhang issued an order for Louis to be killed. The Zhang family mobilized all the information they had and openly bombarded the Mafia in Sicily whilst the terrorist organization attacked the Mafia in secret. The Mafia was in an unprecedented crisis.

It was akin to being attacked on two fronts.

Whether it was Fourth Young Master Tang, First Young Master Lin, or Third Young Master Ye, their ability to openly influence was nowhere near Commander Zhang.

Cheng Anya raised her eyebrows. Did Commander Zhang take action? Given the atmosphere amidst the Zhang family yesterday, this was not unexpected. The Zhang family would not simply allow Zhang Bo’s death to slide.

She laughed. This explained why Third Young Master Ye made a very meaningful statement last night. Louis was digging his own grave, and even heaven was out to smite him.

“You mean the Zhang family?” Cheng Anya laughed somewhat mockingly. “Louis, this is your own undoing. We have no ties with the Zhang family, so how could we galvanize Commander Zhang into action? Oh, do you know who Zhang Bo is? He is the eldest great-grandson of Commander Zhang whom the latter extremely doted on. Now that you’ve gotten Zhang Bo killed, you are destined to pay with your life.”

So he called just for this. Cheng Anya coldly laughed. She could guess how Louis was like a cat on a hot tin roof.

“I see.” Louis gently laughed and did not seem shocked. There was some chatter on the other end and Louis flatly said, “Even if it’s game-over for me, I will pull you two down together with me.”

When he finished saying that, he hung up the phone.

Cheng Anya frowned. What means could Louis have to end them?

A mansion in Rome

As the young kid made a call, he had Bai Ye, Ye Wei, and Eleven gather in the study room. He had a cold yet calm gaze that betrayed some anger amidst a vicious calm.

“I’ve found him.”

Everybody’s face turned dark and focused on the computer. Ye Wei asked uneasily, “Is the information reliable? Could the Mo brothers be staging a false front?”

The young kid laughed arrogantly and said, “I’ve even located the Mo brothers.”

He was indirectly telling them that he had defeated the protective systems of the Mo brothers and they could not do anything to him, let alone manipulate them through the computer. When it came to computer skills, skills were the most important.

Whoever came out top in terms of skills had the initiative.

“Darling child, well done!” Ye Wei clapped her hands and laughed alluringly. “I can finally look for someone to settle some scores.”

Being young was a potential benefit for immense breakthroughs.

Bai Ye quickly called Chu Li, who had been spending too much time in Melilla. After he ended the call, Bai Ye turned back and said, “Ning Ning, deprive William of his means of escape.”


The war between Chu Li and William had become fever-pitched. Eleven said, “You all will only be able to mobilize tomorrow. How about Ye Wei and I look for the Mo brothers first?”

“That’s fine, but be careful,” Bai Ye said, knowing well that Ye Wei and Eleven always acted together. Ever since the establishment of the organization, this was the second large scale military maneuver and their first total mobilization. Even if Ye Wei and Eleven took part, the two of them never collaborated with the rest of them.

“Auntie, Eleven, be safe.” The young kid reminded them.

Ye Wei and Eleven nodded. The young kid called Chu Li and settled the battle in the desert for good. As Prince William had run out of ammunition and supplies, he was a spent bullet. One night was all they needed to settle him.

The young kid and Chu Li remained in contact as Bai Ye looked at information from another computer. Perplexed, he propped his head and asked, “Louis and the Mo brothers are not at the same place. What is going on?”

“G.o.d knows,” the young kid replied off the cuff. He plainly said, “I only want Louis’ life and don’t give a d.a.m.n about others.”

Given Mo Jue and Ye Wei’s relations.h.i.+p, whether the Mo brothers were friends or foes was not a given. For all one knew, Bai Ye and the young kid’s thoughts had drifted elsewhere. Bai Ye, however, had another concern.

“Ning Ning, what if the Mo brothers are behind all these?”

The young kid, whose fingers were tapping on the keyboard, stopped typing for a moment and then resumed typing. He said, “The crook who went after my daddy and mommy, caused our family to be trapped for a month, and caused Nuo Nuo’s death is Louis. I am extremely certain of this, and I am only after Louis.”

As for the Mo brothers, they had nothing to do with the Ye family. It was afraid that the Mo brothers did not have a personal feud. Instead, they might want to rule over the underworld.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” Bai Ye murmured to himself.


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