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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One is a web novel made by An Zhixiao, 安知晓, Calm Understanding.
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Chapter 737: Unt.i.tled

News of the Top Terrorist Organization’s training commander in Riyadh quickly spread throughout the underworld. Many did not understand how the news came about as only a few had heard of the training commander who was shrouded in mystery. Many were curious about what she was doing in the open.

As this so coincided with the ma.s.sive power upheaval between the Top Terrorist Organization and the Mafia, many speculated that her appearance would allow the Top Terrorist Organization to become the top dog once again.

Otherwise, the speed and even announcement of this news made no sense.

Actually, given how quickly the information spread throughout the entire underworld thanks to both the Top Terrorist Organization and the Mafia announcing it, Su Ruyu was certain that Wolf, if he were still as ambitious, would appear.

At the same time, Chu Li, Black J, and the others were discussing how they could lure Kahn out into the open. Ye Wei proactively suggested she could be the bait as Kahn was after her and Old Witch. With information about Old Witch out in the open, Wolf would certainly know that Su Ruyu was in Su Man’s place. With Su Ruyu and her as bait, the odds of Kahn surfacing were extremely high.

n.o.body agreed to the plan on the basis that Ye Wei’s leg was wounded, which left Ye Wei stifled. If Ye Wei were as fit as a fiddle, the plan was feasible.

Since her leg was wounded, she could die at the slightest indiscretion, which was a risk Mo Jue would never allow her to take.

As everybody was strongly against Ye Wei’s suggestion, there was hence no conclusion to the argument. Since she could not arm-twist them all, Ye Wei had to write off her plans as Chu Li thought of another plan. They managed to locate Kahn, who was in a castle not too far from the Su’s mansion.

Su Man, using his royalty credentials, regulated the amount of firepower Kahn could bring into town. Since he had men surveying all possible avenues Kahn brought weaponry into Riyadh, Kahn faced immense difficulty bringing his heavy artillery into town.

Given Kahn’s pride, he would certainly want to take on Ye Wei and Su Ruyu hand-to-hand. That, along with his haughtiness and how he was a cyborg, made him fearless and confident in his fighting skills. Chu Li conservatively guessed that Kahn would not bring in the heavy artillery.

That said, Chu Li still had Su Man make some provision for a new batch of magnetic wave guns to be s.h.i.+pped to Riyadh.

Mo Jue explained to Daddy Mo how Su Man and the Top Terrorist Organization designed and produced the weapons respectively, and Daddy Mo took an extreme interest in the weapons. This was the latest generation of wave guns, which were more effective and looked less clunky than the first generation that was on the market. The latest wave guns, in comparison, were extremely hard to come by.

“Does the Mafia have such weapons?” Mo s.h.i.+tian asked.

“Well, they made arms dealings extremely difficult for us to the point I almost gave up the business and hence s.h.i.+fted to focus on smuggling artifacts, drugs, counterfeit currencies, and jewelry. Besides, the Mafia’s R&D capabilities are insufficiently strong. Most of the firearms inventions are under the employ of the Top Terrorist Organization.”

“Idiot! Can the profits from artifact and jewelry compare to smuggling firearms? And you also dabble in drug trafficking and counterfeit currencies?!” Mo s.h.i.+tian despised Mo Ye as he never dabbled in the latter two when he was the G.o.dfather.

“We were, well, broke!” Mo Jue shot off the hip too honestly. Chu Li and the others slammed the table in laughter. Mo s.h.i.+tian despised them even more.

“Daddy Mo, here’s one such gun. If you like it enough, it’s on the house,” Ye Wei smiled and said.

“Why the ha.s.sle? Don’t you all know where he is? Since you all know where he is, level that d.a.m.n castle he is in and you’ll tie all loose ends! What is with all these scheming and manipulations?” Mo s.h.i.+tian stroked the weapon in his hands. He did not quite understand what was on their mind.

Wasn’t this straightforward?

Everybody was aghast at the notion of leveling the castle.

“Since we’re the guests of the top royalty in Riyadh, surely we can’t compromise his interests. While we could level that b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s castle, we would end up creating problems for the Su family in return.”

“Don’t you have the ability to keep those idiots in check?”

Everybody was lost for words.

“We have other considerations.”

Mo s.h.i.+tian coldly harrumphed. “It’s little wonder that the Mafia overtook the Top Terrorist Organization to become the top dog. Being mired in considerations causes you to lose opportunities.”

Everybody was lost for words.

Daddy Mo, could you stop being so hurting, please…

Mo s.h.i.+tian was wondering. When he was in control of the Mafia, the Mafia was a distant first compared to its compet.i.tors. He would never allow his compet.i.tors to close their gaps with him.

“Just ignore him and do as I say. I prefer getting down and dirty to using weapons,” Su Ruyu said as she shook her head when she came over to look for Su Man.

Everybody, feeling that they should not overact, nodded. All they had to do was to eliminate Kahn, and all would be good. As they were in Saudi Arabia, which was not their turf, everybody had reservations about taking action outside of their turf.

The best possible outcome they could wish for was to lure Kahn out and eliminate him. Even the motley crew of Russian operatives would be of no avail to Kahn.

Whenever they acted, it was often at a minimal cost to manpower, materials, and cost.

“Don’t you want me to fight Kahn? I love my guns and would prefer not to get dirty,” Mo s.h.i.+tian said. Su Ruyu ignored Mo s.h.i.+tian and asked Su Man about the latest figures. Su Man had, as she wished, prepared the figures for her.

As the few of them huddled in the great hall discussing Kahn, Mo Ye’s cell phone rang. He raised his eyebrows, and everybody looked at him in disbelief when he smiled sinisterly at his cell phone. “Mom, Wolf is looking for you,” Mo Ye said.

Su Ruyu squinted. The call came two days later than planned, and it seemed that Fu Jin’s patience had become better. After she nodded, Mo Ye picked up the call. “Wolf? What’s with you?”

“Where are you?”

“Riyadh. The Mafia is in negotiations with the Top Terrorist Organization. How can I help you?” Mo Ye flatly asked. While the Mo brothers were under Wolf for some time, they were not the most polite and respectful toward him.

“Are you at Su Man’s place too?”

“Ah, yes. I’m returning to Italy once the negotiations over these two days are done. Anything I can help you with?” Mo Ye asked.

Su Ruyu looked on with arms akimbo as she smiled. She gestured to Mo Ye, who then said, “Wolf, somebody wants to talk to you.”

He pa.s.sed the cell phone to Su Ruyu, and she took it and said, “Hi, senior, it has been a while! Hope all is well with you, and I’ll see you in Riyadh!”

“…Ruyu, you…”


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