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The G.o.d Transformation Talisman generally took Demon Beast souls of rank ten or higher as the most valiant. However, Su Xing’s G.o.d Transformation Talisman was somewhat weaker, using several Demon Beasts of ranks seven and eight or higher in its refinement. Even so, this many a.s.sembled together was very vigorous, and in addition to Su Xing’s own extraordinary martial force, he was like a tiger that grew wings the moment he used the G.o.d Transformation Talisman. Breaking the defenses of the weakest Vermilion Bird was still not that easy.

But Enviless of the East’s nightmare was far from finished. Getting rid of the protective Vermilion Bird of the Four Symbols Seal, Su Xing did not have any carelessness. Under the effects of the G.o.d Transformation Talisman, Su Xing at this moment truly was full to bursting with self-confidence. Seizing the fact that the G.o.d Transformation Talisman was still active, Su Xing launched an attack on the White Tiger without the slightest hesitation.

The White Tiger was the strongest of the Four Symbols. For Yan Yizhen, resisting its storm-like speed and thunderclap-like strength was exceptionally exhausting.

“Little Yi, go help Siyou!” Su Xing shouted. In the case that the Su Xing under the G.o.d Transformation Talisman fought without distinguishing friend or foe, out of fear of injuring her, he had Yan Yizhen go aid Siyou in handling the Black Turtle.

Yan Yizhen understood, and her figure escaped.

The White Tiger violently pounced, but it was immediately blocked by Su Xing.

“Little Yi did pretty good.” The White Tiger before him had fur of white rays, its eyes releasing a divine power. Its four legs walked in snow, however, the Yin Yang Pisces Fists Yan Yizhen continuously used to strike still gave the White Tiger major injuries.

In the instant the White Tiger pounced forward, a heavy pressure pressed over. Su Xing’s hands grabbed the White Tiger, and the muscles of his whole body bulged. His blood vessels were seemingly about to burst, but the White Tiger’s pounce was not only very fast, its power was also very strong, slamming Su Xing that his waist was like a tree being bent.

Su Xing seized the chance to throw the White Tiger into the air. At the same time, his ice-cold figure suddenly leapt. His silhouette drew a perfect arc in midair, already arriving right above the White Tiger.

Somersaulting in the air, two claws like a demon’s scratched, the movements smooth.

Suddenly, his eyes were dazzled. The White Tiger hanging in the air like soft cotton unexpectedly put out a defense. However, in a lightning fast instant, with a violent noise, Su Xing’s attack did not take any sort of advantage.

When this attack was finished, the White Tiger had not yet landed when it already launched an a.s.sault.

A light beam was fired. Su Xing already seemingly reacted, leaning. In the midst of the ear-piercing hum it brought in the air, his figure already appeared above the White Tiger’s head. His body rolled, and he brought a leg up, violently chopping down with it. Su Xing’s every attack was at full power, without holding back in the slightest, an imposing air so swift and severe it was shocking.

The sharp whistle in the air grew louder, as if it had been divided in two at this instant!


A frightening force suddenly erupted. This time, the White Tiger did not have even the chance to react, actually suffering this.


Instantly, Su Xing’s fist showed a sort of odd clenched form. Besides protruding the joints of his five fingers, they carried a powerful strength towards the White Tiger’s bare throat.

It was worthy of the name Four Holy Beasts, however, things lasted only an instant. The White Tiger’s figure evaded, and by the time Su Xing reacted, the time it took to launch a counterattack was only an instant.


The tiger claw made a normal pat, but it ruthlessly sunk into Su Xing’s body. An immense, even terrible, power immediately erupted, sending him flying backwards facing upwards, just like a piece of white paper floating down.

Instantly, the White Tiger pursued, its offensive stifling and violent. It leapt beautifully in midair, and another paw brought the sound of wind as it once again ferociously scratched Su Xing’s body, bringing out flesh and blood. If it was not for the G.o.d Transformation Talisman making his body’s basic essence surly to an unreasonable stage, this smack would have already broke Su Xing in two.

The man and tiger fought a hundred bouts, and afterwards, Yan Yizhen and Wu Siyou were suddenly added into the combat situation. The White Tiger could not hold out even if it was any stronger. The three working together destroyed the White Tiger, and by the time the Black Turtle charged over, Yan Yizhen had received an attack that she nearly entered the Star Nest. The maid’s mouth leaked blood, already weak all over, but her face still hung tenacity upon it. When the three surrounded the Black Turtle, the Black Turtle produced a serpentine cry, truly a sort of mournful appearance of being pinned.

Enviless of the East watched as his Four Symbols Seal was broken one by one, his heart truly hating to death that he was incapable of other abilities. Because he relied on the Dual Mode Profound Dust Sword Array and the Four Symbols Seal, in addition that Enviless of the East was of Supervoid Cultivation that permitted him to rampage in Liangshan, Enviless of the East disdained to go learn some other abilities after the fact. Seeing that even the Four Symbols Seal was unable to be sustained, on one hand, he unleashed the Primordial Boundless Flying Swords while endlessly urging the Four Symbols Seal onwards on the other.

What might as well have let Enviless of the East be relieved was that terrifying woman Harm Star Wu Song finally stopped her attack. It seemed she was already spent and had become deadweight, and the other Skilful Star also was growing increasingly weak, having been shaken by the Black Turtle several times. After the Leisure Star fully displayed her Star Magic several times, she had disappeared. Su Xing was left with no choice but to swipe the Miraculous Bodhi Tree to break away from the dangerous situation.

And that G.o.d Transformation Talisman was slowly sapping his strength.

There was a trick!

Enviless of the East’s heart was delighted. Apparently, he saw the Liangshan shaking splendor of one person’s strength getting rid of three Star Generals.

If he knew Su Xing’s current thoughts, perhaps he would not be this relaxed.

Su Xing saw that the Four Symbols Seal was so powerful that his heart could not rid of itself of the idea to steal it, but he knew that although unrefined Astral Treasures were very easily taken, to s.n.a.t.c.h it from Enviless of the East’s hands was not that simple. To steal an Astral Treasure, he first of all had to sever the link between user and Astral Treasure. The current Four Symbols seal had left the final Black Turtle and Azure Dragon. Without breaking them, there would be no way to steal the Four Symbols Seal. If they were broken, Enviless of the East could immediately recall the Four Symbols Seal the moment he saw things turn for the worse. Su Xing was not arrogant enough to kill a Supervoid Cultivator.

So to simultaneously break the Four Symbols Seal still required severing the connection between Enviless of the East and the Astral Treasure. For example, like Elder Immortal Extreme Clarity, his Star Energy was substantially consumed. Stealing at a time like this, he would not have the energy to recall it.

Su XIng’s thoughts rapidly spun, and then he had his countermeasure.

The G.o.d Transformation Talisman’s effects were gradually fading, and Su Xing also could feel his whole body hurt.

“Little Huang!” Su Xing secretly used a Sound Transmission.

“The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon!!” Gongsun Huang understood, suddenly pointing in a different direction and shouting.

When Enviless of the East heard this, he immediately turned his gaze by instinct, but he did not see any of the Gu Demon’s figure at all. Instead, he saw the Roc Demon King and Holy Mother Qi Xia in battle. It seemed this trip for the Gu Demon was a waste. However, if he killed three Star Generals, taking back the Miraculous Bodhi Tree was worth the price.

It was just during this instant he turned his head that Su Xing knew his chance had come. His left hand flipped, and the Green Lotus Peak swelled in size by several time, pressing down.

Little Huang immediately used Star Magic to trap the Azure Dragon and Black Turtle.

The Green Lotus Peak heavily pushed down. The Black Turtle sprayed an enormous light and the Azure Dragon soared into the clouds to resist the Green Lotus Peak, but along with Su Xing swishing the Miraculous Bodhi Tree several times, he broke the Holy Beasts’ magic. His Star Energy increased, and the Green Lotus Peak immediately flattened and scattered the wisp of True Spirit of the Azure Dragon and Black Turtle.

“The Green Lotus Peak!! You killed Daoist Master Qinglian?”

Enviless of the East was greatly shocked.

Seeing the Four Holy Beasts of the Four Symbols Seal had completely been broken, Enviless of the East’s expression was unsightly to the extreme. Just as he was about to immediately recall it, Su Xing’s finger shot an Immortal Magic “Purple Thunder Dragon Slaying” towards Enviless of the East. Enviless of the East quickly dodged, however, as a Supervoid Cultivator, he was naturally experienced enough to know Su Xing wanted to steal his Four Symbols Seal. Inwardly sneering, he struck a hand seal.

A hundred Primordial Boundless Swords’ sword lights suppressed Su Xing. Enviless of the East rolled his sleeve, but a cool and elegant figure suddenly burst forth.


Enviless of the East saw Wu Siyou’s sudden revolt and realized the woman in front of him was biding her time for just this moment. Wu Siyou staked her last shred of energy to use Ten Li Demon Lotus Dragon Slaying. This slash directly stabbed into Enviless of the East, but this Supervoid Cultivator’s cultivation was very formidable. It was too early for this sword to take Enviless of the East’s life, and Enviless of the East’s slap struck Wu Siyou back into being caught by Yan Yizhen. However, Wu Siyou nevertheless wore a sort of victorious smile.

Enviless of the East’s face changed.

The Four Symbols Seal!

Enviless of the East’s reactions were fast enough. Without the slightest hesitation, he launched a Sword Array to attack Su Xing. So long as he could drag on for one second, that was enough. Enviless of the East seemingly caught sight of a shadow flashing towards the Four Symbols Seal in the air. In Enviless of the East’s eyes, he saw that was apparently a graceful girl dressed in black skintight clothes. By the time the Sword Array dispersed, Su Xing did not have any opportunities to go seize it at all, so Enviless of the East breathed a sigh of relief.

Coldly grinning, he was about to recall it. Suddenly, he discovered his own Divine Intent already could not sense the Four Symbols Seal.

Looking clearly, the jade seal had already disappeared without a trace.


Enviless of the East looked everywhere but could not spot that black-clothed girl that had flashed by. His whole body shook, as if electricity was flowing through his whole body. He looked at Su Xing in alarm.

“The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon!!”

Su Xing abruptly looked behind Enviless of the East and completely did not hesitate to rush forward as he shouted.

“Idiot!!” Enviless of the East cursed. How would he be duped again. Seeing Su Xing swipe the Miraculous Bodhi Tree in a tumultuous approach, his figure suddenly dodged to the side. This dodge left Enviless of the East dumbstruck, and his insides were regretful.

He only saw a pitch-black and ugly monster fly over. If Enviless of the East had not evaded, it would have just happened to land on him, but he thought that Su Xing saying this was a ploy. Thus, he dodged, and with this dodge, Su Xing took advantage of the gap and slipped through. The early bird catches the worm, and although the Roc Demon King’s speed was quick, under the Bodhi’s divine light he could only retreat. Su Xing was greatly delighted when he grabbed onto the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon. Imbuing it with Essence Blood and Divine Intent, he immediately captured it.


Everyone stared wide-eyed at the youth that caught the snipe and clam!

“Little brat, hand over the Ten THousand Year Gu Demon, otherwise, This King shall show you!”

The Roc Demon King sneered.

The surrounding Azure Dragon Territory Founders, besides Holy Mother Qi Xia’s eyes that had an odd indifference, and the three Supervoid Cultivators immediately surrounded Su Xing. Their spiritual powers released, making Su Xing unable to escape.

“It is you!!”

The Roc Demon King saw Su Xing and was enraged.

Everyone was startled, hastily using their powers that restricted high-speed. This time, Su Xing was at the so-called end of his rope.

The sole solution perhaps was the jade pendant.


Su Xing looked at Wu Siyou.

Wu Siyou slightly shook her head, determination written in her eyes.

Su Xing firmly grasped Wu Siyou’s wrist to demonstrate that he absolutely would not retreat. Yan Yizhen was not afraid to die, staring at everyone’s oppressiveness. Gongsun Huang also appeared as a divine power from nothingness.

Just at this moment, there was a clear shout.

“Sire. Just allow us to Star Duel here!”

Qingci abruptly shouted. What was odd was that she did not allow the Killer Star to advance and kill. Instead, she alone rushed forth towards Su Xing. This made Su Xing completely surprised because this girl did not have any killing intent at all.

“We shall Star Duel. Do you wish to interfere?” Qingci turned her head and smiled, not afraid in the least.

“You two must die!” Everyone saw Su Xing’s powers were valiant, with three Star Generals protecting him. He had also obtained the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon, and there was that Qingci with the frightening Killer Star and Nine Dragons Spirit Treasure. Right now was the perfect opportunity to get rid of the evidence.

“This will provoke Maiden Mountain.”

Queen Lady of Ice shook her head, not at all planning to loot a burning house. Holy Mother Qi Xia harbored the same thinking as she, however, this Holy Mother Qi Xia did not have the idea to help Wu Siyou out of this predicament. Under this many cultivators, she chose to put her own safety first.

“How can we be at ease if we do not kill him!”

The group of ancestors angrily shouted, their might wildly coming around.

Just at this moment, a ruinous brilliance suddenly fell from the sky.

This beam of light fell from the Ninth Firmament, falling between Su Xing and Qingci. It engulfed them, and the cultivators’ Star Energies and magic weapons were immediately broken. THe Roc Demon King was startled.

“Whoever dares break Maiden Mountain’s established rules, shall whoever prepare to court death!!”

The figure had not yet arrived when an imposing air came first.

“What a scam, Maiden Mountain be d.a.m.ned.” Zhong Qi sneered, transforming into a Golden Crow, greatly flourishing the Divine Flame to break this light beam.


A golden nine storey paG.o.da fell from the heavens.

The golden paG.o.da released a golden light that rolled up the Golden Crow’s Divine Flame. Zhong Qi was startled, and the golden paG.o.da rolled forth again. This Supervoid level Immemorial Golden Crow from the White Tiger Territory cawed and was rolled into the paG.o.da without any resistance.

Everyone was stifled.

“Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand PaG.o.da!!”

Qingci’s eyes narrowed, as if she had foreseen this while a near imperceptible sneer flit across her lips.

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