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A Billion Dollar Exchange is a Webnovel completed by ZiYanMei.
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“I will have to sleep with you… ”

The words sounded and resounded in Liling’s ears. It took her some time to comprehend what he had just said.

“I don’t understand…”

She spoke after sometime, obviously very scared that such was coming out of his mouth.

Chang Ming had weighed his choices perfectly. He knew if he told her to date him, she may agree now and later on, after the surgery was over, she would call it off, and if he had told her to marry him she may still divorce him later. So his only choice was to get what he wanted once and for all.

And besides she was really in dire need of money, therefore there was no way she could reject his generous offer, after all he was handsome and had a s.e.xy body, she wouldn’t regret it at all.

Chang Ming laughed wickedly as he gave Liling a flirtatious look.

“Oh my pretty Liling, which part of what I said do you not understand?, I want to have s.e.x with you, do you get it now?. ha.. A beautiful girl like you would not get such amount without giving away your body.. ”

Chang Ming said almost in a whisper as he made to touch her cheeks. Liling bolted backwards as goose pimples washed over her whole body.

Her eyes widened in surprise, shock and realization.

‘Was that the love that everyone talked about?

‘You could only test the authenticity of love when you are helpless and in dire situation, so this was what it was all about. s.e.x?, so this was the heart of men, he would only help her if he could go between her legs.

But he was right, fallacies are played on TV, the reality was a shocker’

She gripped her fists firmly and breathed in and out for a few seconds, then lifted her gaze to Chang Ming. His face bore a smirk and eyes accessed her thoroughly.

“Chang Ming..” Liling p.r.o.nounced word, trying to hold in the boiling venom in her heart.

“First and foremost, I’m so happy that I didn’t ask for your help, you volunteered on your own personal volition, that I’m very grateful for…”

She paused and met his eyes with hers, her anger obviously piercing frosted needles into his.

“But your terms are quite disappointing, I can’t believe someone as good looking as you, with a handsome job and rich background would throw all of his reputation away to stoop so low as to request s.e.x from a helpless woman.

To be frank, I’m quite ashamed standing beside you right now; you know, if you had told me you couldn’t help me, I would have still retained the respect I had for you, but now, it’s saddening Mr Chang Ming, but you are really pitiful.

If you think I would sell my body to you for a million yuan, Nurse you are quite mistaken. I would rather sleep with a gigolo than have carnal relations with a man without dignity.

Finally, Chang Ming…, do not, I plead with you, do not appear before me again, thank you”

With that Liling turned her back to him and walked away leaving the dumbfounded Chang Ming frozen at a spot.

As she took steps away, tears forced their way through her eye b.a.l.l.s. She bit her lips to hold them back as she walked straight out of the hospital to the garden at the backyard and when she was sure she was out of eye sight she squatted beside a wall and wailed her eyes out.

‘At first, she had zeroed her mind to just being single but now, a new theory.

‘Men were wicked! ‘

Because she was in dire need, he wanted to strip her of her virginity just like that!

Thinking of it, she knew no man would give her such amount without asking for something in return, but it would have been better if she was the one who out of her own volition gave herself away..

One thing she realized that instant was, whether her theory was correct or not, the only love that existed on planet earth was between parents and children.

Any feelings between unrelated people, were just attraction which were bound to fade away after sometime.

Liling didn’t know how long she had scrunched down crying but what she knew was that when she stood up, the sky had darkened and it was about to rain.

Her legs gave way, and she fell down back, obviously because she had been at a place for too long. Sitting on the ground, Liling felt that her eyes and face were too swollen and her mom would be worried if she saw her like that, so mustering up strength she walked to a tap by the garden and washed her face thoroughly.

She wiped off the water with the ends of her dress and stayed there for up to five minutes before she walked back to the ward.


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