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Read A Billion Dollar Exchange 68 My Sweet Can’t Snore

A Billion Dollar Exchange is a web novel made by ZiYanMei.
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“Sweet, are you asleep? ”

Jin Yue who just arrived home had been worried that she misunderstood him, so he called her to clear things up.

“No, not yet, what happened?, you just left all of a sudden”

Xin Yong who was about to sleep exclaimed over the phone.

“I’m sorry, the thing is… sweet, I don’t even have a good reason to give you, but you just forgive me okay?”

He explained running his had through his head, he didn’t know how to explain that it was her touch that caused him to run away.

“Mm, I’m not annoyed but it was so sudden and completely strange, I even thought you were out of your mind.. ”

She said quietly while adjusting herself on her bed.

“Haha, I’m not out of my mind, let’s just forget it, okay? ”

“Mm, so are you back yet?

“Yeah, I just got home now, you? ”

“I’m about to sleep, thanks for the gift..”

Xin Yong murmured softly, her eyes closing drowsily.

Jin Yue pushed open his bedroom door and strode towards the bed.

“If I don’t get you gifts who will, alright I don’t want you having swollen eyes tomorrow.”

” ”

“Sweet?, are you there?, sweet?”

Jin Yue asked when he didn’t receive any response from her. He chuckled lightly when her heard her calm breath obviously because she had slept off, he didn’t cut the call, he placed the phone by his pillow and walked to the bathroom.


Xin Yong stirred up by ten o’clock the next morning, she felt weak and didn’t want to rise from the bed, she lay there watching the sun rise from the east.

“Sweet, are you awake?”

Xin Yong bolted up from her bed, she was surprised to hear Jin Yue’s voice in her room.

‘How did he get in? ‘

She instinctively pulled down her rolled up night wear as she looked around the room for the intruder.

“Sweet? ”

Jin Yue spoke again, that was when Xin Yong caught sight of her phone almost at the edge of her bed, her eyes widened in shock. She immediately picked it up and exclaimed.

“Jin Yue!!, don’t tell me this is a call from last night, what the… eight hours?, you didn’t cut the line? ”

Xin Yong exclaimed when she saw the number of hours the call had lasted.

“Haha, why should I?, you just slept off without even telling me, so why should I cut it?. Gush, Sweet you snore like a pig!! ”

Jin Yue teased her laughing hysterically, he had just left the bathroom when he heard some shuffling sound through the phone. He thought that she had woken up, so he decided to call her name.


Xin Yong exclaimed, her face turning red at the realization that he had been listening to her sleep.

“Haha, don’t worry you don’t snore okay, my sweet can’t snore, she just sings in her sleep”



Liling left the company about five minutes past two in the afternoon, as she arrived at the entrance of the hospital she decided to call Xin Yong.

“Xin Yong!!, I’ve missed you and I need someone to talk to right now, can you come to First Concept hospital? ”

“Liling, what happened?, why are you in a hospital in the first place? is there any problem? ”

Xin Yong was watching TV, when Liling called, she was surprised and extremely worried that Liling had told her to come to a hospital. She prayed that nothing bad had happened.

“Just come over, we’ll talk about it”

Liling felt that she needed someone to talk to, and her closest friend was Xin Yong. She couldn’t continue keeping all the pain to herself.

She felt that she needed someone to pour her heart to, maybe the pain would go away.

“Okay, I’ll be there, let me just grab my purse, I’m coming this minute ”

Xin Yong jumped up and ran up the the stairs forgetting to switch off the TV.


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