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A roar of rage reverberated through the woods.

Under the heavy downpour, the roaring silhouette of the G.o.d of Pestilence cut a terrifying sight that would have sent most people scampering away in fear.

The Thousand Spirals Killing formation had dealt quite a heavy blow to the G.o.d of Pestilence. With that, it no longer saw Lu Tianzi as its prey.

In its eyes, Lu Tianzi was now an enemy that had to be eliminated!

Lu Tianzi let out a bitter smile.

Initially, his plan had been to properly lure out the G.o.d of Pestilence with its favourite fishes, then carefully approach to see if there was any way he could form a mental connection with it.

What he knew about beasts, he knew from Nanqing Haowen. And honestly, it was not all that much.

Thus, Lu Tianzi could only try this crude way of trying to tame the G.o.d of Pestilence, hoping that his luck would pull through and net him a powerful contract beast.

However, things had spiralled out of control right from the start.

Even before he could try to get close to the powerful beast, he had already been forced to activate the contingency plan that he had laid down earlier.

Now that things had progressed to such a state, there was only one option left.

He could only subjugate the G.o.d of Pestilence by force!

The G.o.d of Pestilence slammed down its front paw with a might that forcefully ripped apart the energy spiral beneath it.


This action not only scattered the energy spiral, but also sent the remnant energy spreading out like a shockwave.

The shockwave smashed against not just other energy spirals, but also the ground itself, creating a huge indentation beneath the G.o.d of Pestilence.

At the same time, the surrounding energy spirals wavered from the impact, bending slightly outwards.

These surrounding energy spirals had originally acted as a trap that locked the G.o.d of Pestilence in place, but this slight wavering created a small gap between them.

It was only for the slightest of moments, but the G.o.d of Pestilence immediately dashed through it.

Just like that, with its sharp combat instincts, it had broken out of Lu Tianzi’s first attempt at trapping it.

That was not all either.

Upon its escape from the trap, Lu Tianzi narrowed his eyes as the G.o.d of Pestilence’s front paws sank into the ground.


Lu Tianzi was confused for the slightest of moments before he noticed what was wrong.

From where the G.o.d of Pestilence was, the withered gra.s.s on the ground curled up, decaying at a visible rate until nothing was left. Such a phenomenon spread rapidly from the G.o.d of Pestilence’s front paws, creating a path of decay that extended straight towards Lu Tianzi.

Not good!

Lu Tianzi hurriedly moved out of the way, but the extension of the path adjusted accordingly as well, turning around to track him down. It appeared that the G.o.d of Pestilence had full control over the extension of the path.

Since dodging was of no use, then he could only attack!

Attack, and stop the G.o.d of Pestilence with damage.

Numerous energy spirals shot up around the G.o.d of Pestilence, once again imprisoning him from all sides.

They were still in the Thousand Spirals Killing Formation. And as long as they remained within, Lu Tianzi had the upper hand!

This time, energy spirals started to form where its paws had come into contact with the ground, threatening to tear apart its paws should it refuse to move them.

This was Lu Tianzi’s attempt to disconnect the G.o.d of Pestilence’s paws and the ground itself.

As long as he forced the G.o.d of Pestilence to retract its limbs, once it lost contact with the ground as a medium, surely the extension of the path of decay would stop as well?

This was essentially defending by attacking, putting an end to the opponent’s attack by attacking even more fiercely!

However, things did not turn out as Lu Tianzi had hoped.

Despite the energy spirals that were quickly forming upon its paws, the G.o.d of Pestilence refused to budge.


The G.o.d of Pestilence unleashed a huge wave of energy along with a mighty roar.

This surge of pure energy burst out like a supernova, violently eradicating all traces of the energy sprials around it, as well as of the two energy spirals that had yet to even take form upon its paws.

Lu Tianzi was stunned for a moment.

Along with the G.o.d of Pestilence’s release of energy, a deep sense of danger simultaneously fell upon Lu Tianzi. It screamed at his senses, pleading at him to escape to safety.

This feeling…

This sense of danger and fear, as though he was nothing but a weak prey that had obliviously wandered into the territory of an apex predator.

It felt all too familiar to Lu Tianzi.

Back then during the Scarlet Moon Heroes Meet, he had experienced a similar sense of danger when facing Fourth Prince Mosha, though the feeling was much milder back then.

According to Beimu Fei, that feeling of fear was due to Mosha’s activation of his bloodline of a primal beast.

In that case, could it be that the G.o.d of Pestilence possessed the bloodline of a primal beast as well?

No, that’s not it.

Rather than that, it was more likely that the G.o.d of Pestilence itself was a true primal beast!

Only then would it explain this overwhelming sense of oppression that struck at his very instincts, far beyond the likes of what Fourth Prince Mosha had ever shown.

A primal beast.

Even if he failed to establish a mental connection with it in the end, forcing it to become his contract beast did not sound too bad either!

But that was something to be left for later.

First, he would need to thoroughly suppress this G.o.d of Pestilence.

Lu Tianzi could not help but let out a wry smile when he looked at how the G.o.d of Pestilence had dispelled the energy spirals around it.

What kind of brute force fighting was this?

The way in which the G.o.d of Pestilence handled the energy spirals was just too reckless. It was expending far too much energy to achieve too little.

Or did it think that Lu Tianzi would not be able to produce more of these energy spirals?

If it had thought that way, then it was dead wrong!

But first, Lu Tianzi had to deal with the approaching path of decay. After his previous attempt failed, it was already too late to attack the G.o.d of Pestilence’s paws again.

Even so, this might have prevented him from stopping the attack at its root, but it did not hold him back from blocking the attack head on.

This time, dozens of energy spirals appeared all at once.

These energy spirals moved around the area like wandering tornados, cutting across the path of decay in a bid to severe its connection to the G.o.d of Pestilence midway.

The largest one of these energy spirals formed right before Lu Tianzi, s.h.i.+elding him from the approach of the G.o.d of Pestilence’s attack.

Lu Tianzi did not quite understand the concept behind this extending path of decay. But with such a grand setup, Lu Tianzi was confident that he would be able to guard against almost anything that came his way!

However, after the G.o.d of Pestilence started releasing its energy without restraint, the path of decay seemed to have received a power boost as well.


The energy spirals that had been cutting across the path of decay suddenly shrank, the huge store of energy within them draining out rapidly until the energy spirals finally fizzled into nothingness.

This… could it be that the energy spirals were undergoing decay?

Lu Tianzi frowned.

If even these energy spirals could decay, then what would happen to him if he got caught in it?

He was certainly not interested in trying it out.

With a wave of his hands, the ancient emblem of light on the ground glowed even brighter.

Lu Tianzi’s answer – more energy spirals.

Just like how the path of decay could expend the energy in the spirals, Lu Tianzi did not believe that he could not expend the energy behind the path of decay.

If the G.o.d of Pestilence wanted to show off its store of energy, then Lu Tianzi would respond in kind with the help of the Thousand Spirals Killing Formation!


Energy spiral after energy spiral fizzled out upon contact with the path of decay.

The path of decay continued forward nevertheless, but it was obvious that its speed was starting to slow down.

It’s working!

Encouraged by the sight, Lu Tianzi summoned forth even more energy spirals.
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At this moment, the entire clearing was engulfed in a powerful windstorm, and even the trees further away were about to be uprooted.

Even the withered gra.s.s in the clearing was not spared as countless energy spirals descended upon the ground, mercilessly tearing apart whatever remained of the terrain.

The path of decay had slowed to the speed of a snail’s crawl when the largest energy spiral that had stood firm in front of Lu Tianzi finally moved forward.

It ravaged whatever remained of the withered gra.s.s as it advanced, heading straight into the path of decay.


As though sensing that its attack had already been neutralised, the G.o.d of Pestilence pulled its paws out from the ground, making a beeline towards Lu Tianzi.

Each flap of its wings sent forth a burst of energy that slammed into the incoming energy spirals, cutting away most of the power within. Whatever remained, the G.o.d of Pestilence was able to strike away with a single swing of its front limbs.

Imposing and domineering.

This was the might of a primal beast.

Even after entering a perfectly set killing formation, it was still able to keep advancing!

Facing the pressure from the G.o.d of Pestilence, Lu Tianzi found himself breaking out in cold sweat even with the help of the Thousand Spirals Killing Formation.

Without the formation, he would not have stood a chance.

Thankfully, the fact was that he did enjoy the advantage of controlling the killing formation. And he was intending to make full use of this advantage!

The largest energy spiral swung towards the approaching G.o.d of Pestilence.

With a few flaps of its wings, the G.o.d of Pestilence sent multiple energy bolts towards it, reducing its store of energy before they even clashed.

At this moment, it was as though the heavy downpour started to concentrate upon the energy spiral itself, giving it a tinge of blue as it absorbed the falling rain.

Law of Water.

Lu Tianzi was now guiding the material raindrops into the immaterial energy spiral, adding to its total momentum.

At the same time, the rainwater that had already fallen to the ground started flowing in a uniform manner. From the skies, one would be able to see that the water on the ground had suddenly begun flowing in an anti-clockwise direction.

An impressive sight, but that was not all there was to it.

It was a phenomenon caused from Lu Tianzi’s control over the Law of Water’s dampening effect, possible to be done on such a large scale only because of his current control over the Thousand Spirals Killing Formation that had covered the entire clearing.

The G.o.d of Pestilence was slowed down.

The huge energy spiral was buffed up.

Just like that, the two clashed.

With a loud roar, the G.o.d of Pestilence slammed both of its front limbs into the huge spiral of both energy and water.

Blood splattered everywhere.

Even though the G.o.d of Pestilence had already fully released its energy, the spiral still managed to cut right through the G.o.d of Pestilence’s thick hide, reaching its flesh underneath.

But that was it.


Suppressed by the power of decay, by the pure might of the G.o.d of Pestilence, even the huge spiral had fizzled out, unable to take down this mighty primal beast!


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