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Read A Gamble with Life Part 72

A Gamble with Life is a Webnovel made by Silas K. Hocking.
This lightnovel is right now completed.

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Read WebNovel A Gamble with Life Part 72

4/6 Net.

=The Life and Letters of Alexander Mackennal, B.A., D.D.= By D. MACFADYEN. Large crown 8 vo, Photogravure Portrait, and Ill.u.s.trations on Art Paper. Bound in Art Vellum. 4s. 6d. net.

“Mr. Macfadyen is to be congratulated on the skill with which he has enabled his hero to stand out in these pages in his native character, as a reverent and yet original thinker, an administrator of singular wisdom and insight, and, above all, as a courageous and attractive man.”–_Manchester Guardian_.


=The Christian World Pulpit.= Half-Yearly Volumes, cloth boards, 4s. 6d.

“A notable collection of the utterances of Protestant preachers on a wide variety of subjects which many people will rejoice to ponder at leisure.”–_The Glasgow Herald._

4/- Net.

=Where Does the Sky Begin?= By WASHINGTON GLADDEN, D.D., Author of “Who Wrote the Bible?” &c. Crown 8 vo, cloth boards, gilt top, 4s. net.

“Washington Gladden has a great name amongst us. This book is riper and richer than anything he has yet published.”–_Expository Times._

=Witnesses of the Light.= By WASHINGTON GLADDEN, D.D., Author of “Who Wrote the Bible?” &c. Crown 8 vo, cloth boards, with portraits, 4s.


“A sketch of such lives treated in this entirely free, human manner, with adequate knowledge and a fine gift for interpretation, makes this volume most welcome.”–_Yorkshire Observer._


=How Much is Left of the Old Doctrines.= A Book for the People. By WASHINGTON GLADDEN, D.D. Crown 8 vo, cloth, 4s.

“Very able, fresh and vigorous…. There is much to commend in Dr.

Gladden’s book. Its teaching is manly and direct, and the writer draws his ill.u.s.trations from a wide field of literature. The chapters on ‘Conversion,’ ‘The Hope of Immortality,’ and ‘Heaven’

could only be written by a man of warm heart and true spiritual insight. The general impression left by the book is invigorating and rea.s.suring.”–_The Pilot._

=Social Salvation.= By WASHINGTON GLADDEN. Crown 8 vo, cloth, 4s.

“Dr. Gladden’s book is eminently sane; his subjects are not treated in any academic spirit, but are viewed in the light of a long and close experience with the problems dealt with.”–_The Literary World._

“The book is very broad in its outlook, and its author is very frank in dealing with questions that are discussed everywhere. It will command attention in many quarters.”–_The Weekly Leader._

=Tools and the Man.= Property and Industry under the Christian Law. By WASHINGTON GLADDEN. Crown 8 vo, cloth, 4s.

“A calmly written, closely reasoned, and trenchant indictment of the still prevalent dogmas and a.s.sumptions of political economy.”–_The Speaker._

=Ruling Ideas of the Present Age.= By WASHINGTON GLADDEN.

Crown 8 vo, cloth, 4s.

=*The Rosebud Annual for 1907.= The Ideal Book for the Nursery. Four coloured plates and one-half of the pages in colour. Handsome cloth boards, 4s. Coloured paper boards, varnished, 3s.

“An old favourite, and anyone looking through its pages will see at once why it is a favourite. Not a page opens without disclosing pictures. The stories are fresh and piquant, and printed in good large type. A rich fund of enjoyment for the nursery.”–_Aberdeen Free Press._

“A veritable treasury of the best of good things.”–_Liverpool Mercury._

=Higher on the Hill.= A Series of Sacred Studies. By ANDREW BENVIE, D.D., Minister of St. Aidan’s, Edinburgh. Crown 8 vo, cloth, 4s.

“A brilliant piece of writing.”–_Dundee Advertiser._

3/6 Net.

=*Friars Lantern.= By G. G. COULTON, Author of “From St. Francis to Dante,” “Mediaeval Studies,” &c. Crown 8 vo, cloth boards, 3s. 6d.


=The Inward Light.= By AMORY H. BRADFORD, D.D., Author of “The Growth of the Soul,” &c. Large crown 8 vo, cloth boards, 3s. 6d. net.

“A refreshing, stimulating, and enlightening book.”–_Aberdeen Free Press._

“A work of real spiritual and intellectual power.”–_Dundee Advertiser._

=The Story of the English Baptists.= By J. C. CARLILE. Large crown 8 vo, 320 pages, 8 Ill.u.s.trations on art paper, 3s. 6d. net.

“Possesses a freshness and vivacity not always present in ecclesiastical histories.”–_Scotsman._

=The Courage of the Coward.= By C. F. AKED, D.D., Author of “Changing Creeds and Social Problems.” Crown 8 vo, cloth boards, with photogravure portrait, 3s. 6d. net.

“The sermons are the work of a thoughtful and earnest Nonconformist, whose pointed language and frequent ill.u.s.trations from general literature leave a distinct impression.”–_The Scotsman._

=G. H. R. Garcia. Memoir, Sermons and Addresses.= By Rev. J. G.

HENDERSON. Crown 8 vo, cloth boards, with photogravure portrait, 3s. 6d. net.

“We are grateful to Mr. Henderson for having prepared this memorial of so daring and original a ministry.”–_Methodist Times._

=The First Christians; or, Christian Life in New Testament Times.= By ROBERT VEITCH, M.A. Crown 8 vo, cloth boards, gilt top, 3s. 6d. net.

DR. FAIRBAIRN expresses himself as “charmed” with the author’s “knowledge of the world into which Christianity came; and his appreciation of the Christianity that came into the world.”


=*A Gamble with Life.= By SILAS K. HOCKING, Author of “To Pay the Price.” Large crown 8 vo, bevelled boards, 3s. 6d.

One of the best stories written by this popular author.

=The Wanderer; or, Leaves from the Life Story of a Physician.= By MRS. C. L. ABBOT, of Berlin. Crown 8 vo, cloth boards, 3s. 6d.

=Burning Questions.= By WASHINGTON GLADDEN. Fourth Edition. Crown 8 vo, cloth, 3s. 6d.

“Is one of the ablest, most opportune, and most readable books it has been our good fortune to enjoy for many a day. The writer is master of his subject. He modestly remarks at the close ‘that it has not always been easy, handling realities so vast, to make the truth, in the condensed expression which must here be given to it, so luminous as could have been wished.’ But luminous is precisely the word which describes these admirable essays. They shine with light.”–_Dundee Advertiser._

=Changing Creeds and Social Struggles.= By C. F. AKED.


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