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Read A Mistaken Marriage Match – The Pirate’s Daughter A Mistaken Marriage Match: The Pirate’s Daughter Volume 2 Chapter 56

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Volume II Chapter 56 Who is the

Oriole? Who is the Cicada?** Part 1

**Chinese idiom, from Daoist cla.s.sic;

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware

of the oriole behind. Meaning : to

pursue a narrow gain while neglecting

a greater danger).

What is that supposed to mean? Is he

saying in this war Sang Nuan was not

in danger, but she …. … she is the one

in danger?

She slightly pats the yellow paper

hidden in her waist. Su Su decided not

to think about the fear of losing when

there was without a winner yet, that

was it, she must not fear defeat when 

meets me there afterwards.”

” Yes. “The two people after receiving

the command quickly left.

From the seized boat crew, he found

several old crews, leading them to

check the fourteen boats together and

commanded them to reinforce and

fixed some of the three broken

boats. Su Su turned towards the east

of the beach, Ao Qī have more than 50

people waiting there, they do not stand

neatly, no exchange between each

other of acknowledgement, but what

faintly emits was stern and somber

aura, constantly let Su Su Sigh, and the soldiers are really


Su Su just arrived in front of them when

she spotted in the distant place, Sang

Nuan , with more than 20 people

walking towards her.

Su Su asked, “Why did you come?”

” I have the thing that you want.”

Su Su discovered that next to the man

was something wrapped in a bag of

paper, looking at this large parchment;

it was not a small component. Su Su

was startled, “So fast?” She said before

after three hours later, but actually not

so sure if Sang Nuan have that many

poison kept on the side, but they also

need one that can be disposed of

easily, after all no one who will keep

that many toxicants on the side, but 

now It seemed that her a.s.sessment

was completely wrong.

Sang Nuan smiled and said, “When I

decided to definitely seize this island, I

made many preparations, even if

finally failed, I prepared enough

quant.i.ty of poison for everybody to die


Sang Nuan said this statement as light

as a cloud but the person behind her

who heard it shivered, Su Su shook her

head, “You really also …., ” ruthless

enough … Not only ruthless to others,

but also ruthless with herself, if she

does not succeed, the courageously die

for her cause, not everyone has that.

Sang Nuan glanced at her with

amusing look, wittingly said, “Hey, you

are the one that said that I am suited

to become the master of pirate nest? I

hate the feeling of letting you down.”

Su Su was speechless, she realized that

since the last serious discussion with

Sang Nuan, she barely seen that gentle

smiling face in her expression anymore,

that kind of adornment was also good,

now she could only kept that really

incomparable smile fondly in her


She received the package on the side

and Su Su asked, How to use it?”

“The powders were divided into small

packets of paper. It is completely

insulated, you can ask them to carry it

on their bodies and when they need to 

use it, only need to break the paper

packets and scatter it around.” As she

was talking she took out a small

wooden box from her sleeve, when she

opened the box there were small red

pills inside slightly larger than the size

of a bean. The pills have no special

flavor, Sang Nuan did not cover the box

and pa.s.sed it to Su Su and instructed,

“That medicinal powder toxicity is very

strong, these pills are the antidote, for

the sneak attack operation remember

to take it prior, otherwise if they smell

the powder as being scattered and they

do not have the antidote and sniff it,

they too will die.”

Su Su curled her lips; this poison is

really extremely severe.

Sang Nuan appearance looked almost

to the one to be blamed and

responsible, then said, “I will hand it

over to you, I have to go.”

“Ok, go on.” Su Su took the small

wooden box gave it to nearby Ao Qī ,

suddenly grabbed Sang Nuan on the

arm, draws her at one side, fishes out

that yellow paper inside her belt and

asked in a whisper, “This what it does?

What is the use of this?” She thought

something was odd with Sang Nuan’s

expression awhile ago, her stopping

her footsteps was very strange,

obviously Sang Nuan knew the

circ.u.mstances of the matter, she

wanted to understand if there was

anything wrong.

Sang Nuan glaced at the yellow

triangular paper, lowered her eyebrow

and appeared to think deeply the

meeting, later stared somewhat

weirdly at Su Su and asked, ” He did

not tell you?”

Su Su gawks at her blankly, Mo Yuan

said ask her?! Sang Nuan probably not

prepared to say what it was, she did

not continue but guesses it saying,”Is it

a píngān fú ?” (to be quite and safe

charm or talisman)

Sang Nuan surprised, immediately

smiled, “He said that is píngān fú?!

Sang Nuan smile was simmering,

nodded and patted Su Su’s shoulder,

“Truly will keep you safe and sound,

and certainly received it properly.”

“Hey!” Sang Nuan expression was too

strange, it was not good, now she was

more curious of this thing what was

really the use of it, urgently said, “Are

we not friends?”

“But ……” Sang Nuan knits the brows

with an awkward appearance, sighed

finally, incomparably said affectedly,

“He is somebody else’s cousins, ah ~”

Su Su instantaneously had a goose

b.u.mps flesh, stared at Sang Nuan like

she wanted to swat a fly, Sang Nuan

could not help it but laugh, Su Su while

staring her, gnashing her molars and

did a lot of talking to herself, ” I will

count you ruthless!

That person from Mojia, how


Under Su Su’s supercilious look, in Sang

Nuan’s judgment it is better to leave


After Sang Nuan left, Su Su gathered

her composure and said, “ Group

yourselves into six, each group will

have two boatman and four

Liao Yue situation of warship inside the

dense fog also you have to understand

that the speed of movement is not fast,

but definitely not slow also. The

boatman is responsible of navigating

your way inside the dense fog and four

are responsible for, you

ambush the warships on the way which

must be taken, overtakes a recent

warship to As how to do it,

you knew better than me, I not saying

how, remember that there is only

about a stick of incense time to get it

done, we are people are few, such in a

short time seizing the ship is

impossible, since Sang Nuan poisonous

powder is so easy-to-use, use the

poison first then later can kill, given the

time evacuate immediately and try not

to have the casualties. Do you




Su Su was very satisfied with their

responses and continued saying, “After

you divide the good group, distribute

the antidote, prepare your weapons 

that you need to use, you start tonight

at haishi (9 to 11 p.m).”

“Yes.”Not only the people from Ju Ling

Island replied neatly, even the twenty

pirate faces do not have the look of

fear. Obviously these people were

carefully selected by Sang Nuan. “

Su Su went to the beach where the Ju

Ling Island ships were anch.o.r.ed, more

than 50 people that Ao Shísān was

leading waited with 100 people that

Uncle Ma brought with him. Tomorrow

at the front they will engaged head-on,

actually in the offsh.o.r.e fight, they will

not engage that hard to stop the Liao

Yue but the goal was actually to direct

them into the island and make them

follow their retreat to the jungle. SuSu

let them do the distribution of

personnel, familiarized with ships fort

and flag languages, time flies fast as

they do the preparations and the sky

was already completely dark.

Su Su felt that the wind on the beach

tonight seemed to be very little.

Squinting into the distance fog around

the island, even in the dim night, she

could see that the fog seemed to be a

lot stronger, but in the whole

afternoon on the beach she haven’t

run into Mo Yuan, she doesn’t know

what he achieved so far and he does

not know where he went.

Su Su arranged all the matters that she

had to arranged before going back to

the medical shed, she already finished 

eating but Sang Leng and Sang Nuan

has not come back. Su Su was guessing

that they were still straightening up

the deployment in the jungle, after all,

time was not much. This was can be

considered Sang Leng and Sang Nuan

war to establish their prestige. Su Su

straightened up before going out to the

backyard. She went straight back to

the room, ready to rest early to

recuperate her spirit and recover some

strength, for tomorrow, they will be

meeting head on, for fear that there

might be a unexpected situation

tonight, Su Su just took off hes shoes

and masks, and lie down with her

clothes on.

Su Su normally sleep soundly but

because her heart was laden with

worries for tomorrows matter, she

remained vigilant. It was indistinct but

she felt that a line of sight lightly locks

on her body, that sense of being a prey

made Su Su open her eyes fiercely and

there was really a shadow standing at

her side, Su Su rolled over and at the

same time roared , ‘Who?!”

She had not thought that person also

acts very fast, when she moves, he

also moved, but not to back out but

caught her shoulder, the whole person

was pressing towards her, the man

wall tall and as she tried to avoid the

man, they fell on the bed together.

Su Su’s shoulder was being buckled, her

knee was also being suppressed that

she cannot moved, when the person

lowered his head, Su Su froze, as she 

gathers her strength to fight back but

she did not expect the person to speak

on her ear. Her ears can feel his breath

and the voice was also very low, “ You

are also so alert, ah….”

Su Su was surprised…. “It’s you?” Su Su

thought also that Tantai Ye Lie perhaps

will send someone to attack her

sneakily but she has not guessed that

the commander in chief himself before

the war will submerged himself to the

enemies camp unexpectedly before the

war. This time Huan Lang Island has

many masters. Tantai Ye Lie and Uncle

Ao absolutely was not an opponent, Su

Su cannot simply believe it, “ You dare

to come?”

“Why should I not dare?” Tantai Ye Lie

coldly smiled, while his finger gently

swept on Su Su’s bright and smooth

cheeks, the low and deep sound

several points to tempt and entice with

playfulness., ” Su, if I have known that

you are such beautiful woman, I should

have abducted you away from the

beginning and now …. …even if Mo

Yuan is willing to exchange you with

Lingshi, I am reluctant to trade.”

Su Su was thankful and silently glad

that she did not take off her outer coat

tonight, ot things will be very awkward

and distressful at this moment. Su Su

looked at him indifferently and her

voice was generally calm like normal ,

” If you want to s.n.a.t.c.h the Lingshi,

then s.n.a.t.c.h if you must, think

whatever your heart thinks, but I don’t 

have to suffer listening to your

disgusting words. Nevertheless, are

the descendants of Tantai already not

so good to this degree?”

Under his fingertips, the facial

expression of the face was stiff, staring

at the icily arrogant face, Tantain Ye

Lie laughed jokingly. In fact when he

came that moment he was stunned by

her, he saw under the moonlight, she

was not wearing the face mask, he was

shocked for a moment unexpectedly

young Fu Sheng said it correctly, her

beauty one’s imagination,

even in her sleep, was an aura of

divine wonderful spirit and vitality.

Suddenly, he thought of her pupil, that

light swift and fierce appearance, at

that moment, Tantai Ye Lie hoped that

she would open those eyes and let him

take a good look how this pair of eyes

and face looked together.

Certainly, his desire has been realized,

she woke up at that moment that she

opened her eyes, he heard a heartbeat

sound crashing and spoke those words

a moment ago , he wanted to look at

her blushed appearance that was shy

or angry out of shame and finally he

expected her to hide but not actually,

she unexpectedly had not hidden

herself but as a matter of fact also

spoke what she thinks in her heart. Oh

my, crossing an extremely smart

woman is really troublesome.

In the dim light of night, Tantai Ye Lie

stared at Su Su eyes full of happy

expression, his voice was also very

pleasant, and “You are really

interesting.” This was a sincere praise,

but what a pity, Su Su was not

completely listening to this matter. Is

this a provocation or hara.s.sment? How


Su Su shoulders and knees although

were being pinned down but her hand

is very active, slowly groped under the

pillow, until she traced the red copper

scale fan and immediately wield the

fan’s sharp part on Tantai Ye Lie’s neck,

the purple mounting mount with

murderous force. Tantai Ye Lie could

only loosen Su Su and dodges towards

the bedside. Su Su also rapidly sets out

and the two fought in the same place.

The room was too small, Tantai Ye Lie

also knew obviously fierceness of the

red copper scale fan and its hidden

weapon, he had pasted with her very

close, Su Su does not have the

opportunity to put out the concealed

needles and must put together Kungfu

fight against him. Su Su’s effort was

not very good, soon she was already

tired and then suddenly, came a girl

outside the door calling, “ Xiaoshu, Are

you alright?”

Su Su’s heart become anxious,

although their fighting sounds were

not that big, but the person in same

courtyard will normally hear it. The

person outside the door was Qin Qian.

Because if it was Sang Nuan, even

though she hears the sound, she will

decide not to make noise rashly. Su Su

wanted to tell her to leave right away

but Tantai Ye Lie grasps her throat. Su

Su can only drawback anxiously, for a

while she cannot open her mouth, the

fighting sound in room became louder.

After asking several times with no

response, she made an effort to break

the door unexpectedly. This small s.p.a.ce

was actually a patient’s room and for

convenience during examination, the

door locks were not solid. So, Qin Qian

was able to forced open the door.

Su Su heart burst with anxious sound

and sure enough when Qin Qian came

in that moment, Tantai Ye Lie’s eyes

erupted with the flash intending to kill,

Qin Qian also clearly saw that the

situation was not good, turned and ran

out and yelled, “Come… … “

What a pity she only called a word

when Tantai Ye Lie projected a

concealed weapon unexpectedly,

hitting Qin Qian in the middle of her

vest, she fell forward and immediately,

a blood has spurted.

“Sister Qin?!” Su Su in great surprise

wants to go out but Ye Lie coldly tied

her down on the ground.

Qin Qian was on the ground, she has

not fainted but unexpectedly crawled

toward the courtyard outside, while

yelling, “Quick …..Somebody come

quickly ….”

Tantai Ye lie’s eyes darkened and Su

Su in her heart knew very well, afraid 

of his concealed weapon, she has no

other alternative, obliged to come near

and separate his hands from Qin Qian

and nervously said, ” You do not have

to kill her! “

When Su Su personal came forward

quickly, Tantai Ye Lie bitterly step back,

Su Su suddenly felt pain in her neck, her

vision darkened and then pa.s.sed out.

Tantain Ye Lie caught the falling body,

sighed secretly, this woman was so

hard to deal with.

Tantai Ye Lie was holding Su Su out of

the courtyard . Qin Qian was still

crawling outside, but because of the

aching of chest, she could not scream.

Tantai Ye Lie looked at her coldly and

then lift his foot and kicked her in her

abdomen. He does not know if Su Su’s

words affected him because he did not

used full force, leaving Qin Qian behind

fainted but still breathing.

Yinshi (3-5 am), ought to be the time

when silence reigns, Huan Nuan Island

have an unceasing sound of people’s

distant footsteps going in all directions

and confused. Mo Yuan was lying down

on the soft cot that Su Su used to slept

on, he sat in repose trying to make

sense of the commotion around, closed

his eyes to contemplate. One rapid

sound of footsteps was going in his

direction, opened his eyes, the next

moment he heard , Sang Nuan’s 

anxious voice drumming outside, “ Mo

Yuan! Quickly open the door!”

(T/N: Isn’t weird? Why is he sleeping in

Su Su’s cot?)

“The doors be opened quickly, Sang

Nuan without wasting a moment and

idle words, directly announced,” Su Su

is missing !”

Her voice barely finished when her

heart suddenly skipped a beat. It was

because Mo Yuan’s pair of usually calm

pupil was cold and dark at the

moment, like a bottomless deep pool,

those heavy dark eyes radiates a cold

light almost flooding the strong


Sang Nuan subconsciously step back…

(T/N: Is his eyes was that vicious for

always calm Sang Nuan to step back?)


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