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Chapter 698

As soon as Lando was born, she was crystal clear. Her black and white eyes seemed to speak with spirit. Don’t mention that they made the queen happy.

Ice night, the bodyguard chosen earlier for his highness rando, was the first one to pick up rando. At that time, ice night was only 13 years old

Everything is going on smoothly. Ice night has become a 24-hour person who lives with his highness rando. Even rando’s parents rarely see their children.

Like the common heir to the throne, Lando learned to hold a gun when he could hold something.

When she learned to speak, she had already begun to learn military layout, languages of various countries and social intercourse.

She can walk. It’s the time to learn self-defense and Kung Fu. And the ice night is extremely severe. It can be said that before the age of two, Lando lived in constant learning and training. But

Lando is gifted and intelligent. He can get things in 2 months’ stool, 4 months’ stool and 6 months’ enunciation are very clear. It can be said that no successor in the history of Aslan can learn what needs to be learned before the age of 2.

When Lando was 2 years old, she appeared in front of everyone for the first time, and showed her outstanding talent to everyone. She even got the Queen’s praise. “Good! Good! When I was 18 years old, I didn’t expect to have the next successor until I was 78. I’m afraid we don’t have to wait until she is 18 to inherit the throne. Now I can do it! ”

This is the Queen’s joke. But into Lando’s ears, she was taken as true!

“Night!” As soon as she returned to Her Highness’s house, Lando took off all the smiles on her face: “grandma queen said, I can inherit the throne now, is that so?”

“Ha ha, your highness Lando, it’s just a joke from the queen. However, I believe that if you work hard, you can really inherit the throne early. ”

“So…” After the birthday celebration, Lando worked harder than before.

Until a year later

Lando is at least 3 years old, and can be seen in Aslan no matter how big or small it is.

Although she is young now, she walks with a king’s wind. Her big eyes are full of cold air, which makes people know that this child is not a thing in the pool.

“Your Majesty…” The winter of 15 years ago was the annual winter training day in the country of Aslan. General Baru, who is in charge of the drill, is the commander in chief. “Today, I didn’t expect that his highness rando would show up in person. It’s said that under the guidance of ice night, his highness would be able to be literate and martial arts at the age of 2. He could arrange troops and set up the array and control the whole situation. I don’t know what your highness rando has to say about the military drill just now? ”

Hearing the provocative voice of general Balu, Lando, who was sitting in the vice position, sneered. His sharp eyes subconsciously looked at the ice night behind him, stood up and walked to general Balu: “garbage!” Cold two drop down.

General Baruch’s face suddenly darkened: “Your Highness What does that mean? ”

“There is a lack of defense in the air force camp, a lack of replacement of naval ships, and a lack of supply of defense in the army. This is just what my highness can see with his naked eyes. There are already fatal injuries in the sea, land and air forces. Admiral Baruch, after a year’s gestation, will you hand over such an answer sheet to my queen’s grandmother? ” The domineering voice echoed in the military command camp.

All around, the soldiers in uniform were stunned. Staring at the small adult, hands behind her, eyes with the ray of light of orchid, everyone seemed to witness the wisdom of the next queen.

Admiral Balu didn’t expect that rando’s eyes, who was only three years old, would be so poisonous.

“Admiral Baruch, what Lando said is not enough, but it’s all in place?” The queen above the throne opened her mouth slowly.

General Baruch was silent for a while and nodded nervously “Yes Yes. ”

“Hum! A year later, three-year-old Lando found so many flaws. Baru, you can retire! ” In a rage, the queen waved her sleeve away.

Lando angrily glanced at Balu with the corner of her eyes, and a smile of sarcasm suddenly appeared at the corner of her mouth

This is the first stop of Lando’s appearance as a king!

Then, shortly afterwards, Prince Charles, the British royal family, visited the kingdom of Aslan, where he, together with his son, the first heir to the throne of the Duke, K, and a domestic servant came to discuss flowers with the royal n.o.bles of Aslan.

“Your Majesty, I’ve always heard that the state of Aslan has always been a good teacher of the next Queen’s successor. It’s only a few years old. I wonder if I can invite your highness rando and my entourage to have a written test of fencing?” Above the main hall, Prince Charles did not know whether he had intended or unintentionally made such a request.

The queen, who is a king of a country, looked at Landau sitting in the first seat: “do you want to compete with Prince Charles’s entourage, Duo Duo?”Lando was silent. His big eyes, which seemed to have insight into everything, gradually turned to Prince Charles and his son, his highness K, sitting in the opposite seat. “Ah…” She gave a cold smile and hooked her fingers.

Standing behind her, ice night immediately picked up a flower sword and handed it to her hand.

Lando got up and walked slowly to the prince of Charles. Her powerful eyes turned slightly. She suddenly pointed the flower sword at Her Highness K, who was about 10 years old.

In a flash, all the people at the scene opened their eyes, and even Prince Charles was shocked. Instead, K, still sitting in a calm position, smiled and drank black tea.


Rando’s first reaction is that his highness K is not simple! “Charles, are you asking your highness ben to compete with your entourage to reduce his ident.i.ty? How about How about having your son compare with me? ” Provocative eyes looked at k coldly.

K laughs but doesn’t speak, that pair of blue eyes that ripple is charming l.u.s.ter gradually dropped down.

“Your Highness Lando, although I’m just a little follower, I may not be able to match your ident.i.ty, but…” At this time, Prince Charles’s entourage opened up.

However, before the retinue could finish speaking, Lando and Feng narrowed their eyes: “is there a share for you to talk?” Waving his foil, he stabbed at the follower.

Fortunately, the follower’s fencing ability was not weak, so he turned around and dodged. Next second, he quickly took out his heavy sword and began to fight with Lando.

The height of the entourage is less than 1.7 meters, and the age should not be too big. But in the face of 3-year-old Lando, he can’t give full play to his advantages. Every move seems to be much slower than Lando.

Lando holds the flower sword tightly, looks extremely relaxed, moves nimbly to attack the following dead angles.

That is to say, she smiled and narrowed her eyes. The sharp moufeng locked in the follower’s right hand. Then she stepped forward two steps, picked up the sharp sword and pierced the follower’s right wrist directly!


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