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Chapter 739

Those two blonde men, who may know Qi Xin’er’s whereabouts, are also those who are pointed at by Han Lishang.

“OK. Your honor, I’d like to call witness 1 and witness 2. ”

At the request of the defence lawyer, two blondes, standing in the witness seat, stepped into the stand.

“Two gentlemen, why did you show up at 11 a.m. on August 29 in the president’s office of boson group?”

“We are bound to boson group by Mr. Han’s men.”

“Oh? Kidnapping? ” The defense lawyer smiled and looked at the people sitting on the sideline: “Mr. Gang Han said to talk with you, are you sure it’s kidnapping?”


When the defense lawyer heard this, he started to smile and focused on Yao Yao.

The defense lawyer, who is the chief lawyer of the government, has long heard about Yao Yao’s taboo. He wants to compete with this little girl. He wants to be 19 years old. What is his ability?!

It’s a strange thing that Yao Yao didn’t even raise a word of “objection” after seeing it for so long.

The man raised his lips and continued to ask, “gentlemen, what’s next?”

“Next, Mr. Han asked us some inexplicable questions. We didn’t know. He started to hit us, and at last he pointed to our head with a gun!”

“Very good!” The defense lawyer walked quickly to the judge: “your honor, I ask to call witness three, director Xiao of the police department.”

“Call witness three!” The judge pounded the mallet in his hand.

The prosecutor immediately took the two blondes out of the witness stand, and soon director Xiao sat in the witness seat.

“h.e.l.lo, director Xiao. On August 29, at 11 a.m., it is said that Mr. Han, the president of boson group, who you personally led the team to arrest, is that right? ”


“What did you see when you opened the door?” Until the defense lawyer’s questions are completed.

Director Xiao pretended to think seriously and said slowly, “when I pushed the door open, I happened to see Mr. Han holding a gun and putting it on the heads of those two people.”

“I see.” All the witnesses and defense attorneys came out one by one. Combined with this series of testimony, the defense lawyer walked slowly to the judge’s face: “your honor, judging from the testimony of the witnesses, Mr. Han Lishang, President of boson group, has involved in kidnapping, murder, gun holding, threat and other charges. I hope the jury can prove that Mr. Han Lishang is a public figure. My speech, for the time being. ”

With that, the man made a deep bow and slowly returned to the defense lawyer’s seat.

“Now, I give the floor to the defence counsel.”

Finally it’s Yao Yao’s turn to talk. Her body is stiff.

Turning her head slightly, she got up slowly and walked to the judge, bowing to the crowd. “Your honor, I ask for the direct summons of witness three, director Xiao of the police department.”

“Well?” The judge didn’t expect Yao Yao to act in such a way that she didn’t act in accordance with common sense. She should interrogate the defendant first, and then interrogate the witnesses one by one. Now it’s all right. It’s completely reversed. “Attorney of the defendant, don’t you interrogate the defendant first?”

“No, your honor. I just want to ask superintendent Xiao now.”

“All right.” The judge motioned to the prosecutor to take Sheriff Shaw to the witness stand again.

Yao Yao turned his head and walked to him with a smile: “h.e.l.lo, chief Xiao. When I heard the defense lawyer asking you, you said that when you pushed the door open, you happened to see my client, Mr. Han Lishang, pointing a gun at someone’s head, didn’t you? ”


“Oh, so. Before formally asking you the next question, I’m curious about one thing. ” Yao Yao pretends to be confused and embraces her body with her hands.

Sheriff Xiao frowned immediately: “what’s the matter?”

“I’m just curious about how a good police chief of yours has suddenly dealt with such a small case in person. In addition Why do you happen to catch my client, Mr. Han Lishang, pointing a gun at someone’s head? ”

“Against it! Your honor, I’m against the defendant’s lawyer asking questions that have nothing to do with this case! ” The lawyer in the defence seat opened in indignation.

Yao Yao secretly smiled and knew that he had to object. He was really depressed. Obviously, I’m afraid of being a thief? “Your honor, I have the right to suspect that someone wants to frame my client, Mr. Han Lishang, so my question just now has a direct relationship with this case!”

The judge hesitated for a moment and nodded acquiescently: “the witness, please answer the defendant’s lawyer’s question.”

Police chief Xiao narrowed his eyes and quickly looked at Yao Yao with a smile. “I got a tip off from the informant. I was in the bureau at that time, so I immediately led the team to Bosen.”

“Oh That’s right. ” Yao Yao smiled and put one hand on the witness seat to play with the taste: “next question. I want to make clear to you that after you push the door to enter that day, do you see Mr. Han Lishang holding a pistol and pointing at someone else’s head, or is Han Lishang just holding a pistol? “”Is that important?”

“Of course!” Yao Yao definitely blinked, smiled and pointed out her finger, pointing to the forehead of police constable Xiao: “you are a b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

“Pa!” “Do you dare to insult me?” officer Xiao asked, slapping the table angrily

“Where do I have it?” She pretended to be silly and shook her head, calmly took off her fingers: “I’m just a metaphor.” Turn around and face the audience. It seems that the eyes that can see everything are finally fixed on yuaotian: “you are a p.i.s.s off!”

Under the platform, Yu Aotian’s face is dark! “This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d is so careful!”

“Have you seen it? The same sentence. One is what I said, pointing to Sheriff Xiao’s head, and the other is what I said to all of you. So the gap is not big. Do you understand? ”

“Ah, it’s really powerful…” Yu Aotian could not help but admire Yao Yao’s remarks.

She just used a trick of “nitpicking” and deliberately looking for loopholes. Of course, what’s more powerful is her keen eyes. All of a sudden, she found the key point to help Han Lishang get rid of the murder charge. By the way, I also insulted Sheriff Xiao, Zeng Kairui’s confidant. Isn’t it serious?!

“Sheriff Shaw!” Yao Yao’s expression suddenly became serious: “I’m asking you again at last. When you enter, you see Mr. Han pointing at the head of witness 1 and witness 2, or holding a gun!”

Not waiting for Sheriff Shaw to answer.

With a twinkling of her eyes, she murmured, “Sheriff Xiao, you’d better think about the answer. Otherwise, my next question is to ask you who the informant is. What if this ordinary case becomes a case in the middle of the case? ”

Police constable Xiao responded immediately. Yao Yao asked her first question. She wanted to threaten herself?!


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