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A Naive Short-tempered Girl is a web novel made by 齐成琨.
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Chapter 75

“Oh, am I really that famous? Even you, Big Boss Cong knew me?”

“Of course. There is no one in underworld who doesn’t know the four great men under Yu Ao Tian. The first one is the talented war strategist the cold Han Li Shang, as rumor spread, he is taking care half of the underworld Emperor’s business. The second is your big brother, the man with big smile, Long Ye. The third is the cold and icy queen who beauty equal to fairy, Mo Xue Tong and the fourth… is you, the person who able to fight ten people at one time and also the makne (youngest) in Yu Long group. The best fighter and also the stronger warrior, it’s you, Long Qi!”

This is not the courtesy conversation by Cong Qing Rui, in the mafia’s world, the infamous Yu Ao Tian is legend, but his four men are also awesome and skilled people, if not because of their hard work, helping Yu Ao Tian, they won’t be as famous as Yu Ao Tian like today.

“Ha, thank you for Cong Big Boss praising.” After said, Long Qi laughed.

“Well, let we go to the point, why Yu Ao Tian asked you to come here?”

“It was not my Big Boss asked me to come here.”

“Oh? So…”

“You will know just by seeing.” Long Qi rolled his eyes and looked at Yao Yao who stood beside him.

“You strangely caught my girl of course I must come here!”

Yao Yao understood after she listened to their short conversation, there is no way for her to reject or deny Long Qi said.

“Oh, so is she your girl?”

“That’s right. To recall, before your son even dare to dally my girl, I even cut his hand off. Did I? Cong Young Master.” Long Qi is laughing while looking at Cong Young Master.

“So, that how thing went on.” Finally Cong Qing Rui understood, seeing the age between Yao Yao and Long Qi, both of them are look more compatible so that he believe that both of them really couple.

“If it was true, so my son was doing wrong.”


“Xiao Cong (little Cong), you shut up! Long Qi ah, I think there is misunderstanding in here, since everything is cleared, you may take your girl friend.”

“Well, good bye Cong Big Boss.” After said, Long Qi held Yao Yao’s hand and took big stride leaving Chi Long Bang.

“Dad, are you really let them off?” Young Master Cong unhappily asked.

Cong Qing Rui stood up from his seat: “I can’t do anything about this. First, that girl isn’t Yu Ao Tian’s woman so we cannot threaten him. Second, Long Qi isn’t easy to handle even we force to make him stay here; it will only create an opportunity for Yu Ao Tian to get rid of us. Why should we make ourselves such bitter? Just wait another time!” continued: “when the time comes, we will able to hold his weakness and control even kill him!”

After heard what his father said, Cong Young Master who stood beside his father talking to himself: “In order to have someone weakness we need to get it from his woman or his family, but Yu Ao Tian simply to say too perfect, it was not easy to catch the girl which we thought as his woman, but never thought we would wrong caught. What can control him, actually?”

“Big Boss! Big Boss! Yu…Yu Ao Tian coming.” Suddenly one of Xiao Di is rushing inside, informing Cong Qing Rui.

Cong Qing Rui and his son looked at the Xiao Di: “Are you sure that person the real Yu Ao Tian?”

“Certainly, absolutely!”

“Wait, how could after Long Qi left and then Yu Ao Tian comes? How many people he brings?”

“About ten!”

“Only ten, Dad, you don’t need to be such tense?” Young Master Cong laughed at his father who looked so tense after hearing the Xiao Di report.

“Shut up, faster ask him to get in.’

“Yes, Big Boss.”

Yu Ao Tian brought Long Ye and Mo Xue Tong and also ten of his men inside Chi Long Bang.

Cong Qing Rui hurried welcoming him: “Yu Big Boss, what bring you to visit my place? Long Qi just left, and why are you coming here personally?”

Yu Ao Tian spoke with his lower voice which makes Cong Qing Rui dumbstruck: “En, I knew that Long Qi just left so I came here to find you.”

“What Yu Big Boss means?”

“Aiya, actually my coming today is only to ask little favor from Cong Big Boss.” He purposely said to bring up the topic.

“What favor?”

“Well, this, few days ago there were some c.o.c.kroaches that got into my office, I want Cong Big Boss… help me to check whose c.o.c.kroaches they were belong to, can I?” after said, he put pressure on Cong Qing Rui’s shoulder.

Cong Qing Rui is trembling, his face white pale, after long time he gained himself: “ Ha Ha Ha, Yu Big Boss. Impossible you didn’t know, before you were such famous in j.a.pan even the China mafia, all of us know about you. But two years ago you came to China and entered the business world while your underworld activity seems be lessen, everyone thought you might retire but there was rumor spreading saying that you wanted to conquer China’s mafia, afterall….” His eyes rolled: “Even I help you to check why those people came to attack your company, you didn’t have any evidence how could you revenge?”

Cong Qing Rui way of speaking has threatened meaning; he also knew that Yu Ao Tian had already known that he was the person who sent those men to his company. Even the commoner moreover the mafias knew that Yu Ao Tian is someone holds grudge and vicious, since he knew the person who attacked his company, Yu Ao Tian has not made his movement because he did not want to act recklessly by offending others Mafia’s groups. It seems the rumor about Yu Ao Tian is real.

“Well, it seems the information is quite fast come to Cong Big Boss, but you have mistaken about one thing.”


He free his hand that touched on Cong Qing Rui’s shoulder and then elegantly he sat down and makeup his neck tie: “Now, my status is businessman, indeed I could not take any revenge without evidence, but…” a pair of his black eyes sharply looked: “My situation, I have evidence, if there is someone dare to kidnap my woman, I don’t even say something, I might be an useless man, do I right?”

At this moment suddenly one of the Xiao Di is rushing inside.

“Cong, Cong Big Boss!”

Cong Qing Rui looked at Yu Ao Tian, “Yu…”

“Oh, don’t be such rushed Cong Big Boss, there still something.”

Cong Qing Rui face stiffens after he saw another Xiao Di rushing inside the living room… “Yu…You?” suddenly he felt his body numb.

“So that little girl really your girlfriend?” his put all his attention to Yu Ao Tian, “Yu Ao Tian, you… after all… you are taking your woman as bait?”


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