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Chapter 920

“Mom Mom I’m back. ” Finally arrived at the door. Little happy rushed into the shop.

Yao Yao, who was cleaning up the shop, looked at her dirty little body, and immediately raised her eyebrows: “little, how can you make it so dirty?”

“Hee hee, because I played football with my children today. So, I soiled my clothes. ”

“Oh, then go and get dressed.”

“Mm-hmm.” A little bit small head, and then smile to the silent black Yan Long: “Dad, I went to change clothes.”

“Small!” Yao Yao immediately pinched his son’s face: “how many times have I told you not to call uncle Long’s father? If you call it that way, no one will marry uncle long!”

“No, I like to be called Uncle Long’s father. Uncle long also likes me to be called his father, right, dad?” The little guy gave the black flaming dragon an eye.

Black Yanlong immediately said he didn’t mind smiling: “it doesn’t matter, Yao Yao.”

“Alas…” Yao Yao sighed helplessly.

So many years, she corrected a small innumerable times, do not call black Yanlong father. But I can’t change that.

She understood her son’s psychology more or less. On the surface, her son never asked about his own father’s whereabouts, but in fact, a sensible son should be very eager for his own father.

Sometimes, she really wants to cheat Xiaoxiao and tell Xiaoxiao that black Yanlong is his father. But on second thought, after that, how can black Yanlong get married?

“Come on, come on, little, change your clothes quickly.”


Finally, Yaoyao put down his dishcloth and walked slowly to the black Yan dragon’s face: “what happened today?” Her charming eyes looked at the black dragon as if they could see through everything.

In the past four years, Yao Yao’s character seems to have no change with that before amnesia. But once this woman meets the serious matter, that belongs to Lando’s character also self-evident bouncing hair.

“I Meet I’m proud of you. ”


at the moment of hearing Yu Aotian’s name, the shackle in Yao Yao’s heart seemed to break in a moment. The memories that are pressing on her heart are constantly emerging in front of her like movies

I remember the first month she arrived here, she found herself pregnant.

Without any doubt, the child in her belly must be proud!

At that moment, she was very happy, just like a gift from heaven, leaving yuaotian, but growing up with yuaotian’s children in her abdomen.


The child in the belly is also a symbol of sin.

Because the moment when she was pregnant with children, it was the day before Yu Aotian and Qi xiner got married.

Therefore, the two moods of sadness and joy constantly afflict Yao Yao. But she took it all as if heaven was watching her. It is also very good to give her and yuaotian’s children, and make her dare not appear in front of yuaotian all her life.

But now

Yuaotian appears here?

She finally calmed her heart for 4 years, and it began to ripple again.

“And then?” Yao Yao asked, pretending to be calm.

“He saw the little one first.”

“See the little one first!”

“Well…” The black fire dragon face did not have the expression to nod. “But I told Yu Aotian that Xiaoxiao is my son.”

“Well. Such an answer Very good. ” Yes, very good.

“But Yu Aotian immediately asked you again. I have told him that I separated from you two years ago. But he still left me the contact information, you To see him? ” Black Yanlong will cheat Yu Aotian to separate from Yao Yao. He doesn’t want them to meet, but he respects Yao Yao’s will more.

Shake your head. “No.” Yao Yao took the business card, even did not see the shredded tear. “If I don’t have his children, maybe I’ll meet him. But… ” Silence.

Black Yanlong understands Yao Yao’s pain.

In the past four years, no one has chased Yaoyao. If there were not black Yanlong, it would have resisted a group of pursuers. I’m afraid that this fashion design shop would have been trampled down. But Yao Yao has never thought about finding a partner. Obviously, she has a sense of being proud.


She left four years ago, first because of K, and second because of yuaotian’s marriage. Yao Yao obviously didn’t want to disturb Yu Aotian’s life. In addition, now that she has yuaotian’s children, she doesn’t want to destroy yuaotian’s family any more.

“Whatever you like. Anyway, I didn’t promise to meet him. I didn’t tell him you were with me. ”

“Oh.” Yao Yao reluctantly shook her head, lowered her eyes, looked at the shredded business card in the garbage can and said, “do you think he will believe it?”

“Well?””If he believes that he is proud of his nature, he will not give you a business card. He should wait for me to consider whether to see him. I’m afraid that if I don’t see him, he will come by himself. Ha ha… ” Yao Yao at the moment, like an old man who can see through everything, comments on everything with deep meaning.

This reminds black Yanlong of his last words when he saw Yu Aotian

“I would have left here tomorrow, but I’d like to stay a few more days for you. I Wait for your call at any time. ”

At that time, he thought this sentence was very wrong. Think about it, he did have some friendship with yuaotian, but he did not bother yuaotian to wait to meet his wife.

Now, combined with the interpretation of Yao Yao.

He finally understood that Yu Aotian was only giving Yao Yao time to think about

“Then what are you going to do?” Since Yao Yao said that he would find her even if she didn’t show up. So I’m afraid that he will come to our house in person tomorrow.

“What can I do. With your ready-made “husband” in, and our children in. I believe that yuaotian will have the same choice as me! ” That is, not disturbing her life. Finish saying, Yao Yao’s mouth corner can’t help but draw a strange smile.

The black Yan dragon immediately rolled a white eye: “I want to be used by you again?”

“Haha, I know. You will promise me.” She ran to the back of black Yanlong and beat his back.

Can black Yan Long say no? For so many years, he has been playing Yao Yao’s shield, and he doesn’t care more this time. But here For the black Yan dragon, it is indeed the most valuable one.

He hoped that because of his own existence, yuaotian would not disturb Yaoyao any more, and Yaoyao would continue to live such a simple and stable life.

“I’m back.” The door of the shop is open. A beautiful little girl came in, her skin is like snow, a goose face is inlaid with a pair of narrow eyes, although she is not old, but she can see that her future is definitely a top big beauty!

“Nini, are you back? Are you tired of learning piano today? ” Yao Yao accompanied the smiling face to the girl’s front, immediately took the girl’s back on the shoulder of a violin.

“Yao Yao, thank you for your concern. I’m not tired at all! ” The girl said without laughing.

Yaoyao immediately raised her eyebrows: “Nini, how can you be so rude. I’m your mother. How can you call me by my name? “


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