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A New Life In High School DXD is a Webnovel completed by Solate.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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The next morning I was out in the courtyard of Yasaka Castle, I told them not to let anyone approach this place

I had something to do, or rather to try

I opened my inventory and took out a black cube along with a small note

Yukio: “Now … This is …” These two things I received just the day I returned from the world of the Fairies.

– Flash Back –

Yukio: “We’re back …” I stretched lazily and planned to go with the girls to my dimension to see the others, but there was something “Uh? What’s that?”

In the distance, I could feel something approaching me with surprising speed, but it was not evil and it was not a living being.

I extended my hand and soon it came towards me standing in my palm floating

They were a black cube and a sheet of paper.

— End Flash Back —

Yukio: “Let’s see the note …”

Note: [h.e.l.lo, if you are reading this it means that you have already returned … I know you can have many questions and I regret not answering them now …

But I leave this gift as a sign of our friendship.

It will be useful, you just have to stick it close to your chest and it will work, tranquility is not bad, trust me

I hope to meet again, I’ve been going for a few years to try to find something in another dimension, when I return, I’ll explain things to you.

Be very careful, in this dimension, there is a very powerful being, although I do not know why he has been hiding for so long (Reference to the beast that was chasing him)

ATT: With a lot of love Ryuta

PD: it’s sad that you never asked me

PD2: I saw some fools who wanted to upset your wife, so I eliminated them, I hope it does not bother you. ]

My face showed a complex expression … What kind of message is this?

Ryuta? Well, I knew I was hiding something from the day I found that strange sword in the room with Irina

Also, his PD1 knew what he was referring to, once I saw him … Well, rather, “She”

Definitely, Ryuta was not a child …

After a while, I realized that everyone saw her as a ‘man’, while for me it was a girl.

I knew that she was not a normal human, but I never wanted to ask, I never noticed bad intentions

I expected her to tell me why it was that.

I left my thoughts and looked at the cube in my hand and used

[Cube of the soul]

-A cube of dark matter created by a smith with divine knowledge.

-Locate it close to your heart and create a weapon with the shape of your soul-

Yukio: “Shape of the soul? … This reminds me a lot of a series, but I do not know …”

I looked both ways, I was alone and maybe I could try

Yukio: “System … What do you think happens?”

System: “The user could acquire more power, as to what would happen in the process that only his soul will decide”

Yukio: “I see …” I smiled and placed it close to my chest “I’ll trust you Ryuta”

But I repented, I soon felt as if my soul was being dragged.

I gritted my teeth and tried to endure the pain, I did not want to scream because I would alert others, I did not want to worry them.

I thought – d.a.m.n Ryuta when you come back, I’ll give you what you owe! –

The cube was buried in my chest, and the pain diminished, instantly a blue gauntlet came around my hand was like Ddgraid

Yukio: “* Sigh * This thing hurts” Touch the glove “Will the mi- UGH !!” Soon the blood slid down my throat

My body started to feel like it was breaking and in my chest, I felt something move wildly

Yukio: “ARHhgg !, what …” The glove soon disappeared, in particular, returning to my chest and the pain worsened

I used my right hand to cover my mouth, the pain was unbearable even if I activated my I would not support it

It was like I broke inside

After a few minutes, everything calmed down and my wounds began to heal, the only thing I heard was the system


System: [Alma successfully connected]

System: [You have combined ‘Dimensional Object’ with ‘Soul Cube’

My conscience turned black and then it was swallowed.

I do not know what had happened, but I opened my eyes to see a blue sky with many clouds.

Yukio: “I came back here …” I do not need to say where I am, this place I knew because sometimes I came here

I got up slowly, I could see that in my right hand I was holding a spear of jet black metal and its blade was totally silver with a line between the gold, it was also surrounded by some white strings.

His appearance left me stunned, it was exactly the same as True Longinus that Cao Cao should now have in his possession.

If so, this weapon would truly be the personification of the weapons in this place.

Use quickly but my expression darkened

[Spear of the abyss]

-A weapon created from the soul of an Abysmal Dragon-

– Souls entrusted to 0/4

-Now empty


-Rank (E)

Yukio: “Souls, do I have to enclose souls in this thing …?” I rubbed my chin, by his name I could see that if he placed powerful souls, maybe it would become something impressive.

What made me laugh the most was his rank, it was not even C which means a weapon worse than the ordinary.

While I was in my thoughts, two really beautiful women had appeared on the scene.

Both girls looked at the young man in front with his loving gaze.

These two girls were Serafin and Satana, who was now known as Lilith e Liana

Lilith / Liana: “Lord Abysmal / Dragonsito ~”

Both women wanted to run to hug him but stopped when they noticed the spear in his hands.

I was in my thoughts I shuddered at the nickname ‘Dragonsito’

I looked at the two girls, I knew them very well, they were my ‘secret’ wives since n.o.body could enter this place but me

Although I always looked at them they were totally beautiful …

(To not explain much, I will leave here Serafin (Lilith) Mirajane (Fairy Tail) only that his eyes are pink with six pairs of angel pink wings on the back)

(Satana (Liana) Karen Jinryou (ore ga ojousama gakkou) only her eyes are golden carrying six pairs of demon wings on her back)

Lilith pointed she finger at the spear “Etto … Where did you get that?”

Yukio: “Actually I do not know, I just know that I made a soul cube merge with the dimensional object … that is, its seal”

Both girls looked at each other and felt happy before approaching and hugging him.

Lilith / Liana “Absorb our souls!!!”

Yukio: “Eh?” I was dumbfounded … The two women saw this and decided to tell me.

After a detailed explanation, they could tell me things.

Yukio: “Let’s see if I understand, if I absorb your souls in this spear, it will activate and you will leave this seal, also if I look for strong bodies capable of maintaining them … Then, they will be reborn with some of my pieces

Both girls nodded and had smiles on their faces.

I did not resist a little for its beauty and I gave them a little kiss on the forehead.

Lilith: “Eh? … Why was that?”

Yukio: “Why are you a beautiful girl?”

She blushed and turned, but Liana had a look of ‘give me more’

She always scared me … Her resistance was incredible and her dark side … Ayy!

Yukio: “Anyway, how do I absorb them?” Change the subject because I did not want to get into trouble.

Liana: “Tsk …” She got upset because she wanted more, but she began to explain “It’s easy, you have to aim your spear towards our hearts and we just have to submit”

Neither girl felt upset, after all, they were his wives and they had already submitted to him.

I nodded and waited for them to line up when I pointed the spear towards Liana

Liana: “I, Liana Hyoudou, I accept being a soul that lives in this weapon from now on, I will be your shield and your faithful servant … MASTER!”

I was surprised by her action, although more than using my last name .. This woman was very direct, I liked that about her

Soon his body became particles entering the spear which vibrated and Lilith began to do the same

After their swearing, both were now in the spear and I had my eyes closed, I was in a s.p.a.ce with a beautiful meadow and a high sky, in addition, there was a small house at the end

Yukio: “Is it place?”

Lilith: “You could call your heart … This is where we inhabit the souls that you absorb”

Liana: “To clarify, it’s not your real heart”

When I said that, I felt something strange … living in my heart? What metaphor is so good

Yukio: “Can I come to see them right?” That was what worried me the most

Lilith smiled at me “Yes, you just have to think about one of us and you will come”

Liana hugged me and became pampered “Why do not you come to see me? Do not you like me?”

I knew what I wanted and I just smiled at him, I gave him a little short kiss on his lips

Yukio: “I’ll come later” Both blushed but nodded and disappeared

Yukio: “There are two, I need four who should …” A smile appeared on my face and then I closed my eyes

I appeared in a dark place with many chains all over the place and I walked for a while before finding what I was looking for

Yukio: “HEY !! Old!!” Shout towards a house on a mountain

Scaron: “DO NOT CALL ME OLD!” A guy with silver hair and golden eyes came out, he looked old but wise he also wore the same mark as me on his forehead in the shape of a black cross

Yukio: “Aha, yes, how about I propose something?

Scaron: “Propose something to me?

I smiled and stretched my arm with a dimensional opening and from there the spear came out.

I wanted to keep it in the inventory, but the system said that my connection with my soul would be lost, causing my death …

Scaron saw the spear strangely before his eyes opened

Yukio: “What do you think? You should know what it’s for”

Scaron pulled out white wings and launched himself forward looking at me

Scaron: “Are you planning to get me out of here? Even if you do, there is no a.s.surance of finding a decent body in this place for me.”

Yukio: “I know, but what about the other dimensions?”

Scaron smiled, it was true in the other dimensions maybe you would have a body even better than yours, after all, it was a dragon of rank True Dragon (Neither The Great Red was enough)

Scaron: “Good boy, I accept but do not make me wait so long, I want to travel the worlds,” he said with a look of wisdom

I smiled and pointed my spear towards his heart.

Scaron: “I, Scaron Hyodou, brother and faithful friend of Yukio, I promise to be your weapon and your shield, to be the soul that guides your spear and to be the source of your power … Master”

He became particles of light entering the spear and smiled at his oath

I thought: “Brothers … Old I see you exactly the same …”

It was true after all we spent years together, he trained me and we talked about what we would do if someday he left here

I left that place when my consciousness returned to my body while still in Yasaka’s courtyard, apparently, my wounds had healed

I looked at the spear in my lap and noticed that its tip was now more silvery than the previous one, which gave it a shine


[Spear Of The Abyss]

-A weapon created by the soul of an Abysmal Dragon, along with three beings of a superior power-

– Souls trusted to 3/4

-Dragonian skills, Demons, Angels

-A weapon capable of killing the true G.o.ds

-Rank (SS)

-State: The user’s body is not fully able to withstand the power, therefore he will have to handle it with care

I smiled, with this spear I felt calmer to the warning of Ryuta

I got up and stretched, I was going back inside to look for Yasaka

Yukio: “Uh, they’ve arrived” I felt the energy of Kuroka and opened a portal to pick up Yasaka and go to meet “It’s time to know how much the world has changed since I left”

— Meanwhile in the ‘Heart of Yukio’

Scaron: “This place looks much better than the previous one … This place will be for me” He said proudly and started moving towards the house further away

Before he could move, he fell to his knees.

Scaron: “Ahh, this …”

He saw two women who were looking at him with a frown, he did not know them, but he felt a familiar smell in them.

Scaron: “Ladies … Will you leave me?” His pride was already hurt to be absorbed and now two women repress him alone with his aura, no doubt they were powerful

He saw that one of the girls had six pairs of pink wings and a halo on her head, while the other had demonic wings with a tail protruding from her back.

Both girls lowered their auras and approached, she what seemed to be an angel spoke.

Lilith: “Sorry for the occasion, you suddenly came to our house … Who are you?”

Scaron: “I am the great dragon of heaven Scaron”

Liana: “Dragon, what? Pff ~” He laughed while Scaron had a look of embarra.s.sment.

Scaron – I should have imagined him with such beings in front of me. I am an ant ..-

Lilith: “Do not laugh, it’s bad manners, in his world he is a supreme being, did you know?”

Scaron regained the sparkle on his face. “Do you know my world?”

Lilith: “Yes, I visited it many years ago, it had very nice areas”

Scaron nodded, it was true that his world was really beautiful and then he asked something.

Scaron: “Can I know what you’re doing here?”

Both girls looked at him confused but Lilith replied “The same as you?”

Scaron: “oh?”

There was a sudden silence and then Scaron processed the information.

Scaron: “Uu … Did you let yourself be sealed by that brat?”

I regret his words when the aura rose again falling to his knees.

Lilith / Liana: “What do you say? / Insult my little dragon?

Scaron suddenly remembered

Scaron -This smell … d.a.m.n it YUKIOOO! – Both were his wives and now I’m here with two of her …

-If I do not die … I swear I’m going to hit you, you d.a.m.n traitor.

//// Author ////

Harem girls







-Rose (A fairy who will soon appear)

— Confirmed





Others to be confirmed.

Please leave t.i.tles about draganes in the comments to choose them

Once chosen, I will name them all …


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