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Read A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality Chapter 1570: Chased Down

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While the middle-aged man was making short work of the Heart Charm being, the green-skinned being was whizzing through the air elsewhere as a transparent blur.

Unless a holy race being were present, no one would be able to detect his presence.

As such, the Dark Green being was feeling relatively relaxed compared to everyone else after parting with the other Spatial Tempering Stage beings, and he was wondering what was in the jade box that had been given to him. According to the big-headed being, there was a good chance that he’d be able to exchange the item in the box for a Myriad Wonder Pill that he had been yearning for for a long time; did that mean that the box contained something even more valuable?

Due to the fact that it was considering these matters, it failed to notice a faint purple shadow pursuing it soundlessly down below. A pair of cold unblinking eyes lurked within the purple shadow, observing his every move.

After a short while, the purple shadow seemed to have gathered all of the visual data it required, and it suddenly shot forth as a purple thread, reaching the spot directly beneath the green-skinned being.

The green-skinned being was leaping through the forest, and the purple thread had timed its move so that it coincided with the instant when the green-skinned being landed next.

An earthshattering boom abruptly rang out from the ground below, following which a pair of large hands that were s.h.i.+mmering with crimson light locked around the green-skinned being’s ankles in a flas.h.!.+

The Dark Green being was naturally given a ma.s.sive fright, but he reacted quite quickly as spiritual light flashed from his body, and he abruptly twisted around as he attempted to escape.

However, the pair of hands around his ankles had caught them in a vice-like grip and absolutely refused to let him go.

A burst of excruciating pain speared up his legs, and he was unable to move even in the slightest. His expression finally changed drastically as he realized the dire nature of his situation, and he immediately opened his mouth to blast forth a burst of white light that struck the wrists connected to those hands in a flash.

A loud metallic clang rang out, and the white light receded as a small sword that was several inches in length was repelled away, leaving not even so much as a single scratch on its target.

The green-skinned being drew a sharp breath as he hurriedly made a hand seal to try and unleash some other kind of powerful ability, but it was already too late.

Following a cold harrumph, a burst of red light erupted from the pair of large hands, instantly enshrouding the green-skinned being’s entire body.

The red light was scorching hot, even melting the nearby soil into a pool of lava!

A bloodcurdling cry instantly rang out, and protective spiritual light flashed around the Dark Green being in a desperate effort to keep him alive, but his body quickly burst into flames.

Meanwhile, close to another forest elsewhere, two Jiao Chi Race Spatial Tempering Stage being were discussing something in quiet voices as they hovered in mid-air.

Four winged wyrms had gone on ahead, circling through the air in a methodical manner as if they were searching for something.

“That being sure is alert; as soon as we approached this place, their aura disappeared. Even the winged wyrms can’t locate them now; this is going to be a little troublesome.” An urgent look appeared on the faces of one of the Jiao Chi beings.

“Don’t worry, that being is of the same cultivation base as you and me. For them to be able to completely conceal their aura like this indicates that they can’t possibly be moving, so they must be hiding nearby. In that case, we’ll just have to play a waiting game. Once our two masters get here, they’ll have nowhere to hide!” the other Jiao Chi being responded with a calm smile.

“I guess that’s the only way to proceed.” The first being could only give a reluctant nod.

Meanwhile, the big-headed being was situated within a nondescript tree in the forest. His brows were rightly furrowed, and he was enveloped in a strange grey cloak that had completely concealed his aura.

Elsewhere, there was a streak of light flying over a set of mountain ranges.

Within the streak of light was a scaled foreign being with the head of a crocodile forging ahead as quickly as he could.

Several kilometers behind him, there were two Jiao Chi Race Spatial Tempering Stage beings flying through the air in a flying carriage that was several tens of feet in size, trailing along in a completely stealthy and discreet manner.

Even further behind the carriage were four winged wyrms, all of which were also flying along in a stealthy manner in order to prevent their target from detecting their presence.

All of the Spatial Tempering Stage beings that had fled from Green Light City were being hunted down by high-grade Jiao Chi beings, and Han Li was no exception.

At this moment, he was hovering high up in the air, looking down below with a hint of surprise in his eyes.

Two winged wyrms were currently circling through the air several hundred feet below him.

It was the first time that he’d seen such strange wyrms, and they’d only arrived here not long ago. They seemed to be adamant that Han Li was in this general vicinity, so they were scouring carefully through the area, but Han Li was still concealed by his High Zenith Invisibility Talisman, so the two wyrms were naturally unable to locate him.

As such, they could only scurry around like headless chickens.

Han Li stroked his chin as he a.s.sessed his surroundings, but failed to notice any other Jiao Chi Race pursuers nearby. Thus, a cold look appeared on his face as he contemplated whether he should kill these two pesky creatures.

The two winged wyrms were only Deity Transformation Stage beings, so they’d be no match for him.

However, he was still less than 1,000 kilometers away from Green Light City at present, and if there really were Body Integration Stage beings conducting surveillance toward this direction with their spiritual sense, then killing these two beasts could expose his location.

After considering the issue for a while, Han Li still shook his head and rid himself of that thought in the end.

Thus, he drifted away, planning to leave the pair of winged wyrms alone.

However, an unexpected turn of events then unfolded.

After flying out for just over 100 feet, purple light suddenly flashed from his body, following which he abruptly lost his invisibility.

The High Zenith Invisibility Talisman just so happened to run out of power at this moment, and this unexpected development came as quite a surprise to Han Li.

In the instant, that his body was revealed, both of the winged wyrms immediately looked up and caught sight of him.

The two beasts instantly let loose a collective cry of elation before flapping their wings and hurtling directly toward Han Li.

Han Li’s expression darkened upon seeing this, and he made a hand seal as a loud thunderclap erupted behind him, following which a pair of glittering and translucent wings appeared on his back.

He looked down at the oncoming winged wyrms and let loose a cold harrumph.

The harrumph wasn’t particularly loud, but to the winged wyrms, they felt as if a thunderclap had erupted right inside their ear cavities.

Both of them were immediately struck by a splitting headache, and they let loose howls of agony in unison before plummeting straight downward.

At this moment, Han Li flapped his wings and instantly disappeared as an arc of azure lightning.

In the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted beneath one of the winged wyrms, and Han Li abruptly reappeared. He swiped a hand through the air toward this winged wyrm, and a streak of azure sword Qi shot forth before revolving around the wyrm’s body, instantly slicing it in half.

Even its soul had been completely destroyed in the process.

Han Li then twisted around and disappeared once again as an azure thread.

In the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted beside the other winged wyrm, following which Han Li revealed himself again.

He pressed a pristine white palm gently onto the winged wyrm’s body, and a burst of five-colored flames fanned out in a ferocious torrent, instantly freezing it into a chunk of five-colored ice.

Immediately thereafter, golden light flashed from his five fingers, and several arcs of golden lightning struck the block of ice in unison.

The winged wyrm was completely pulverized along with the block of ice as a result, but a ball of green light attempted to escape from the wyrm’s shattered remains, only to also be destroyed by a bolt of golden lightning.

Thus, Han Li had slain the two winged wyrms in virtually the blink of an eye.

However, he didn’t have time to stand around and appreciate his own handiwork. Instead, he immediately flew into the distance as a streak of azure light, making no further attempt to conceal himself.

If there were no Body Integration Stage beings among his pursuers, then no one would be able to catch up to him.

If there were such beings among their ranks, then he’d most likely drawn their attention already, so the High Zenith Invisibility Talisman wouldn’t do him any good. As such, it was best to focus on speed rather than stealth.

In the instant that the two winged wyrms were felled, the middle-aged man and the elderly man from the Jiao Chi being both looked from their respective locations, casting their gaze toward Han Li’s direction in unison.

There was a pile of random stuff strewn all over the ground before the elderly man’s feet and a jade box in his hand.

His eyes narrowed slightly as a contemplative look appeared on his face.

However, moments later, he abruptly swept a sleeve through the air, and the pile of items at his feet disappeared amid a flash of light along with the jade box in his hand.

After that, he rose into the air and flew toward Han Li’s direction as a streak of red light.

Meanwhile, due to the fact that the middle-aged man had slain his target quite early, he was already flying toward another direction.

He was still rather hesitant about whether he should turn around and pursue Han Li instead, but he shook his head in the end and continued along his original route. However, he was suddenly flying significantly faster than before.

He was already quite close to the other target, so he naturally wasn’t going to turn around to hunt down Han Li instead. He was planning to take care of the nearby target first before turning around to pursue Han Li.

Thus, only one of the two most powerful Jiao Chi beings had set off in pursuit of Han Li.

Flying with all their might, the speed of beings of this caliber was truly incredible.

Only around seven to eight minutes after Han Li had slain the winged wyrms and fled the scene, his expression suddenly changed slightly as he shot a glance behind him.

There in the distance, a streak of red light was hurtling directly toward him.

The streak of red light was able to cover over 1,000 feet in just a single flash, and it was flying around twice as fast as Han Li was.

Blue light flashed through Han Li’s eyes, allowing him to spot a humanoid figure within the red light.

He then swept his spiritual sense toward his pursuer, and his heart sank ever so slightly.

It really was a Body Integration Stage being! Thankfully, he only appeared to be at the early-Body Integration Stage. Even if he couldn’t win this battle, escaping would definitely be no issue for him.

With that in mind, Han Li reverted back to his usual calm expression again.


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