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Read A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality Chapter 35 – Theft of Secret Manuals

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality is a web novel completed by Wang Yu (忘语).
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Chapter 35: Theft of Secret Manuals

On an afternoon ten days after their agreement, Han Li sneaked out of G.o.d Hand Valley in order to meet Li Feiyu.

In actuality, Han Li couldn’t have snuck out even if he tried. Doctor Mo was aware of Han Li’s every movement and simply let Han Li move with unrestricted freedom.

The amount of freedom he was granted initially caused Han Li to be suspicious of Doctor Mo’s intentions, but after leaving the valley several times without detecting any signs of his movements being tracked, Han Li began to feel relieved. Rea.s.sured, he continued to carry out his own plans within G.o.d Hand Valley.

After a long period of deliberation, Han Li gradually deduced the reason why Doctor Mo granted him so much freedom:

Doctor Mo had been patient and accommodated Han Li’s needs because it was in his best interest to do so.

Although Doctor Mo used his two trumpcards, the Insect Corpse Pill as well as the lives of his family, to threaten Han Li, he knew that such methods would not be able to fully control his disciple. Han Li would only feel vengeance in his heart, thus causing his cultivation progress to be half-hearted. Therefore, if Doctor Mo did not restrict Han Li’s freedom, Han Li would no longer feel as oppressed or have a shadow over his heart. After all, even though Doctor Mo wanted Han Li to cultivate the Eternal Spring Arts, there was no way he could tie Han Li up and forced him to cultivate at knifepoint.

After Han Li deduced the reason, his guts got bigger and bigger. In the past, he would try his best to sneak out of the valley, without alerting Doctor Mo. But now, he would just swaggering walk out of the valley.

On the surface, Han Li seemed not to be affected by Doctor Mo’s hidden surveillance, but in reality, he was extremely cautious to not reveal what he was scheming..

After he walked out of the valley, Han Li activated his Eternal Spring Arts, causing his perception to rise to an unearthly level. His heightened perception could accurately register any living being within a radius of about thirty meters.

Han Li believed that even if Doctor Mo was secretly watching him, there was no way Doctor Mo could escape from being detected.

Although Han Li knew that it was impossible for him to win in a direct confrontation against Doctor Mo, he was confident that his five senses surpa.s.sed Doctor Mo’s own senses.

After walking for some time, Han Li cautiously entered their previous hiding spot where he and Li Feiyu had enjoyed the refres.h.i.+ng bath earlier.

The moment he entered, Han Li noticed that Li Feiyu had already arrived and was sitting next to the pond.

Li Feiyu had lowered his head, observing his bare legs soaking in the cooling water pond. “Pu tong” “Pu tong” He kicked his legs above the surface of the water, causing the pond to be disturbed by small waves. Li Feiyu lost himself in the excitement of his unusually childish actions.

When Li Feiyu heard the sound of Han Li entering, he did not even turn his head and complained straight away. ”Junior Disciple Han, you are getting more and more late to our meetings, making me wait more than half a day every time. Can’t you try to arrive earlier?”

“Sorry, I…” Han Li flicked the mud stains off his robes as he tried to explain more.

“Catch this.”

Li Feiyu did not wait for Han Li to finish his explanations before tossing a large bundle towards him.

“What is this? Is this something delicious?” Han Li asked, but after grabbing the bundle, he could feel the hard and unyielding objects stored inside. They didn’t seem like food that could be eaten.

“You only know how to eat! Didn’t you want me to get for you the manual for Blinking Sword Art?” Li Feiyu glared at Han Li.

“What? This is a sword manual? Are you sure you are not mistaken? Did you accidentally grab a stone from your backyard?” Han Li hoist up the huge bundle. An expression of disbelief could be seen in his face.

“So heavy!” Han Li exerted his strength to hoist the bundle, but it was so heavy that he fell over.

“HAHA!” Li Feiyu began to laugh wildly, unable to suppress it any longer. He rolled on the ground, laughing his a.s.s off in childish glee.

Han Li suspiciously glanced at Li Feiyu before staring at the huge bundle once again.


A sound rang out as he kicked the huge bundle. It seemed like there really was a book wrapped inside.

No longer paying attention to Li Feiyu, he squatted besides the large bundle and used his hands to feel what was inside.

He quickly stopped. Wasting time to guess the contents of the bundle was an extremely foolish action.

A pair of clean, white palms grasped the complicated knot of the bundle. Using all of his fingers, he forced the knot open.

Pa pow!

The crisp sound of clapping hands rang out.

Han Li did not immediately opened the bundle. Instead, he turned his head and stared at his “evil”, laughing friend, Li Feiyu.

It was unknown when, but Li Feiyu had already stopped laughing and put on his shoes.

Currently, he was furiously clapping his hands while cheering for Han Li, oblivious to the pain from his red-tinged palms.

“Excellent! Every time I see you execute the ‘Silk Wrapping Palms’, I find it incredible. That technique seems to have been designed for you alone! Since the time that I taught to you, only a span of two months has pa.s.sed.” Li Feiyu continued clapping his hands and praising Han Li.

“Don’t tell me that in order to see me demonstrating that technique, you purposely tied a convoluted knot on such a large bundle?” asked Han Li, slightly agitated.

“Of course not. Once you open the bundle, you’ll understand.” Li Feiyu smiling countenance suddenly turned serious.

Curious and bewildered as to why Li Feiyu would suddenly speak with such a tone, Han Li cast his gaze onto the bundle once more.

He deliberated for a moment before stretching his index finger and middle finger, lightly grasping the edge of the item inside the bundle, and dragging the hidden item out in the open.

“This is…” Beads of sweat appeared on Han Li head as his two eyes almost popped out of their socket

“How is it? Are you shocked?” Li Feiyu slowly walked towards Han Li, patting him on his shoulder.

At a loss for words, Han Li stiffly turned his body, and looked straight at Li Feiyu.

“Why are you looking at me with that expression? There’s no way I’ll marry you, alright?” Li Feiyu laughingly teased Han Li.

After hearing Li Feiyu’s words, Han Li cleared his mind.

“I want to make it clear between us! From this moment on, I don’t know you, nor have you met me before.” Han Li’s voice got louder in intensity as he roared furiously.

“I don’t know if my vision is blurry or if you’ve gone insane! You actually stole half of the Seven Supreme Division’s secret manuals?! If you’re discovered, both of us will suffer a fate worse than death!” As he hollered at Li Feiyu, Han Li pointed his finger at the pile of secret manuals in front of him.

On the top left hand corner of the manuals were several characters written in gold:

“Seven Supreme Division, Secret Library”


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