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A Sorcerer’s Journey is a web novel completed by Flying White Egrets, 一行白鹭上青天.
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There were three parts of his most vivid memories that Grimm could still remember from Black Isotta Sorcerer Academy.First, without a doubt would be Grimm’s little experimental lab during his sorcerer-apprentice time. Second, it would be the quote, “Grant me infinite knowledge, and I shall be as a fulcrum to move the endless world.” It was a quote engraved on a worn stone tablet near the back entrance of the academy pointing toward the direction of the Jewel Sea. Third, it would be the 79th floor of Black Isotta.Black Isotta had 101 floors.The sorcerer-apprentice lived from the 8th floor up to the 80th floor, while low-level sorcerers shared the living s.p.a.ce at the lower level which was more s.p.a.cious. Sorcerers that were on the higher levels would occupy the levels alone.Master Peranos, who ranked after Dean Rock Sword, of Black Isotta Sorcerer Academy, had occupied the entire 79th floor as his own giant experimental lab and it was also his private chambers.…After some quick registration, Grimm was left behind with an owl, which was the guardian of the academy.Indeed…The guardians of the academy were merely a bunch of Soul Slaves under the great Stigmata Sorcerers.Grimm did not rush toward his destination. Instead, he took a stroll around the academy which was filled with his past memories, while glancing around and trying to search for glimpses of moments of his time there. The academy had not changed much although two hundred years had already pa.s.sed.From all the ruthless killings and rounds of cruel elimination, Sorcerer-apprentices who walked around had slowly developed the image of a Dark Sorcerer. They were highly defensive and independent, while their gaze was cold and emotionless.A few Sorcerer-apprentices who were shocked by Grimm’s presence immediately stopped by the road to humbly greet him before they slowly left and continued on with their business.With that being said, they should not be blamed for the shocked reaction as they could hardly meet any Dark Sorcerers in the academy who would behave in such a ‘relaxed’ manner.Grimm took a few slow steps and arrived at the entrance of his past living place, a little experimental lab. The entrance had now been replaced with another magical restriction, and he could slowly sense an unfamiliar presence in the house.”I hope that you would be able to complete your own initial stage of becoming a sorcerer in this little house.”Grimm silently wished the new owner of the little house. From the look of his eyes under his mask, it could be seen that he did not leave any fond emotions anymore. He turned around toward another direction.He stopped for a while in front of the Tower of Ruins and felt a resistance force of nature’s energy.It was the absolute control of natural energy that was left by the Stigmata Sorcerers from Black Isotta that seemed to be restricting the official sorcerers who came later from entering.

The gra.s.s still grew tall in the yard making the entire place seem as if it was a totally different world. A creepy cold breeze could even be felt from the desolate yard although it was broad daylight.”Black Isotta seems to be much stronger when compared to Tomb Segja…”To Grimm, the existence of the Stigmata Sorcerers was mightily unreachable. It was not unlike a sorcerer-apprentice who looked up to sorcerers who were Level 1 and Level 3.However, deep down in his heart, he knew what Master Peranos had described was true. Black Isotta was a rare Level 6 Stigmata Sorcerer in the entire sorcerer world, and was also equipped with concretized mental strength from the Tower of Ruins…Indeed, doc.u.mented books would describe that the level difference between Stigmata Sorcerers would not represent a difference in absolute power. However, Grimm felt that there was a difference gap as large as a generation between Tomb Segja and Black Isotta!Grimm paused his steps for a moment before he continued to move forward. He had now reached the place where it was once The Death Sail League’s headquarters. Grimm looked at the crowd of sorcerer-apprentices who moved around and also the changed structure of the building. He let out a satisfied smile under his mask, “It seemed like The Death Sail League organization’s inheritance has been successful. It remains in Black Isotta Sorcerer Academy.”All of the little houses of Lefay, Robinson, and Robin were filled with the presence of unfamiliar breath. All these except for Nina York’s. Although it was unoccupied, Grimm was unexpectedly able to sense a familiar breath similar to one that he had in his blurred memories!Grimm’s Canine Olfactory was able to sense and confirm that it was indeed Nina York’s breath!A sorcerer-apprentice could only remain in the sorcerer academy for a hundred years. After that, the senior sorcerer-apprentices would be sent by the academy to other areas to perform their duties and guard the area. For every decade, the academy would pick on a new batch of qualified sorcerer-apprentice to join the academy.It was the reason why Grimm could not confirm whether his peers had died or they have been qualified as an official sorcerer. There was no sense of their breaths at all in the small houses.At the very least, even if they had not qualified as an official sorcerer, they would still probably be left with 20-30 years of lifespan, and Grimm might still have a chance to meet them. This was provided they had ‘Diaphania’ as their Symbiotic Insect.However, Nina’s house was left with her breath that was still recent, perhaps…She had indeed succeeded in becoming an official sorcerer, or perhaps she stayed and started teaching in Black Isotta Sorcerer Academy?Grimm felt a great sense of disbelief. During those days, she was an innocent little girl who had switched all of her sorceries into ancillary sorceries and relied on her elder brother to survive; did she really make it in becoming an official sorcerer?Well, what about Lefay, Robinson, and Robin…Grimm shook his head to remind himself to control his emotions. He had things that were more important to resolve and these things could be delayed for a day or two.He reconsidered his priorities and calmed himself down. He then headed directly toward the center tower of the academy – Black Isotta.Although the magical tool shops on the first level of the tower had undergone major changes, Grimm was still able to quickly locate Fatty’s shop that he had always visited during those days. He gingerly walked into the shop.”Honorable Master, how may I help you?”There was a young and beautiful girl that had curvy body features, attractive eyes, a straight-edged nose, and wavy dark brown colored long hair. She quickly attended to Grimm when she saw him. To her, he was an unknown sorcerer that entered the shop.”Haha, Master, is it her? Is it her?”Lord Myna joined the conversation with huge antic.i.p.ation while jumping on Grimm’s shoulder excitedly.Grimm ignored both Myna and the girl who secretly admired the beautiful and rounded Myna and looked at him eager longing. He browsed around the shop and noticed a fragrance of Love Vials being displayed on the front desk. He asked in a deep voice, “Are you from the Purple Tulip family?”The girl was shocked and looked at Grimm. She replied carefully, “Yes.””Hmm.”Grimm nodded and gave a reply to the terrified the little girl, “Where’s d.i.c.kens?””Eh…my grandfather pa.s.sed away in a family-owned pavilion 95 years ago. Do you know him, Master?” The little girl felt disbelief. It seemed that this stranger sorcerer must have not been here for more than 150 years and it was because her grandfather had already returned to her family’s hinterland 150 years ago.”Oh…that Fatty has already pa.s.sed away for 150 years?”Grimm murmured to himself in a tone that could barely be heard and looked at the little girl. However, he could not find any similarities with the Fatty that he had seen before. He then nodded and left.Perhaps, all his peers during the past had exhausted their ‘short moment of life’ without leaving any signs behind, just like what had happened to Fatty.Those Marionette Guards on the 8th floor recognized Grimm’s Soul Breath and did not stop him from entering.He did not plan to notify Master Peranos via crystal communication, so he flew to the 79th floor and arrived silently at the doorstep.Before entering, Grimm felt nervous as he carefully tidied up his robe to look neat. He held his breath and tried to look as energetic as possible. ‘Knock! Knock! Knock!’ He then knocked on the door.”Who is it?”After a short while, the door opened with a squeak.Grimm saw a familiar face that had aged quite a lot. With a toothpick held in the mouth of the person, he could feel the closeness and warmth of his breath. He was excited to speak, however…”Oh, you’re back…”Master Peranos was unexpectedly calm; certainly not the reaction that Grimm expected. The hug that Grimm had been preparing also disappeared in vain.”Eh… aren’t you excited about my return, Master?” Grimm asked Master Peranos after he had entered into the house that he was already familiar with.Grimm was curious about Master Peranos’ cold reaction, the one who once taught him everything and treated him as if he were his own son. Master Peranos sat on the couch and was visibly surprised by Grimm’s question. “Wasn’t it just a bit more than 200 years, there were only two batches of students that were just sent out from here and after some quick calculations, I had already expected that it was about time for your return if you did not die in the foreign world. Why should I be surprised then?”Master Peranos paused for a while when a realization finally struck him, “Oh…now I know, it is your Life Consciousness that has yet to advance to the standard of an official sorcerer. You have remained in limbo in the duration between a sorcerer-apprentice and an official sorcerer, not knowing where to stand. It is alright, for your Life Consciousness will be refined and you will truly become an official sorcerer once you have freed yourself from the bindings of the relations.h.i.+p problems that you had when you were still a sorcerer-apprentice.”As Master Peranos continued his sentence, he pa.s.sed over a cup of hot tea which was very rich in flavor.”Eh…seems like it.” Grimm took over the tea and agreed albeit feeling slightly embarra.s.sed.Suddenly, an excited yell could be heard from the door of another lab, “Yo! Grimm you’re back! What’s this on your shoulder…? Ah! You even brought me a wild delicacy!”Grimm was shocked as he saw a black cat that walked toward him slowly. With deep green eyes, it licked around its lips and stared hard at Grimm’s shoulder.”Huh?”Myna looked around as he stood on top of Grimm’s shoulder, and ruffled its feathers. It exclaimed in puzzlement, “Wild…delicacy?!”


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