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Chapter 595: Sorcerer General Meeting

The magic lamps swayed, it was not bright, and it felt mysterious.

It was not because of the light from the magic lamps in the wide hall, there were ten or more magic lamps with bright lights in all directions, but because of the elemental turbulence mist caused by the thousands of Sorcerers gathered in the hall, the rays from the lights had been covered.

“This is Great Master Grimm, the newcomer?”

Beside Grimm’s elemental chair, a Sorceress with a delicate grey squirrel on her shoulders came over with respect, and asked Ezma, with her big eyes s.h.i.+ning delicately, her puffy and smooth cheeks with two small round dimples on each side, looking really sweet when she smiled.

The small squirrel jumped onto Grimm’s shoulder, and gifted a big pinecone it was holding with its small paws to Little Myna. Little Myna, with an arrogant att.i.tude, took two bites of it casually, and his eyes shone suddenly.

Ezma answered the Sorceress, “That’s right, this is Master Peranos’ student that he’s the proudest of, Sorcerer Grimm, he’s also the person that single-handedly killed that Level-2 Sorcerer who was good with dark element concealment, he is currently a Demon-Hunter Sorcerer of the Holy Tower of Seven Rings.”

“The Holy Tower of Seven Rings’ Demon-Hunter Sorcerer?”

This Level-2 Sorceress showed a slightly surprised expression, smiled and said, “I’m Neeran, I got an invitation from Master Udon a hundred and fifty years ago to join the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy, I serve as a lecturer teaching Sorcerer-Apprentices basic elemental knowledge, I heard that Master Peranos has a.s.signed you to the elemental knowledge education department, it seems like we’ll be working together for the next few years.”

Under the Mask of Truth, Grimm’s eyes, full of wisdom, observed this Sorceress, and the Sorceress s.h.i.+vered, feeling as if she had almost been pierced through by his gaze, Grimm then s.h.i.+fted his gaze.

“Great Master Neeran must be the Sorceress in the academy who excels in concealment that brother Ezma mentioned before, it’s an honor to meet you.”

Grimm nodded his head out of courtesy, and said with a smile.

Neeran seemed a bit curious and challenged him, “It seems like the great master’s perception and concealment abilities are already at quite a high level, then…”

Before Neeran could finish her sentence, Grimm suddenly shook his head, “If the Great Master Neeran continues to sit on one’s shoulder, I’m afraid that that Sorcerer over there is going to come over here.”

It would seem that the Sorceress Neeran was actually a Sorceress that was good at transfiguration sorcery, the small squirrel on Grimm’s shoulder was her real body, while the Sorceress sitting on the elemental chair was her soul partner.


Little Myna, beside the squirrel, went blank for a moment, his eyes were wide open as he saw the small squirrel slowly transforming into a mini version of the Sorceress, hugging a pinecone.

As for the Sorcerer that Grimm mentioned, he was also a Level-2 Sorcerer, and he had to be her lover or was married to Neeran, because ever since Neeran had transformed into a squirrel and jumped onto Grimm’s shoulder, that Sorcerer had been inadvertently glancing over for about eleven times.

“Such powerful perception abilities Great Master Grimm, it seems that the three great concealment Sorcerers from the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy for this academy war will need to rely on Great Master Grimm now.”

After saying so, Neeran covered her mouth and laughed, “Oh, it’s two great concealment Sorcerers now, one has already been defeated by the great master.”

About the three great concealment Sorcerers from the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy, Grimm had heard Master Peranos talk about it before, it was high cla.s.s information that was obtained by the spies sent by the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy after the two academies officially went to war with each other, the three concealment Sorcerers from the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy were frequently stationed at and ambushed the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy all year round!

These three Sorcerers had high level concealment sorcery knowledge, two Level-2 Sorcerers, one Level-3 Great Sorcerer, sometimes they trailed and Sorcerer-Apprentices or low-level Sorcerers that had left the academy to carry out tasks, and people in the academy were very afraid!

Just thinking about the three opposing Sorcerers that were hiding within the academy that would ambush at any time, some low-level Sorcerers or Sorcerer-Apprentices that were leaving the academy to carry out tasks could not help but feel chills crawling down their spines.

The next Sorcerer-Apprentice enrolment, that happened once every ten years, was about a year away now, the position that Peranos had a.s.signed to Grimm was an academy lecturer which was just a facade.

The second hidden aim was actually for Grimm to find the other two concealment Sorcerers!

After one year, during the Sorcerer-Apprentice enrolment period that happened once every ten years that was regulated by the Holy Tower, the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy would definitely attack the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy, the academy would be forced to gather most of their Sorcerer power to protect the Mana Pool, and so if they were not willing to give up gathering new blood, the academy would undoubtedly be forced to send a small group of Sorcerers to ambush some of the cities under the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy’s control.

The last academy war had demonstrated that, if they did not eliminate the concealment Sorcerers that were hidden in the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy, the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy might not be able to obtain any Sorcerer-Apprentice fresh blood once again.

That was why Grimm had accepted such an important task, this was the chance for the Hydra Wrath Academy to turn the tides to be able to keep challenging each other and wait for a chance for victory.

At the centre of the ring-shaped high table, twenty or more Level-3 Great Sorcerers were seated on top, looking down at the low-level Sorcerers everywhere.

“We have already gathered precise information, during the new round of Sorcerer-Apprentice enrolment period in a year’s time, the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy will launch a second attack, the academy Sorcerers would then be forced to face the confrontation extensively, and it would also be harder for us this year to gather new Sorcerer-Apprentices this year.”

Master Deidarion’s face looked a lot more shrivelled, that flowing long black hair from before had withering signs.

Did he get wounded?

Or was his life as an official Sorcerer coming to an end?

He remembered Master Peranos used to roughly mention that Master Deidarion was about seven or eight thousand years old, it was considered a long life for an average Sorcerer under normal circ.u.mstances.

Even though, speaking theoretically, official Sorcerers could live up to ten thousand years, in a practical situation, be it from failing to evolve or from some kind of wound, it would affect the Sorcerer’s lifespan, only a miniscule number of Sorcerers could last until the end of ten thousand years.

After Deidarion, Peranos continued on, “Time stands with us! This academy was once nothing, and it has become something in just a few hundred years, but the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy already has tens of thousands of years of history, if we can get through this most difficult time, then we will succeed in catching the attention of those that have yet to notice us, the scale of victory will slowly tilt toward us!”

And then, Peranos sneered.

“After all, what we need is peaceful development, ending the war for the Hydra Wrath Academy means victory, this is also the mainstream law of the Sorcerers World. As for the other party’s aim, which is to defeat us all, them achieving victory is a hundred times harder!”

“Seven hundred and twelve Twin-Headed Snake Academy Guardians died from the last battle, there are still two thousand two hundred mature ones, two hundred twenty one younglings, and seven hundred eighty four mechanical marionette worker ants of the Sorcerer Tower defense left, the soldier ant level…”

Udon and the other academy deans started to speak in order, carrying out the arrangements for the preparation of the academy war.


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