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Read A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return Chapter 74 – Snubbed Everywhere

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Read WebNovel A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return Chapter 74 – Snubbed Everywhere

Chapter 74: Snubbed Everywhere

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

She stopped watching the news and focused on her own things.

That day, Sister Mai Na and her a.s.sistant, Wei Wei, accompanied her to the television station for the publicity shoot.

The beer-bellied person-in-charge politely spoke as he rubbed his hands together awkwardly. “My apologies, Sister Mai Na and Miss Ye. The shoot has been canceled, weren’t you two informed by the staff members?”

“Canceled? Why?” asked Sister Mai Na as she frowned.

“Well…” The person-in-charge glanced at Xia Ling as he feigned helplessness. “The matter involving Miss Ye has blown up. Considering our reputation and viewers.h.i.+p, we have decided to find someone else for this, so…”

“Who is it?” Xia Ling cut him off coldly.

“Of course, it’s Xiao Yu.” Covered in a suit and leather shoes, Chu Chen gracefully walked out from the recording studio with confidence. He turned sideways, allowing a girl in a flowered-crochet dress to pa.s.s through, acting like a gentleman. Indeed, it was Xia Yu.

“We meet again, Ye Xingling.” Xia Yu was always meek and gentle in front of others, appearing as pure as an angel. However, she could hardly conceal her c.o.c.kiness and gloating as she let out a slight smirk.

Xia Ling stepped forward.

At that moment, Xia Yu turned pale and retreated in fright, tugging at Chu Chen’s sleeve. Almost immediately, Chu Chen, her a.s.sistants, and her bodyguard formed a protective s.h.i.+eld around Xia Yu, staring at Xia Ling coldly and menacingly, as though she was the enemy.

“Were you planning on striking her?” Chu Chen’s cold voice rang throughout the corridor.

Oncoming pa.s.sersby shot glances at Xia Ling, pointing fingers at her.

Once again, Xia Ling had underestimated those cunning b.i.t.c.hes and was placed in an unfavorable situation. She only wanted to settle things calmly, yet Xia Yu could play the victim in a split second.

She was about to lose her temper when Sister Mai Na s.h.i.+elded her from the others.

“Chu Chen, openly s.n.a.t.c.hing our shoot after resorting to underhand means for publicity? I can sue you!”

“Go ahead,” Chu Chen replied in a civil manner.

“Let’s go!” Sister Mai Na was almost exploding with anger as she left with Xia Ling and Wei Wei hastily.

Back to the nanny van.

“Simmer down, Sister Mai Na, holding in your anger is not good for the body,” said Wei Wei cautiously.

The anger faded from Sister Mai Na’s face and was replaced with a cold, frosty look. “I am not as angry as I look, Wei Wei.” She sounded calm as she stared deeply into the television station’s direction.

“What? Then why did you…?” she asked, stunned.

“I behaved that way so that we can appear to be at the end of our rope, then they would let their guard down.” Sister Mai Na explained. “Only then our follow-up plan can proceed smoothly. But…” She paused and turned to Xia Ling. “Xiao Ling, what kind of foul temper did you just display? Why are you so easily provoked? What were you planning to do if I didn’t step in just now?”

“Slap her face,” Xia Ling replied honestly.

Wei Wei was astounded. Why would Sister Xiao Ling dare to do that when she was already the talk of the town in a bad way?

Troubled, Sister Mai Na rubbed her temples. Gosh, who does this little girl think she is? It is one thing to be able to stand up for herself, but this temper of hers… “You… forget it, let’s go to the next shoot.” She stopped herself as she was too tired to go on about it.

“I reckon the next shoot will be canceled as well,” said Xia Ling calmly.

Since Chu Chen had already s.n.a.t.c.hed one shoot from them, he definitely would not stop there. They were old partners in her previous life and she knew his ways like the back of her palm. He was all in or nothing. With that, she speculated that her other shoots were already claimed by him. Considering she was in the teeth of public’s criticism, the public companies couldn’t wait to terminate their contracts with her.

“These people are too much! Even if Sister Xiao Ling is not in favor with the public now, which celebrity hasn’t been criticized by the public? They could wait till the matter has blown over, then release the recordings. How could all of them forsake her? What terrible people they are!”

“What you said is true, but this time it’s different. The Diva, Xia Ling, is involved.”

Xia Ling silently nodded in agreement. It was not that she was narcissistic, but “Xia Ling” had been crowned as a G.o.ddess since her death. With her death, Xia Ling had become a legend and the representative of perfection. If anyone dared to speak ill of her, everyone would be at their heels. Furthermore, apparently this time she had hurt Xia Ling’s “sickly little sister.”

“What should we do then?” Wei Wei panicked.

“We should go to the next venue to take a look,” said Xia Ling. She had to personally confirm the situation even with her speculations. She had planned to keep those people who had abandoned her in her time of need in mind. These people would not even get the slightest chance to work with her in future when she gained popularity, even if they came to her crying and begging!

“Yes, let’s go. I’m really curious to hear what they will say,” said Sister Mai Na coldly.

Upon arrival at the second shooting venue, Sister Mai Na asked Xia Ling to stay in the car. She felt that Xia Ling, being a celebrity, ought to be treated with respect instead of getting snubbed and rejected by others and that it was the manager’s and a.s.sistant’s duty to so such depressing things.

Xia Ling watched silently, filled with grat.i.tude.

Third company, the fourth company…

A total of four companies, including two advertising agencies, had canceled “Ye Xingling’s” shoot. The two even took it a step further by claiming that they would go bankrupt as Ye Xingling was a sales flop.

Sister Mai Na swallowed all the insults and returned to the nanny van as though nothing had happened. Smiling, she told Xia Ling that would be more chances in future. However, being a novice, Wei Wei could not hide her anger. Her expression and slightly red eyes told Xia Ling what happened.

Conscience-stricken, Xia Ling started to feel a little down. It was one thing to suffer from others’ insults, but to implicate others around her was another matter entirely.

As they arrived at Xia Ling’s condo, Sister Mai Na remained unaffected by what happened earlier. “I’m giving you a break. Rest well for a few days, things will get busier in future,” she said, smiling.

Xia Ling returned the smile and nodded before bidding goodbye to her and Wei Wei.

As she reached her condo, she could no longer keep up the facade. She grew weary and was laden with sorrow.

Just as Xia Ling was about to switch on the lights, a deep and attractive voice gave her a shock. “Hey, Little Beauty, it has only been a few days since I last saw you. This looks really unlike you.”

“Boss? What are you doing here?” she asked as she got a clear view of the man on the sofa.

His tall and symmetrical body was reclined on the fabric sofa with Er Mao napping beside his feet. With a tilted head and a gla.s.s of red wine in hand, he revealed his white and s.h.i.+ny teeth with a huge smile. “I have settled my business in Manhattan, so I’m here to visit you. I brought a bottle of red wine, some fruits and some little stuff for you.”

In actual fact, he had deliberately shortened his trip after receiving Tan Ying’s report. He was worried about her and wanted to be by her side during such a difficult time. However, he did not tell her the truth as it would be an embarra.s.sment to speak the words.

“Boss, do whatever you want.” Li Lei had already treated her house as though it was his and she couldn’t be bothered to complain anymore. “I’ll go practice,” she said as she walked past him dazedly towards the workroom.

She could no longer keep up a happy face. All she wanted was to be alone and lick her wounds in private.

However, he said, “Come, I’ll bring you somewhere.”


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