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Read A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return Chapter 851 – Luo Luo’s Input

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Chapter 851: Luo Luo’s Input

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Xia Ling’s voice reverberated on stage. It was heavenly and elegant like the sound of nature.

Everyone watching her live broadcast was mesmerized as if they were enchanted by something mysterious. Gradually, they realized that she had surpa.s.sed Zheng Chenhao by many levels because, in their eyes, Zheng Chenhao no longer existed. Even when Zheng Chenhao sang, their eyes were fixed on Xia Ling’s movements, antic.i.p.ating her singing voice and admiring her G.o.ddess-like stance.

In their hearts, she was a G.o.ddess.

As for Zheng Chenhao? He was nothing. As a heavenly king, he was probably a clown behind her horse.

Zheng Chenhao was completely suppressed by Xia Ling on the same stage.

He was horrified to find out that he couldn’t keep up with her rhythm. Her whistle notes were so beautiful, bright, and unparalleled that he didn’t even know how to make his transition natural. His face went red. After using all the skills he learned in his life, he dejectedly realized that the gap between him and this woman was enormous.

She couldn’t be beaten.

Just like the late Xia Ling from Imperial Entertainment, she was untouchable at the pinnacle.

In front of her, he was just humble dust on the ground.

Zheng Chenhao gradually lost his cool and started to break out in cold sweat. Looking at the darkness below the crowd, the fans were holding fluorescent banners, and all of them had Ye Xingling’s name on them. Even his fans did not raise banners of him out of embarra.s.sment or forgetfulness.

He was in a mess and his singing became worse than before.

“What happened to Zheng Chenhao?” In the background, the producers started whispering. “It’s said that his singing level is not that bad, why is he singing like this? In the future, he probably won’t be able to lift his head in front of Ye Xingling.”

Another producer said, “You probably have not cooperated with Ye Xingling before. Her terrifying ability to suppress her opponent is not any worse than Xia Ling’s. How many people is she able to share the spotlight with? I really almost believe that she’s the reincarnation of Xia Ling.” Most of these people heard about the gossip about Xia Ling’s reincarnation and felt that this may not be completely false.

The producer who spoke first looked at him. “Really?”

Another producer said, “Why would I lie to you? I have worked with Brother Feng before and dealt with Imperial Entertainment’s Xia Ling and Ye Xingling before. That kind of stage presence… Honestly, I was already curious from the start. Why was Bai Murong able to maintain his stage presence when Ye Xingling sang with him? After seeing Zheng Chenhao’s tragic situation, I realized that she was giving in to Bai Murong. Am I right, Brother Feng?”

Everyone turned around to look at the man who was quietly drinking tea in the corner.

Feng Kun lifted his head and smiled at the producers. “That’s right.”

Everyone drew a cold breath.

Among all the producers, Feng Kun was the most skilled and worked with Ye Xingling for a long time. Since he said that, it must be true. It turned out that when she sang “Powerful Opponent” with Bai Murong, she was not really a powerful opponent. She did not go all out in consideration of her partner!

This performance with Zheng Chenhao was a true demonstration of her capability!

This was truly shocking and… terrifying!

“This girl…” After a moment, someone finally spoke in the lounge. He sighed and then fell silent again.

Everyone was silent as they prayed for Zheng Chenhao in their hearts.

Zheng Chenhao was crushed.

Completely and thoroughly.

He felt that he had never been so humiliated in his entire life. Although he was a heavenly king, he never imagined that he would be so humiliated on this day. He was muddle-headed and did not even recover after the end of the song. He didn’t even know how he got down from the stage and went backstage in a daze.

The Nebula Music Festival was very strange. As a platform for superstars to showcase their skills, it was a leading TV program, but the set had not been renovated for years and the organizers did not use the money to rebuild the building. Due to this, the makeup rooms backstage were insufficient and many small stars and staff had to squeeze in a large dressing room.

When Zheng Chenhao walked in, everyone was quiet.

They all saw his miserable performance on stage. At this time, no one dared to make eye contact with him and everyone bowed their heads. How could Zheng Chenhao not notice their abnormal behavior? He was furious and disappointed, but he still had to maintain his proud heavenly king image. With a straight face, he walked back to his seat.

After that, Xia Ling also walked in.

As Xia Ling often co-operated with two music producers, Imperial Entertainment’s Feng Kun and Skyart Entertainment’s Wei Shaoyin, the three companies were placed in the same room.

Now, once she walked in, Luo Luo bounced up and exclaimed, “Not bad, Xiao Ling! It turns out that your singing is better than what I imagined! Heavenly King Zheng was defeated by you!” Due to her innocence or the fact that she had Bai Murong’s protection, Luo Luo, who had been in the entertainment industry for so many years, directly praised Xia Ling in front of so many people.

Crack! Zheng Chenhao’s broke his makeup pen.

However, Luo Luo remained ignorant. “I thought you were on the same level as our Murong, but you’re much better than him, right? When you sang ‘Powerful Opponent,’ you were giving in to him. Xiao Ling, you’re really considerate!” The girl happily embraced Xia Ling.

Xia Ling was at a loss for words.

Even Bai Murong was baffled. Hey, dear, it’s fine that you praised Xiao Ling for suppressing Zheng Chenhao, but do you have to put your boyfriend under the bus, too? Bai Murong coughed a few times, his expression different.

Looking at him, Xia Ling smiled and touched Luo Luo’s short hair. “Murong is very awesome. He knows how to lead the song. Honestly, I have a lack of experience in singing duets. Thanks to him, I was able to smoothly deliver my lines in ‘Powerful Opponent.’” She was not lying. She really did lack experience in duets and Bai Murong really taught her a lot during “Powerful Opponent” for her to achieve her desired effect.

Only then did Bai Murong’s face turn back to normal. Just now, he was scared to death. If Xiao Ling directly admitted that she did not use her full capabilities, Luo Luo, him, and many people would be humiliated. He did not want to end up like Zheng Chenhao who was already humiliated as a heavenly king.

Luckily, Xiao Ling was loyal and covered it up.

Suddenly, as if she had an epiphany, Luo Luo smiled and said, “I get it now! When you were singing ‘Powerful Opponent,’ it was so harmonious because our Murong knew how to lead the song! Zheng Chenhao’s not experienced in leading the song compared to our Murong, so your connection had some problems, leading to a large gap. Am I right?”

Zheng Chenhao was so angry that he was about to collapse…

What sort of unlucky encounter was this? Even a small second-tier dared dare to stab him with a knife!


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