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“President, this is what happened: almost 20 days ago, Goodenia and…” Mars didn’t dare to delay, and immediately gave an account of how Goodenia and Devoe had attempted to cause trouble for Mamy Restaurant, then gotten involved in a 4th-tier incident due to Devoe’s ties with his underling, Gabriel. Cyril accepted money from both sides, and tried everything he could do gather information, as well as to bail the two out, thereby leading to the current situation.

Jeffree fell silent for a while after hearing Mars’ recount. He then looked at Mars with a meaningful expression, and asked, “Mars, how long have you served me?”

“23 years, President.” Mars lowered his head as he didn’t dare to look into Jeffree’s eyes.

Jeffree then asked, “You’ve been serving me ever since old Jack died. You father and you have served me for several decades, and how have I treated you two in return?”

“Back when Father was alive, he would often praise the president. He started as a lowly servant, and has always been grateful to the president for elevating him up the ranks. During the past 23 years, you have treated me like family.” Mars lowered his head even further.

“If that’s the case, then why are you so eager to pick a side even when I’m still alive? Remember this: as long as I’m alive, I’m still the leader of the Moreton Family and the president of the Chamber of Commerce.” Jeffree smiled with a hint of mockery on his face.

“Yes… Yes…” Mars dug his chin into his chest as he sweated profusely. Even though he had served Jeffree for over 20 years, every time he saw Jeffree, he was still reminded of their first encounter, when the president had hurled a torrent of abuse at his father.

He was like a powerful lion; he demanded awe and veneration even when he was just resting, and when he rose to his feet to let loose an enraged roar, everyone had to bow their heads.

He was the king of this jungle, the jungle known as the Chamber of Commerce.

“Get that idiot to come and see me.” Jeffree turned his gaze away from Mars as he said in an indifferent voice, “From this day forth, do not appear before me again. Among our subsidiary businesses, choose the one that’s farthest away from here, and get out.”

“President…” Mars’ expression changed drastically as he looked up. He wanted to say something, but he swallowed his words in the end. No one could change a decision that Jeffree had made.

“Please take care of yourself.” Mars bowed deeply before departing with a dejected expression. As he left, he took one last look at the old man standing in the garden, and he suddenly recalled his father’s parting words before he pa.s.sed away: “Remember, there is only one president in this world, and all you have to do is give him your absolute loyalty. That’s all.”

Father, perhaps I should have listened to you. Mars clenched his fists as he turned to leave with heavy footsteps. He knew that he would most likely never be able to return to this lavish manor, and he felt as if a part of his heart had gone missing.

He had seen this manor become more and more prosperous, while the president gradually grew older. The light of the rising sun shone upon the courtyard, but it felt more like the residual light of the sunset, signifying that the end was nigh.

If the eldest young master hadn’t chosen to become a teacher, this manor would only continue to grow more prosperous. At the very least… it wouldn’t fall too quickly, Mars thought to himself, but he quickly smiled, and shook his head. He thought back to how overjoyed the young master had been when he received his employment offer from Chaos School. Perhaps that’s the kind of life he wants. Even without all these riches, he’s content as long as he’s around the children under his tutelage.

“Father, let me explain. I—” Cyril’s face was a little pale as he arrived at the garden. Mars had just told him about what had happened, and also bade farewell to him at the same time.

Mars was his father’s most trusted subordinate. Even though he only acted as a spokesperson most of the time, he was the one who knew President Jeffree the best, and he held a special position in the Chamber of Commerce.

However, he had been removed, and would never work in the Chamber of Commerce again. He had been banished to one of the Moreton Family’s subsidiary businesses, and had truly become a fringe character.

Cyril wasn’t stupid; he knew that Jeffree was angry—very angry.


Before Cyril had a chance to finish his sentence, Jeffree turned around, and gave him a vicious slap to the face. The crisp sound of the slap even startled the birds in the garden into silence.


Cyril fell to his knees, and his left cheek was already swelling up as he stared at Jeffree with shock and horror. He trembled uncontrollably as he said, “Father, I’m sorry, I was wrong…”

“Where did you go wrong?” Jeffree’s hands were trembling slightly as he glowered at Jeffree. He raised his voice a few octaves, and roared, “Tell me what you did wrong!”

“I…” Cyril opened his mouth, but didn’t know how to reply. He scrambled for something to say, but drew a blank in the end.

“Alright, seeing as you’re too stupid to know your mistakes, let me tell you where you went wrong.” Jeffree looked down on Cyril with a mocking expression as if he were looking at a jester. “First, you shouldn’t have tried to undermine me. Mars and his father served me for several decades. Loyalty is the paramount trait that a servant must possess; from the moment that you forced him to serve you, you earned yourself a disloyal servant.

“Secondly, you shouldn’t have changed my rules. Back then, I established the rule that we can only take 50% of the rankings on the Aden Square food compet.i.tion rankings board. If too many mediocre restaurants can buy their way onto the rankings, then customers will eventually catch on, and protest against the rankings. What have you done? You took 90% of the rankings, and you auctioned them off. You’re the second young master of the Moreton Family; are you that desperately in need of money?

“Is money all you can see? Do you know what rules are? Our Moreton Family was able to ascend to such heights because of these rules. Even if we established those rules ourselves, we have to abide by and uphold them. Only in a relatively free market can there be sustainable growth. You’ve killed off all of the freedom in the market, and what’s the point of exerting control over a dead market with no potential for growth?”

“Thirdly, you shouldn’t have messed with people that you can’t afford to mess with. We businessmen appear quite powerful, but we must take extra care if we want to survive in the business world. A true businessmen knows fear, and knows how to protect themselves. They know that there are certain things that they absolutely cannot do if they want to ensure their safety. But you, you went to mess with Bastie Prison, and involved yourself in a 4th-tier incident, just for some profit. Do you know what a 4th-tier incident entails? Even if you were the city lord’s son, you would be handed a life sentence in Bastie Prison if you instigated a 4th-tier incident. Who the h.e.l.l do you think you are, trying to bail those two out of prison? If you get thrown into prison because of this, I definitely won’t be saving you.”

“Father, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Cyril’s face was deathly pale as he crawled forward on his knees in an attempt to wrap his arms around Cyril’s leg.

“Don’t think that you can do whatever you want because you’re the sole heir to the Moreton Family.” Jeffree kicked him away with a disdainful expression, and said coldly, “From this day forth, Gloria is one of the candidates to become the heir of the Moreton Family. She also has the right to inherit my estate.”

“This…!” Those words dealt a heavy blow to Cyril, and he collapsed on the ground as he looked up at Jeffree with incredulity etched on his face.


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