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Chapter 1236: Helena Is Going Southward!

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“Has that Big Sister left?” Amy asked Mag, who was closing the door, curiously.

“Yes. She only came to take the toothpaste.” Mag nodded as he wondered what was the little one thinking about. Smiling, he said, “Let’s go and wash up. I’ll tell you two a bedtime story.”

“Alrighty!” Amy’s and Anna’s eyes brightened, and they followed Mag obediently.

On the other hand, Vanessa had also returned to the manor that Abraham bought in Chaos City.

Vanessa took out her crystal jar that contained all kinds of sweets as soon as she went in and sat down. She opened the cover and used her slender fingers to pick up a beautiful blue sweet.

Lola wanted to remind her upon seeing that. “Your—”

Vanessa’s fingers halted before they even left the jar. She looked at the sweets in a crystal jar and hesitated before releasing the sweet that she had picked up and replaced the cover. She shook her head, saying, “No. Boss Mag said I couldn’t eat sweets again. I have already promised him.”

She stopped herself? Lola was a little surprised. Usually, the princess would only stop after eating a few sweets, no matter how she tried to talk her out of it. She didn’t expect her to stop herself today, just because she had promised Boss Mag.

“Lola, take this sweets jar out into the garden, and bury it in some place that I can’t see. I don’t need it anymore,” Vanessa said, and pa.s.sed the jar of sweets to Lola.

“Princess, this was given to you by His Majesty on your 10th birthday. Are you really going to bury it?” Lola asked hesitantly. This exquisite sweet jar was carved out of a single piece of the best crystal by the best carver in the Roth Empire using a year’s time. There wasn’t a better looking sweets jar than it in the world.

“Bury it. I don’t need it anymore,” Vanessa said with conviction as she looked at the sweets jar in her hands. “Otherwise, I will want to eat sweets every time I see it.”

“Alright.” Lola took the sweets jar over carefully. She knew the princess had to be very determined to make a decision like this. Moreover, teeth were indeed more important than a sweets jar. His Majesty would also be very glad if the princess’s teeth could be better.

As Lola went out with the sweets jar, Vanessa started reading the instructions given to her by Mag. The instructions were clearly written and ill.u.s.trated the brus.h.i.+ng techniques and requirements.

Boss Mag is really a detailed and caring person. A smile appeared on Vanessa’s lips, and his smile appeared in her heart again. Moreover, his drawings and words are beautiful too.

Lola only came back after some time. Vanessa picked up a toothpaste and a toothbrush, and said, “Let’s go and wash up. I want to brush my teeth.”

It was a very novel experience for Vanessa to use the toothbrush and toothpaste to brush her teeth for the first time. She’d initially thought the white toothpaste would taste unpleasant in her mouth, and a toothbrush full of bristles would hurt when she brushed her teeth, but what surprised her was the toothpaste felt very cool when it entered her mouth, and the soft bristles brushed the teeth and gums like a small gentle hand giving them a ma.s.sage. The cool sensation seeped into the gum, and the nagging ache in the deep part of the gum seemed to be comforted, and the gum then nourished and moisturized.

The tiny drop of toothpaste turned into a lot of foam after the soft toothbrush brushed it over the mouth cavity and the gaps between the teeth.

“It’s so comforting.”

Vanessa followed the postures mentioned in the manual, and brushed the teeth from all directions. The teeth that always hurt at night and had to be deceived by the sweets were completely mollified. The soft brush licked across the teeth and gums, bringing a very delightful sensation.

Three minutes pa.s.sed by easily, and Vanessa spat out the foam in her mouth. There were traces of blood and black little spots among the white foam.

Bleeding gums were a common occurence to Vanessa, but it was her first time seeing those little black spots. Were they the black stuff on her teeth removed by the brus.h.i.+ng?

After rinsing her mouth with water, Vanessa heaved a breath of relief. Her mouth felt a refres.h.i.+ng sensation, with a hint of jasmine fragrance. The teeth felt as if they were deeply cleansed too. The swollen gum and the aching roots were greatly relieved, and the refres.h.i.+ng sensation surrounded the teeth.

“Princess, is it effective?” Lola asked gingerly at the side.

“Mm-hm. My mouth felt very refreshed after the brus.h.i.+ng, and even the teeth have stopped hurting.” Vanessa nodded. The pain relief medicine prescribed by the doctors before used to make her drowsy, and was far less effective than this toothpaste.

“Really!” Lola exclaimed happily. She knew how the princess looked when she was in pain. She didn’t expect the pain to disappear after using this toothpaste to brush her teeth. This effect was simply amazing!

“Boss Mag is really a formidable person,” Vanessa said with emotion.

Lola nodded in agreement. She would be nice to anyone who was nice to the princess.

Wind Forest, the Starry Cave.

Helena stood on an elevated platform, and said to Sally standing below, “Do you know which one of these stars is yours?”

“I don’t know.” Sally gazed at the starry sky through the hole at the top of the cave. She shook her head slightly as she looked at the brightest star of all.

“If that star fell, you would be the brightest new star in the sky,” Helena said, pointing to that brightest star.

“Then, the entire sky would lose its brilliance.” Sally frowned.

“Even though the light would be dimmer, it would still be better than having the whole starry sky destroyed by one shooting star.” Helena’s voice turned cold as her gaze landed on the star in the center that was shrouded by a mist.

Sally remained silent.

Helena lowered her head to say to Sally, “Tomorrow, I will lead the troops southwards to exterminate the Night Elves. You will be coming with me. Kill her personally and you will become the new elf princess.”

Sally pursed her lips and clenched her fists subconsciously.

“Your family and the entire elf race need you to stand out to do this.” Helena’s voice became even colder. “Remember, I still have many other choices.”

“Yes.” Sally finally nodded after remaining silent for a long time.

“Milord, there is an urgent report from the forest. High Priestess Helena will be leading the troops southward tomorrow, and she will be expected to arrive two days later to launch an attack on the underground cavern,” a young commander who just strode into the tent said respectfully to Borg, who was discussing his strategy with his generals.

“Lord Borg, High Priestess Helena wants to win for herself. Should we attack and take the underground cavern first before she arrives?”

“The queen went into seclusion, and the princess started a rebellion publicly. Many families in the Wind Forest are still observing the current situation. They would support the high priestess if she gained more fame after squas.h.i.+ng this rebellion.”

The commanders in the tent all decided to speak up.

“Those slaves were useless, but do you think Irina is a pushover too? I am waiting for Helena to come and fight it out with her so I could gain from their fight.” Borg smirked, and the terrifying dark streaks could be vaguely seen.

“Helena is leading her troops southward today. They will arrive at the underground cavern two days later.

Early next morning, Mag received a secret missive from the Gray Temple.


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