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Read A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World Chapter 1519 – Hey? Master, Are You Lost Too?

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Chapter 1519: Hey? Master, Are You Lost Too?

“Master, why are we going to Chaos City? Is it just for the fat head fish?” Joey softly asked as he helped Master Rom remove his thick jacket.

Joss, who was making the bed at the side, also looked at Rom. Although they had set off one month later than in their original plan, the news of Master Rom leaving Issen Castle still created a big hoo-ha. Many came to send them off on the day they left, including those visitors who had been lining up at the door for a long time.

Master Rom, who had never left Issen Castle, left the workshop that he had lived in for hundreds of years. This event itself was strange enough.

Moreover, his destination was Chaos City, which was even more surprising.

Master had never had any special experience there.

Joey and Joss could roughly guess the reason. Ever since Mr. Mag visited them previously, Master Rom had been planning to move.

“Fat head fish has given me a clear idea. I have lived my whole life for forging, and I have forged highly sought-after weapons one after another. They have given me fame, but apart from endless orders and requests, I didn’t receive any real benefits.

“While I am still clear-headed, I would like to go live at a new place. I only want to make one last weapon for the rest of my time. A weapon that is different from those I’ve created before.” Master Rom sat on the bed and smiled.

“What about those requests that we have received previously…” Joey softly asked.

“Turn all of them down. I already don’t have time to make those things for them.” Rom shook his head and smiled. “They’re not what I want to do. This is my last weapon, and they are not fit to receive it. It’s going to the person who is meant for it.”

“Yes.” Joey nodded with sadness in his gaze.

Joss was also standing at the side quietly as he had no idea what to say.

“Dwarves have to die one day. I’ve lived for over 400 years, and it’s long enough.” Rom smiled at the two of them. “Speaking of it, I have never taught my disciples properly, and you two have suffered quite a bit with me. Try to learn as much as you can in the coming days. As for how much you can learn, it will have to depend on your abilities and perseverance.”

“Yes.” Joey and Joey swiftly acknowledged with glowing eyes.

Connie was trailing after Rex in Bastie Prison. She looked at the fully packed prison, covering her nose, and trying to keep the stench at bay in vain. “Master, we have too many baddies here. Why don’t we just kill off some of them? After all, we will be simply wasting food and air to keep them alive.”

Rex broke the wrist of a prisoner who was trying to open the lock. He pushed the hand back, and then continued on his way as he said, “Killing a person is the most merciful punishment for the crimes he has done.”

“Then, what’s the point of keeping them alive here?” Connie was perplexed.

“So they cannot have a quick and easy death,” Rex calmly answered.

Connie flicked a glance at that cell that was in the midst of fighting. A cell that was originally meant for two had seven or eight prisoners stuck in there. No matter what, they were not going to have a comfortable and easy stay.

With an expectant gaze, Connie quickly caught up with Rex, and softly asked, “Master, I will be going home the day after tomorrow. Do you want to come with me?”

“No.” Rex’s answer was succinct as usual.

“Master, you may lose your disciple forever like this.” Connie rolled her eyes.

“It’s alright. I always think like that every time you go out.”

“Goodbye then!” Connie turned and left in a puff.

10 minutes later.

“Hey? Master, how did you appear in front of me?”

20 minutes later.

“Hey? Master, what a coincidence?”

30 minutes later.

“Hey? Master, are you lost too?”

“…” Rex.

In an opulent hall in the Marquis Manor, Bowen was pacing around with elation as he murmured to himself, “Ha. That fellow has indeed sent himself in.”

“Master, Bennett is one of us Marquises, after all. Will this incident affect us negatively, or even get us into trouble?” the old butler asked worriedly.

Bowen relaxedly smiled. “He is the lowly b.a.s.t.a.r.d son of a prost.i.tute. He wanted the whole world to know his ident.i.ty, and he went around telling everyone that he was one of the Marquises because he wanted my position as the head of the family. However, I knew for a long time that his money came from illegal sources. I was worried he would get us in trouble one day, so I made sure our family’s properties and people drew a clear line with him. It will have nothing to do with us, the Marquis Family, even when he committed heinous crimes.”

“Master indeed has foresight.” The old butler quickly b.u.t.tered him up. After pondering, he continued, “Master, although Bennett’s brothels and gambling dens were sealed, he has whitewashed many of his properties in the past few years. For example, that teahouse and those jewelry shops and pharmacies. They are valuable properties and businesses. The gambling dens and brothels are definitely gone after he went in, but regarding these shops and properties, we could…”

“Since he is already in there because of such a big crime, he most likely is never going to get out. These properties naturally are going to belong to the Marquis Family.” The smile on Bowen’s face became brighter and brighter. He stopped pacing, and then told the old butler, “You will go and a.s.semble the accountant and his a.s.sistants now. We will take over those properties and shops early tomorrow morning.”

“Yes,” the old butler answered, and then left.

“Heaven is really helping me. Not only did it get rid of Bennett this scourge, it even gave me such a big gift. Although that Mag from Mamy Restaurant isn’t a good man, I really have to thank him for this incident.” Bowen laughed out loud. The Marquis Family’s potential would get a great boost after absorbing Bennett’s properties, and the gap between them and the Moretons and Buffetts would be narrowed.

“Those gambling dens and brothels are a pity. They’re the real cash cows,” Bowen lamented. He knew very well how Bennett got rich.

The city lord’s castle. The lights in the secret chamber were still lit.

“I’m not getting involved in the Gray Temple’s internal affairs, but we have to properly handle the Mamy Restaurant’s incident. Although the two of them seemed to be more even-tempered, and began to leave people alive recently, they are heading to the Twilight Forest very soon. That is the event that concerns the situation on the entire Norland Continent. We’ve to make sure we’ve got their backs,” Michael said to Rolan with a grave expression.

“I will investigate the Inspection Troop. Although there is no evidence that G.o.dala is involved, I’ll transfer him to an unimportant post in a backup unit. The investigation works on all the departments will be carried out swiftly too.” Rolan was drawing circles with his finger on the table. He said with self-reproach, “We’ve spent too much effort and energy on external affairs as we thought the system will make everything run perfectly, but we cannot see through a person’s heart.”


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