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Book 7 Chap 7 – Glib-tongued

By the time Xiang Shaolong returned to the guesthouse, it’s about 2 more hours to dawn. After telling Teng Yi what happened, he stretched and yawned.

Teng Yi sighed with admiration, “You’ve done this beautifully, Zhao Zhi no longer suspects that you are Xiang Shaolong. But from what I see this little la.s.s has no ill intentions towards the real you, she just wants to coerce you to deal with Zhao Mu.”

Xiang Shaolong exclaimed, “Her intentions are so good that she has to use that strong bow to aim at my back.”

Teng Yi replied, “You spoiled that Miss’s grand plan of twice and that Tian Rou is so compet.i.tive so naturally she’ll want to put you down a little.”

Xiang Shaolong remembered that he was teasing Zhao Zhi while on the way to the Guo residence, the way she halfheartedly rejected him indeed reflected her interest in him. Now that she has ‘mistakenly’ think that the person who took advantage of her is ‘Dong Kuang’ and not ‘Xiang Shaolong’, how would she feel?

He remembered when she ‘realized’ that Xiang Shaolong is actually Dong Kuang, the look of disappointment on her face is something that cannot be faked.

Teng Yi said with a smile, “Since you’re under imperial orders not to work hard, we don’t have to pretend so why don’t all of us go and have a good sleep. Who cares what will happen?”

Xiang Shaolong thought that sounded right, so he returned to his bedroom to have a good sleep. By the time Wu Guo came to wake him up, it was already past lunch and the sun is almost setting.

This is the first time in so many days that he’s slept so soundly. Wu Guo said, “Second Master is waiting in the hall for Third Master for dinner!”

Xiang Shaolong got up energetically and after washing up went to meet Teng Yi. The 2 of them had a hearty meal.

Wu Guo said from the side, “Lady Ya sent someone here with a message, asking Third Master to go to her residence tomorrow night for a feast. She will send someone to pick you up and hopes that you will be able to go over to her place earlier.”

Only now did Xiang Shaolong remember that she promised Li Yuan a feast last night. At that time he thought that she did not mean it, so he did not expect her to really be serious about it. He said with a wry smile, “Look why we are here in Handan, almost every night I have to go and socialize with those people.”

Teng Yi said with a laugh, “It’s not difficult to deal with Teng Yi, but dealing with those women is enough to make you suffer.”

Xiang Shaolong replied, “I really want to give Zhao Ya a good f*ck to ease the hatred in my heart but this way she will surely be able to recognize me. Like what you’ve said, once she uses her nose to sniff, there’s no way I can hide. Besides this expert in man is so familiar with my body.”

Teng Yi shook his head and said, “I too, feel sad for your situation… oh!” His expression changed and he said, “It’s not totally hopeless. While I was feeling bored yesterday, I tool a walk at the back garden and there is a kind of plant there. If we take the sap out and smear a little on the body, it will emit a smell very similar to that of a human body. It smells quite good, and a lot more natural than the fragrances women use to suffuse their clothes. This will solve the problem of scent. If there’s not special marks on your body like moles or birthmarks, you may be able to make your way through the act if you extinguish the lights and do her in the dark.”

Wu Guo who was at the side can’t help but interjected, “Third Master’s thing is certainly bigger than the average person, Zhao Ya will know once it goes in.”

Teng Yi and Xiang Shaolong wrapped their arms around their stomachs and bowled over in laughter.

Xiang Shaolong said breathlessly, “You’re such a bootlicker. But I was just saying it for fun, not that I really want to do her, nor is it worth taking such a huge risk. Hai! To treat her like an object just to expend my l.u.s.t is not really very appropriate after all.”

Teng Yi tried to control his laughter as he added, “But there’s no harm applying a little of the sap of that ‘love plant’, so there’ll be no problem even if you get a little closer with Zhao Ya. I’ll go and prepare it immediately.”

Wu Guo was dumbfounded, “To think that it has such a nice name.”

Ever since Teng Yi had Shan Lan, he became a lot happier and easygoing. He extended his hand to pat his shoulder and sighed, “Now you’ve learnt something, this kind of love sap has slight aphrodisiac properties and women all like the smell of it. Young men from the villages around Jing Jun’s age all like to apply some on their body when they go on dates with ladies. But it has to be mixed with rice water, otherwise it will cause the whole body to break out in rashes. Do you want to try?”

Wu Guo replied excitedly, “I must find a beauty to test this on once we get back to Xianyang.” Xiang Shaolong asked, “Are there any other matters?”

Wu Zhuo answered, “Headmaster Zhao of the Martial Arts School has sent someone over with an invitation, saying that the Sword Meet tomorrow has been postponed to noon the day after and asked that Third Master must attend.”

Xiang Shaolong told Teng Yi, “The other conniving devil Li Yuan is too detestable, maybe I will teach him a good lesson.”

At this time someone came in to announce, “Lord Longyang is here to see Third Master and is waiting at the outer hall right now.”

Xiang Shaolong was taken aback and asked Teng Yi with a dry look, “Are there any sap called ‘Demon Riddance” to make him run to the other end of earth once he smells it.”

Teng Yi guffawed, “This is the first time that I will not envy Third Brother’s luck in love!”

On seeing the outstanding horse fanatic Dong Kuang striding out, Lord Longyang stood up gracefully with a pose that ‘he’ thinks is the most beautiful and even greeted him in the way a lady should greet.

Xiang Shaolong has no idea whether to laugh or cry and was secretly lamenting to himself but he pretended to smile and welcome him, “Lord is showing me such favor by coming here personally.”

Lord Longyang’s expressive eyes flitted towards him as he replied with a slow smile, “I came today to look for Mister Dong because something is troubling me and I won’t feel happy until I say it.”

Today he’s gone back to dressing as a man but his clothes and accessories are still very colorful. If he’s a real woman, Xiang Shaolong would certainly compliment her for her grace but now his heart is palpitating. If the things that he won’t feel happy unless he says it are lovey-dovey words, heaven knows how he should deal with that.

After the both of them were seated, Lord Longyang said seriously, “I think that Mister Dong’s decision to return to Zhao is really too rash.” 

Xiang Shaolong was taken aback, but also secretly relieved as he asked in bewilderment, “Why would you say that?”

Lord Longyang saw that there’s no one around so he continued gently, “I admire Mister Dong’s talent, that’s why I’m speaking my mind with no restraints. The state of Zhao is now like a well that is almost drying up, so no matter how strong Mister is, how perfect and ample is your tools for filling and fixing the well, if you try to protect this well faithfully, ultimately you cannot escape the fate of the well drying and you dying.”

Xiang Shaolong was secretly startled. All along he has little regard for this high ranking fellow who got his position from using his male charms to entice the King of Wei but now that he has heard his expressive a.n.a.logy and how he has ill.u.s.trated the state of Zhao straight to the point, he can’t help but see him in a different light. He pretended to be surprised and said, “The Zhaos have recently gained a huge victory over the Yans, so how can they be a well that’s almost drying?”

Lord Longyang said with a smile, “A dying person will have times when there’s a surge of energy before they pa.s.s on, and the sun is the most beautiful right before dusk. And this is because Zhao still has 2 famous generals to hold the fort. Once these 2 are gone, do you think Zhao can produce any elixir to prolong her life?”

Xiang Shaolong asked, “Are you referring to Lian Po and Li Mu?”

Lord Longyang replied, “Exactly these two. Lian Po is getting old, he can still defend but will have problems attacking. Recently there are rumors about his incapability in attacking Yan. King Xiaocheng has all along been suspicious of him so now there’s talk in Handan about changing generals, no one knows if history of exchanging Lian Po with Zhao Gua will repeat itself.”

Without giving him time to interrupt, Lord Longyang continued smoothly, “As for Li Mu he is loyal and straightforward but doesn’t know how to flatter others and not glib enough. If he is under an able ruler, he will become a formidable general who can conquer the world. Pity he is under King Xiaocheng, a person who is overly suspicious and only craves stories of success. With the Marquis of Julu at the side navigating his thoughts, he will not come to a good end. A pity that he is not afraid of death and is stoutly loyal, refusing to leave, otherwise everyone in Great Wei, from the ruler to the officials, will all welcome him with open arms.”

Once he said that Xiang Shaolong knew immediately that the Weis must have made contact with these 2 famous generals. Li Mu has rejected, but he wondered what is Lian Po’s reply. This Lord Longyang is indeed formidable, if he is able to remove the 2 huge military pillars of Zhao with just some words, won’t the state of Zhao be under the mercy of the Weis?

Lord Longyang saw that he was engrossed and thought that he has shaken his stand and tried to entice him further by saying, “Mister Dong may be wondering why am I so bold as to criticize the Zhaos in their capital. Firstly I do not hold them in regard at all and I bet they won’t dare to do anything to me. Most importantly I really admire Mister Dong very much and does not wish to see your hard work go down the drain in future, or even ending up as a slave from a defeated country. Besides, the Qins and the Zhaos have deep enmity and will never let them off. A good bird will choose a good tree to nest in, so if Mister is willing to come and work for Great Wei, I guarantee that the houses and gifts offered will be something that the Zhaos cannot give. At least we won’t be chasing Mister away in panic just because of a few words by the lackey of Lord Chunshen, Li Yuan, who has no power at all.”

Xiang Shaolong was secretly thinking him formidable, knowing that Lord Longyang has spies around the King of Zhao, that’s why he knows how to grab the best opportunity to cut in and persuade him to work for Wei instead.

He can’t help but admire his father-in-law, Wu Yingyuan’s foresight to give him this horse fanatic ident.i.ty. Now all the various states place much emphasis on battles on horses and him as Dong Kuang is the dream talent of all the other states.

He pretended to be moved and said, “Your words are indeed thought-provoking, I will consider them carefully and I still have to explain to my clansmen. But for now…” 

Lord Longyang saw that he did not reject immediately and looked ecstatic. He cast a flirting look at him and said, “I understand the problems faced by men, Mister Dong need not worry. It’s best that you can find out the situation in Zhao, so that you will know that I have not lied.”

Xiang Shaolong can’t help but admire his skills of persuasion. Just a few words and he has revealed all the problems of Zhao. He sighed in reply, “If I am not a Zhao, I would have agreed immediately.”

Lord Longyang said gently, “To King Xiaocheng, other than the Zhao family, who else does he consider a Zhao? If it’s not Zhao Mu or Zhao Ya, anyone else who loses favor like the Wu family, would have been torn to pieces by him long ago. He does not treasure a talent at all and Xiang Shaolong is the best example. If Mister has not given them a thousand high quality warhorses, in less than a year, the Zhaos will not have any useful horses left.”

Xiang Shaolong was secretly thinking that this person is really vicious. By pulling him away, it’s akin to breaking the legs of the Zhaos.

Lord Longyang lowered his voice and said, “I heard that Zhao Ba had acceded to the request of that conceited Li Yuan and will be holding a Sword Exchange Meeting the day after at noon. If Mister will just nod your head, I can order someone to take him down a peg or two on that day, let’s see if he still dares to be so arrogant.”

Xiang Shaolong was secretly startled. Every time they talk about Li Yuan, Lord Longyang seems to be very angry. With the looks and build of Li Yuan, it’s impossible that Lord Longyang won’t take a liking to him. It seems that maybe Li Yuan has once rejected him with harsh words, that’s why his love has turned into hatred.

Or maybe he does not like the kind of gentle and pretty faced men like Li Yuan, but likes rough and stout men like him… heh! What are his thoughts leading him to?

Surprisingly, Lord Longyang stood up and said before he left, “Mister, please think it over carefully and let me know once you have an answer. We’ll then discuss the details and I’ll make sure Mister will leave happily.”

Xiang Shaolong was confused by his terms of address* and hurriedly sent him off. He only turned back with a wry smile after seeing him go up the carriage and left under the accompaniment of 10 over followers.

(Note: Lord Longyang was addressing himself as ‘I’ in 2 ways, interchanging between the position of a Lord (Ben Jun)and the position of a lady (Nu Jia). I just used ‘I’ because I can’t think of any English terms that can indicate ‘I’ to be spoken by a lady or an official.)

No matter what, he will never dare to belittle this she-male.

After Lord Longyang left, Xiang Shaolong enjoyed the free time and took a leisurely walk alone in the garden of the residence, thinking back about the intoxicating time when he snuck in here and first met Zhu Ji.

No matter what kind of a person Zhu Ji is, he can really feel her liking for him, and this is something that cannot be faked.

Suddenly, he felt a little melancholy and lost as well as loneliness. In fact he should feel even more satisfaction than anyone else. As a modern person, to come to this strange yet familiar warring states era, his life is at least an era richer than anyone else from any era.

Because he has experienced one more era.

After spending a few difficult years here, even the way he thinks, the words he uses are now similar to the way of the people in this era.

Last night, his thoughts of silencing others and to kill the girls, is exactly what Wu Zhuo and Teng Yi would have thought the most appropriate thing to do.

Luckily he turned himself back in time, otherwise he would feel guilty for the rest of his life. Once he thought of this, he can’t help but feel a cold relief for himself.

By now it’s deep into autumn and the weather is turning cold. The garden is filled with fallen leaves and in the darkening dusk, it gives a feeling of stern desolation.

Sometimes feasts are not that bad. During those senseless socialization and mundane festivities, one can easily numb and forget oneself.

Unconsciously, his thoughts turned strongly to his pretty wives and maids at faraway Qin, thinking of how they are pining for his return everyday and can’t help but feel a sense of loss.

He can’t help but randomly recited one of Li Bai’s poems, “Leaving me, yesterday cannot be asked to stay; Troubling me, today’s day is filled with worries.”

Applause could be heard from behind.

Xiang Shaolong was startled and turned around suddenly to see Teng Yi accompanied by Ji Yanran who was elaborately dressed up and looking as pretty as the moon, both staring at him with wide open eyes.

A strange gleam flashed past this beauty’s eyes as her pretty mouth mumbled and repeated these 2 verses from the famed ancient poetry.

Xiang Shaolong was embarra.s.sed and went forward to say, “Yanran, how can you hide from other people’s eyes by coming here like this to see me?”

Teng Yi replied, “Yanran is now on the way to the Palace to attend the King of Zhao’s feast and can’t help coming in to visit you when she pa.s.sed by the guesthouse. She has no intention of hiding from anyone at all. Hei! Those 2 verses of poetry you recited earlier were excellent. All right! You two have a good talk!” He then made himself scarce.

Ji Yanran smiled enticingly as she threw herself in his arms and sighed with admiration, “Today Li Yuan showed me the poetry he wrote and Yanran is already very astounded and greatly admires his talent, but compared to the 2 verses you said earlier, Li Yuan’s verses were as uninteresting as a child’s toy. Who can make references as captivating as you? Yanran admits defeat.”

Xiang Shaolong blushed, luckily Ji Yanran couldn’t see it as he hugged her tightly and said, “Don’t praise me, this is called beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Ji Yanran trembled as she left his arms, looking intently into his eyes and said, “Heavens! The words you spout at random are always so exciting and unique. I still remember your words ‘Absolute power will only result in absolute disintegration’, this phrase exactly describes the problem of all the states at this time, even Master Han Fei could not come up with such an extraordinary phrase.”

After saying all these she can’t help but kiss him pa.s.sionately, almost melting him.

After they parted, Ji Yanran said in a haze, “Xiang Lang! Compose a poetry for me! I’ll add melody to it and make it into a famous song for centuries to come.”

Xiang Shaolong was secretly laughing ironically, there’s no poems that he can recite from the start to the end, so what can he use to deal with this lady. Besides, using other people’s works as his own is like plagiaris. It’s all right if he just recites it, but if it really goes down in history, won’t he have stolen other people’s creative rights first, so he replied with a wry smile, “Everything in this world will fade away like smoke, so what if it becomes famous for centuries?” 

Ji Yanran sighed delicately as she collapsed on his body, pouting happily, “Shaolong! You’re really the cause of my downfall, what else can Yanran think of tonight besides you? But yet I cannot be with you. I don’t care, from tomorrow onwards, you will have to pursue me openly so that I can officially surrender to you. This is one thing that you cannot allow to fade away like smoke.”

She continued with a sigh, “Fade away like smoke! How pitiful and yet beautiful it sounds, only you are capable of suddenly spouting such a natural yet excellent verse.”

Xiang Shaolong was secretly lamenting, for this is making matters worse. If in future she keeps on forcing him to compose poems and verses, won’t he become the pirate of the literacy world.

Ji Yanran said sorrowfully, “Yanran has to leave, Mister Zou is waiting for me in the horse carriage. Why not this! Once you’ve composed a poem, I’ll compose the melody and only sing it for you. I know Yanran’s husband foes not hanker for fame or fortune. Hai! Fame and fortune are indeed troublesome, if no one knows who is Ji Yanran, then I’ll be able to be with you all the time.”

She smiled slightly and added, “Don’t move!”

She kissed him lightly before flitting away, not forgetting to turn back again to smile at him, making Xiang Shaolong totally lose his senses.

When he returned to the inner residence, Teng Yi said, “Only now do I understand why Learned Lady Ji will fall into your hands. Those 2 verses are really incomparable works, touching the hearts even more so than the ‘Book of Poems’. I’m sure you’re very familiar with those poems.”

Xiang Shaolong secretly thought that besides the verses ‘Elegant and n.o.ble ladies, are the pursuit of gentlemen’, he knows nothing about the ‘Book of Poems’, so he can only mumble a reply.

Teng Yi said, “That muddleheaded King Xiaocheng is really hopeless. If you are really the horse fanatic Dong Kuang, you should try to slip away immediately. Look at how much he fears Li Yuan. His feast for Yanran tonight, he has invited almost everyone with some status, except for you.”

Xiang Shaolong was enlightened, no wonder Lord Longyang left in a hurry, so he was rushing to the Zhao Palace for the feast. He replied with a smile, “It’s rare to have free time like this, why don’t we go and take a walk to the official brothel here and drink to our hearts content.”

Teng Yi said seriously, “Most of the ladies in the official brothels are pitiful girls, can Third Brother bear to disregard them in the name of fun?”

Xiang Shaolong thought of Su Nu and a sense of guilt washed over him as he said, “Second Brother has reprimanded me rightly!”

Teng Yi nodded his head, “You’re indeed a rare man, to be able to accept another person’s idea so willingly. Come! We’ll just go out for a stroll and sightseeing, that is also another kind of enjoyment.”

The 2 of them left the residence. After they left the guesthouse, they strolled towards the liveliest area in the city of Handan.

The pedestrians on the roads were few, and it looks a little desolate, a vast difference from before they left Handan.

What happened to the Wu family was a great blow to the Zhaos, and this capital of the Zhaos directly reflected this truth.

The fear the Zhaos have of the Qins is understandable, the ma.s.sacre of Changping has scared them out of their wits.

Guo Zhong has a huge family and business here, so he cannot just pack up and leave but for ordinary citizens they could not be bothered with that much. They just have to find an excuse to slip out of the city and they will be able to escape to another village or another state. 

Such migration is a positive function towards the unification of China, slowly weakening the concept of ‘state’, which will be beneficial to the aspect of unification.

Now the 7 states are fighting for power, and it seems a little like royalty with different surnames struggling for power.

Teng Yi’s words startled him from his thoughts as he heard him say, “Someone is following us.”

Xiang Shaolong was alert but did not turn around. He asked quietly, “How many people?” Teng Yi said calmly, “At least 7 to 8 people, quite highly skilled.”

Shaolong thought hard, “I’m afraid it’s the people who were watching us outside the residence last night. Who in Handan would do this?”

Teng Yi smiled, “Won’t all these be clear if we catch one of them and grill him?”

Xiang Shaolong understood and followed him into a quiet and isolated little lane with trees on both sides and a stone bridge in front. After pa.s.sing the river, a scattering of houses could be seen on the opposite bank.

Before they could reach the bridge, hurried footsteps were heard from behind and someone shouted, “Dong Kuang, stop!”

Xiang Shaolong and Teng Yi looked at each other and smiled as they stoped and turned around nonchalantly.

20 odd burly looking swordsmen surrounded them in a fan shape and some went by the back via the woods to circle them, placing them in the center of the circle.

Xiang Shaolong took a clear look and recognized none of them. He had a thought and shouted, “If Li Yuan is that capable he can kill me himself, why did you send n.o.bodies like you to come and die?”

The swordsmen were all alarmed, it seems that Xiang Shaolong was right and he has uncovered their ident.i.ties.

Before those people had a chance to retort, the two of them took this opportunity while their opponents were still stunned to pull their swords out and attacked. The sounds of swords clanking rang out.

Those people did not expect their opponent to suddenly start the fight without a warning and hurriedly drew out their swords to block the attack.

Xiang Shaolong gave a cold snort as he used all his strength to execute his killer moves. The first of the enemy who reached him had his long sword knocked aside followed by an immediate kick on his stomach and that person screamed as he fell back, curved up like a prawn.

On Teng Yi’s side, the crisp sound of metals clanking was heard and the sounds of weapons dropping to the ground and groans rang out, obviously someone has taken a huge beating.

Although Xiang Shaolong’s first attack was successful, he did not slow down as all these people are experienced, good fighters and although they lost the advantage of being the first to attack, none of them retreated. Two long swords were aiming towards him from his left and right side as swift as the wind.

Xiang Shaolong continued while he still had the upper hand and moved to the right towards the especially stout looking man and swept his sword across to block. ‘Clang!’, that stout looking man met his sword head on fiercely without fear.

Xiang Shaolong was secretly thinking that it’s an excellent fight as he executed the ‘Attacking instead of defending’ stance from one of the 3 killer moves in the Mohist addendum as he slashed fiercely towards his opponent’s sword. That person is indeed skilled as he moved back and avoided the attack. 

The long sword from the left aimed towards his chest.

Xiang Shaolong made a fake move as he avoided his opponent’s vicious attack. If he were to release his flying needles now, his enemies will certainly be unable to escape but he must stop such an enticing thought because unless he can kill all his enemies and remove all evidence, otherwise the Zhaos may find out that he’s Xiang Shaolong based on this.

Just as this thought was flashing past his mind, a long sword came alarming close towards his back. With a backhand slash of his sword, Xiang Shaolong chopped heavily on the sword near the handle. This person cannot be compared to the earlier stout looking man and Blood Wave chipped off a part of the long sword and the sword fell to the ground as the man lost his grip.

Xiang Shaolong knocked into him hard in order to avoid that stout man’s sword attack again and elbowed that person’s chest hard.

The sounds of bones cracking were heard as fresh blood spurted from his enemy’s nose and mouth as he stumbled, knocking another enemy who was coming up from the side.


Xiang Shaolong blocked the sword attack from the stou looking man, suddenly stooped down and gave a quick sweep with his leg.

That stout looking man did not expect such a weird move at all and gave out a cry as his legs flew out from under him and he turned a somersault in the air before falling heavily on the ground.

Right at this time more long swords came attacking again. This group of people are indeed fearless, and it took quite some effort fending them off.

If he did not have Teng Yi with him, then he can’t be so sure of winning if he’s alone.

There’s no need for him to further injure that stout looking man so he executed the defense stance of the Mohist swordplay, forcing the 3 men at bay.

At this time Teng Yi gave a snort and knocked into his back, obviously he has taken some beating.

Xiang Shaolong took time off to turn around for a look and saw that 3 of their enemies are already on the ground but there were another 5 or 6 charging towards them like rabid tigers, viciously attacking Teng Yi, who shouted “Go into the woods!”

His swept his enemies away with his sword and just as he gave a flying kick to one of them, another one slashed him on the shoulder. Although it was not a deep wound, but blood still flowed profusely, dying his shirt red.

Teng Yi roared as he knocked off the weapon of one of the enemies and his iron fist crushed into that person’s face and he fainted immediately.

The danger has lessened slightly as the both of them fought a b.l.o.o.d.y path out into the woods.

Those people had fear struck in them after some of their men were killed and no one dared to run after them. They whistled and helped up the injured and ran towards the other side of the bridge.

Teng Yi was about to give chase when Xiang Shaolong pulled him back and said with a smile, “Let them leave! Even if we catch them it’ll be a wasted effort, for in the end won’t we still be unable to touch Li Yuan?”

Teng Yi exclaimed, “You’re injured!”

Xiang Shaolong took a look at the wound on his left thigh as well and said with a smile, “Just a little more serious than yours, it’s nothing! But this batch of swordsmen are indeed formidable, no wonder Li Yuan is so arrogant.”

Teng Yi chortled, “We really think too lightly of our enemies.”

Xiang Shaolong wrapped his arms around his shoulder as both of them went back laughing and joking. But in his heart he was thinking of how terrible Li Yuan’s expression would be when he see his men coming back injured.


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