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A Valiant Life is a web novel made by Xin Feng, 新丰.
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This netizen started acting like Sherlock Holmes as he searched for the evidence.

He remembered clearly that he had seen the exact same dog before but somehow, he couldn’t quite recall where he saw it.

But to prove himself, he had to find the evidence.


Lin Fan was idling in the shop peacefully and quietly. After looking at the whole day’s news, he saw that no one had discovered that the dog was Elder Dog, so he heaved a sigh of relief.

But thinking about it, it made sense. There were so many mutts in the country and quite a number of them were white. How would anyone be able to find out?

If they found out, Lin Fan would f*cking do a broadcast of himself eating sh*t.

He brought Elder Dog home and bought some bones as he was preparing to improve Elder Dog’s meals.

As of now, Elder Dog was no longer a typical dog. The only thing he couldn’t do was talk. Of course, Lin Fan had to prepare good meals for Elder Dog and strengthen his body even more.

Elder Dog was close to tears. After enduring for so long, he had finally gained acknowledgment. Thinking about the past, those days were really too pitiful. He couldn’t even eat scallion pancakes in the past.

Now, his days were delightful.

Lin Fan placed the bone that he had cooked into a bowl. “Eat up and grow stronger.”

The pork bone was releasing a brilliant fragrance that was difficult for Elder Dog to resist. He immediately hugged the bone and started eating it while puffing and blowing.

The next day!

Lin Fan brought Elder Dog and casually started the car, heading towards Cloud Street.

In a certain rental apartment.

A man had been awake through the night. He hadn’t done anything else but look through his web history.

He could have sworn that he had seen a similar photo before but n.o.body believed him.

Looking at the comments under his post, there were thousands of them, all saying that he was just bragging and telling him to show the evidence.

As someone who had never lied before, how could he let others falsely accuse him? Even if he didn’t sleep, he had to find the evidence.


The man’s eyes lit up. His cursor swiftly clicked open the webpage. He had found the evidence.

On the webpage.

‘Mysterious mutt finds kidnapped children.’

At the same time, there was an image. On the image, a white colored mutt was standing there with its head raised, looking very proud.

The man couldn’t wait to post it on the Internet.

“I’ve found the evidence. See for yourselves. Don’t they look very similar or even exactly the same? I told you I wasn’t lying and I definitely wasn’t lying.”


Upon posting this image, netizens who had been paying attention to this matter were boiling with excitement.

“D*mn! They really look the same. It’s as if they were carved out of the same mold.”

“Wait a moment. I think this news is from a few months ago, am I right? It’s that news about a large human-trafficking organization being destroyed. But before it was destroyed, a dog, leading many other dogs, had rescued the kidnapped children from an old residential building.”

“I’ve found it. This is Master Lin’s dog.”

“What? Master Lin’s dog? Right, Master Lin seems to have such a dog. I’ve seen Brother Yang’s broadcasts and this dog is known as Elder Dog.”

“Who’s in Shanghai? Go and check if it’s really Master Lin’s dog.”

“F*ck, this is nature-defying. But why didn’t Master Lin say anything on Weibo?”

“I think Master Lin probably didn’t dare to say it.”

When the evidence was released, it immediately spread on the Internet.

News agency.

A reporter said, “It’s been found. Netizens are saying that it’s Master Lin’s dog. This is an article from last time.”

“D*mn, they’re really right. Why didn’t we think of this? Hurry up and go down to Cloud Street to interview him. I’m afraid that quite a number of people already know about it by now.”

At Cloud Street.

Lin Fan was sitting there leisurely. Wu You Lan and the rest had gradually stopped caring about that incident. It had already pa.s.sed, what was the point of thinking about it so much?

In these one or two days, Elder Dog had been going out frequently. He only did not go out today. It was the first time.

Lin Fan now understood that whenever Elder Dog went out, it was to do a good deed. That ‘Righteous Pet Food’ was really not simple.


Elder Dog stood up and looked into the distance.

Lin Fan realized that there was some noise up ahead. He took a casual glance but just this glance made his jaw dropped. He cried out in his heart, “I’m screwed.”

In the distance, a group of reporters had come. There were also many townsfolk.

“Over there. Master Lin’s shop is just over there.”

I can see the Heroic Doggy! He’s laying at the entrance.”

“D*mn, we’ve finally found it.”

Wu You Lan and the rest exchanged looks. “Brother Lin, what do we do?”

At that moment, Lin Fan thought of killing himself. How on earth did it get exposed?

It was impossible!

Woof woof~

Elder Dog barked at those people.

This series of barks made those people even more maniacal.

Before Lin Fan could respond, those reporters had surrounded them.

A reporter said, “Master Lin, is this pet dog of yours the Heroic Dog who charged bravely into the fire a while ago?”

Another reporter asked, “Do you know that your pet dog saved an infant? Now, the whole country is searching for it.”

Elder Dog just stood there, facing the lens. He casually let those reporters capture his face.

Lin Fan rolled his eyes. They had actually managed to find him. Then, Lin Fan sighed. There was nothing he could do about it. Gold s.h.i.+nes wherever you put it. You can never hide gold.

“My dear reporters and citizens, please quieten down. I didn’t expect you all to really find out,” Lin Fan sighed.

A reporter asked in a puzzled tone, “Master Lin, your pet dog has saved a life. Why don’t you want us to find out?”

Lin Fan laughed softly, “My dear reporter, I can tell that you’ve only just gotten to know me. Whether it’s me or my pet, we’re very humble. Doing good deeds is very normal. If a good deed was for the sake of recognition, then we wouldn’t be interested anymore.”

“At the time, I didn’t know what he had done but he came back with injuries all over and his four legs were broken. I was very heartbroken. Luckily, my medical skills are top-notch and I’ve managed to heal him in these few days. Afterward, I saw the news and I understood what had happened. However, since that young life has been saved, it’s already a perfect ending. There’s no need to let people know.”

The reporters kept taking photos. They had been moved by Lin Fan’s words.

Meanwhile, when the citizens who had come specially to see Elder Dog heard about the severity of his injuries, their hearts ached. A beautiful little girl, in particular, was hugging Elder Dog in her embrace.

“Doggy is really amazing.”

When Elder Dog felt this warm embrace, his dog eyes squinted. He was very merry.

“Master Lin, how do you usually train your dog? How did he become so clever and amazing?”

Lin Fan smiled, “I don’t train him much. I just tell him to do some things occasionally and since young, I’ve raised him to be close to humans. I never thought that he would do such a beautiful deed. I’m really gratified. Alright, since there’s nothing much, you guys can go back, my reporter comrades.”

How could the reporters leave? They hadn’t even finished asking their questions.

“Master Lin, netizens are searching for this dog right now. Moreover, there’s a first-rate superstar hoping to keep and raise this dog. Would you agree?”

Lin Fan was speechless. He had known that if this matter was found out, questions would come at him nonstop. He wouldn’t be able to get any peace that day.

“Of course I don’t agree. He’s a member of our place. Do you think we would sell him?”

“A few months ago, during the search for the kidnapped children, this doggy had followed their trail and found them. At that time, was this doggy already very clever?”

Lin Fan replied, “Yes.”

“Master Lin, can you tell us the doggy’s name?”

Lin Fan replied, “Elder Dog Nicholas.”

“What a dominant name.”

At that moment.

A voice came from afar.

“Ah! The doggy is here. Our idol is here!”

Lin Fan raised his head and looked. It was as if there were tens of thousands of horses galloping in his heart. Elder Dog’s fans were here.

They were doomed.


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