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Merlin’s mysterious relief sculpture was pa.s.sed down since the generation of Molta Empire. Its origin had been a myth until now. It seemed to have no other effect except for improving one’s physique.

As one’s physique reached a certain point, further improvements would become exceedingly difficult. Merlin’s physique had not been improved for a long time now despite practicing the relief sculpture regularly.

Now that he sensed that his body was experiencing some sort of change, Merlin would naturally not give up his practice. Thus, he began his practice according to the posture of the fourth relief sculpture.

Merlin knew the posture of the fourth relief sculpture by heart, so he could easily replicate the mysterious yet complex postures.

Normally, Merlin would only practice the posture once; however, he felt that there seemed to be endless energy oozing perpetually from his body today.

With that, he practiced the posture again and again, with increased intensity each time. He sensed that his energy had still not exhausted; instead, his energy was getting stronger each time, prompting an urge within him to scream out loud.

Merlin did not wear his top at that moment. Red veins began to protrude upon his fair skin, revealing a network of veins under the skin and appearing to be hideous and fearsome.

More than that, it could be seen with the naked eye that the blood was surging in his veins; a strange sound accompanied the movement could also be heard.


Merlin felt as if his whole body had exploded. His height had increased by force. Although he was far from Old Wilson who looked like a miniature giant, he had become much taller than before.

Not only did his height increase, but his bones also seemed to tingle in his body; his muscles and blood became more interconnected than before.


Merlin held his palms together lightly. He felt that he could easily break through the heavy armor on an Elemental Swordsmen with just brute force.


Merlin circled his arms around. At once, his arms waved in the air and let out a crisp sound.

This was done merely from the brute force of his body. Being able to cause such sound in air plainly proved that he was much stronger than a Fourth-level Elemental Swordsman.

Merlin had spent years in practicing the posture of the fourth mysterious relief sculpture. Even though it seemed to bear no effect at first, Merlin still continued to practice it.

Now that Merlin’s body had evolved or in more accurate terms, exalted, he could sense that his body was totally different from inside out. His strength was far stronger than that of a Fourth-level Elemental Swordsman. Even he could not be sure how strong he had become.

“Let’s see how my defense and recovery ability has become.”

Merlin reached out his palm and took a sharp dagger from his ring. He swung the dagger on his palm strongly.

“Tsk tsk.”

The dagger formed a cut on his palm, but the action caused a series of strange sounds. Examining his palm closely, only a light trace of the daggers effect was apparent.

Merlin was surprised to see this since the dagger was extremely sharp. Despite that, it did not cut through his skin. Thinking of this, Merlin increased his strength and swung the dagger.

Finally, a red trace appeared on his skin and blood dripped out of the wound. Merlin quickly kept his dagger and observed the trace on his palm only to find that the wound was recovering at an observable speed. After a brief moment, only a light scar was left.


Seeing this, even Merlin had to take a sharp breath. Little did he expect his physique would change so drastically after practicing the posture of the mysterious relief sculpture for a long time.

It did not only have incredible strength but its defensive ability was also excellent. In addition to its fantastic recovery ability, Merlin could prevail against any ordinary First-level Spell Caster even if he was not a Spell Caster who could use spells.

“Molta Empire…”

Merlin mumbled softly. Molta Empire seemed to always be shrouded in mystery, making it impossible for others to reveal its entirety. The variety of spells, casting tools, potions, and even Demon Abilities that was pa.s.sed down from the Molta Empire were violently fought for between countless Spell Casters.

Even the mysterious relief sculpture had such an unbelievable effect. The Molta Empire three thousand six hundred years ago had caught Merlin’s attention.

Although he did not know the exact usage of these mysterious relief sculpture, Merlin could faintly sense that the postures did not only serve to improve one’s physique.

However, no matter what this relief sculpture was, it had been beneficial to Merlin. His body had completely evolved now and his overall ability had improved drastically as well.

Thus, Merlin continued to familiarize himself with the new developments of his body in his room.

Two days later, Tolle City had become busier. Today was the day Shadison clan planned to disclose the Neverending Book to the public. Many roaming Wizards had arrived by the entrance of the Shadison Manor.

The outside of Shadison Manor was packed with people; the place was so crowded that people could not move at all. Many Spell Casters’ Mind Power was scanning the Shadison Manor brazenly as they observed the movements of anything within the manor.


Soon, the door was pushed open and Wizard Rhind slowly approached the entrance of the manor accompanied by the Third-level Spell Casters of Shadison clan.

Along with the entrance of these Spell Casters, many First-level and Second-level Spell Casters began to show up from within the manor. They surrounded Wizard Rhind and kept watch over the surroundings with caution.

Even though some roaming Wizards were dissatisfied, Shadison clan was a clan with high tenacity in Tolle City. It was a very influential clan; no one dared to mess with the Shadison clan before they had disclosed the Neverending Book.

Wizard Rhind scanned the crowd and saw some familiar faces amongst the crowd. He knew that these people were the Spell Casters from the Doret clan; they hid amongst the crowd waiting to cause trouble if the opportunity presented itself.

However, knowing that he had prepared everything properly, Wizard Rhind resumed his composure. Following that, he noticed at the edge of his eyes the young Spell Caster who wore a black robe beside Laurinka amongst the crowd.

“He had chosen to stay. Even though he didn’t promise to help, it’s fine that he just stays here!”

Wizard Rhind knew about Merlin’s true ident.i.ty – the Spell Caster who was capable of eliminating genius Spell Casters of Ozmu and highly regarded by Dark Magic Region. With his status and absolute strength, Merlin would not stand aside should Shadison get in a pinch if he thought of protecting Laurinka.

Wizard Rhind had ensured Merlin a peaceful and quiet surrounding for him, as such, he did not persist in looking for Merlin for the past two days.

“Everyone, Shadison clan has obtained the first volume of the Neverending Book by luck. This is the luck of my Shadison clan, but we don’t want to pocket the treasure to ourselves. That is why we have invited all Spell Casters to come here and witness the miraculous Neverending Book of legends!”

Wizard Rhind first scanned the crowd and announced loudly to the crowd. No matter what, these roaming Wizards were considered fortunate since he had proposed to disclose the Neverending Book. To be able to see the variety of Spell Models with their own eyes was the same as obtaining many First-level to Third-level Spells without putting any effort into it.

Noticing that the crowd had begun to make noise, Wizard Rhind nodded and a few Spell Casters instantly appeared beside him.

These Spell Casters were the Third-level Spell Casters of Shadison clan; they were considered the core forces of the Shadison clan. Them protecting Rhind was the strongest defense they could think of. This also showed how important they had regarded the Neverending Book.


A white light flashed and a thick thread-bound book appeared in Wizard Rhind’s hands. The book was delicately compiled and gave off strings of white light, looking mystifying.

This was the legendary Neverending Book. Even though it was only the first volume, the book had caught everyone’s attention as soon as it appeared. Even Merlin who was in the crowd was tempted to look at the Neverending Book in Wizard Rhind’s hands.

“This is the Neverending Book?”

Merlin mumbled. He did not feel anything strange about it. He even checked the book with his Mind Power, but it did not seem to have any reaction at all.

“Wizard Rhind, quickly disclose the Neverending Book.”

“That’s right, quickly disclose the Neverending Book. Let us look at the legendary Neverending Book. So what kind of spells are recorded within it?”

Many Spell Casters shouted as they looked at the insignificant-looking Neverending Book. They were requesting for Wizard Rhind to disclose the book.

Wizard Rhind took a deep breath. Displaying the Neverending Book was a forced action since he had no other choice. Shadison clan was only a weak Spell Caster clan after all. If there were Seventh-level, Eighth-level or Ninth-level Spell Casters present in Shadison clan like those Spell Caster organizations, who could force the clan to openly display the Neverending Book?

However, albeit discontented, Wizard Rhind was obligated to display the Neverending Book at this moment.


At once, Wizard Rhind flipped it open. The thick Neverending Book slowly opened, revealing strings of light that surrounded the book and casting a holy and mystified air around it.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh.”

Pillars of light were shot from the Neverending Book. These white lights rapidly turned into Spell Models in midair; each of them was maintained in the air for a few seconds. Following that, the white light continued to change and turn into another Spell Model.

“Hmm? It also has Furious Flame, Guardian Monument and so on?”

Merlin stared at the spell models suspended mid-air in awe. There were all types of spells as displayed by the white light, starting from the easy to the complicated ones. Merlin was surprised at the detail of the spells recorded in the book. It was no wonder the book was given the name “Neverending”.

Initially, Merlin was not interested in these spells ranging from First-level to Third-level. However, seeing that there were so many detailed spells in the book, he was immediately intrigued knowing that the Matrix required a large number of spells as its basic database. In order to ensure a smooth data integration process, Merlin let the Matrix begin recording each and every spell as displayed by the Neverending Book.

In the same case as Merlin, almost all roaming Wizards were recording the spells as displayed by the Neverending Book. Some smarter roaming Wizards were not greedy for more; they simply recorded the types of spell that were suitable for them as preparation to level up in the future.

Noticing that almost all the Spell Casters were focusing on recording the spells, Wizard Rhind revealed a smile. “We have reached at least half of our aim. After these roaming Wizards obtain the spells, they won’t cause any trouble to the Shadison clan anymore. But we have to be careful against the Doret clan. Watch them closely. I have a foreboding sense that the Doret clan will not give up that easily.”

Wizard Rhind also kept a close eye on the Spell Casters from Doret clan in the crowd without the slightest intention of lowering his guard.


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