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“Iza, this is the deputy team leader?”

From a distance, the Nightmare Deathstalker took the initiative to greet Iza. Merlin looked at the Nightmare Deathstalker. She seemed very normal and not as scary as Iza described.

However, this was the Combat Team and there were all kinds of people. Merlin naturally would not judge a person by their appearance.

Iza forced a smile and said, “Yes, the team leader told me to accompany the deputy team leader in familiarizing himself with the Combat Team.”

“Is that so? For the team leader to appear personally, it seems the deputy team leader is extraordinary as well. It’s a shame that my Tolman isn’t favored by the team leader nor the Minister, so he couldn’t become the deputy team leader…”

The Nightmare Deathstalker’s tone suddenly changed and became dark, making others feel a chill.


Merlin frowned slightly. This Nightmare Deathstalker was really temperamental. She was calm earlier but her expression changed suddenly.

“Deputy team leader, don’t be nervous. We just wanted to meet you.”

The Nightmare Deathstalker held out a pale hand and lightly patted Merlin.


Merlin immediately felt the imperceptible power fall quickly and penetrated his body which in turn made him feel sluggish.

“How dare you!”

Merlin was furious. He never thought that the Nightmare Deathstalker would dare to act while in the Combat Team. He no longer hesitated and instantly used his fourth-form, and swept the Nightmare Deathstalker away with his tail.


Beside her, Tolman roared in anger and also shapes.h.i.+fted into his fourth-from. It was a huge elephant and also a power type. However, compared to Merlin’s top-tier almighty beast bloodline, there was a large difference. With just a simple swipe from Merlin, blood spurt from his mouth.

The Nightmare Deathstalker did not expect Merlin to be this terrifying. She waved her hand, and fog seemed to cover the entire sky which plunged Merlin into a layer of illusion.

The Nightmare Deathstalker was extremely dangerous because it could cause a person to hallucinate without them noticing. However, she picked the wrong target today. Merlin was a Mind Power Master and had reached the peak on the path of illusions.

Although the Mind Power could not be displayed, it was impossible for a mere illusion to sway his will. Therefore, despite the poisonous fog, it had no effect on Merlin. Beside him, Iza quickly stepped back in shock.

“Haha, to be the deputy team leader, you must be at least this strong!”

Merlin could still hear the Nightmare Deathstalker’s cold laughter.

“Is that so? Nightmare Deathstalker? It’s a shame that I don’t find the nightmare scary at all!”

Merlin took a step forward, his huge body exerting pressure. He slammed the Nightmare Deathstalker to the ground, who instantly died without any resistance.

When Tolman saw this, he went mad from anger and lunged towards Merlin.


Merlin was not courteous at all. He had been oppressed ever since coming to this world. Killing Blackbat had released some of the stiflings in his heart, but he never expected that he would be suppressed by Hert after joining Phantom’s Combat Team. His heart had already been suppressed. Since the Nightmare Deathstalker and Tolman came looking for a fight, Merlin simply did not hold back.

“Bang bang.”

Merlin’s hands crushed down and smashed Tolman into a puddle of flesh, filling the air with the disgusting smell of blood. At this time, a trace of fear seemed to appear in Iza’s eyes. She did not think that this gentle-looking deputy team leader would be so vicious and merciless.

“Are there any effects for killing in the Combat Team?” Merlin knew that this was the Combat Team, and asked calmly.

“There are some troubles, but since you’re the deputy team leader, you can just tag a charge on them. For example, they wanted to the deputy team leader. How’s that? That way, their forces will also belong to the deputy team leader.”

“Oh? There’s such a benefit? Doesn’t that mean that I can kill anyone in the Combat Team?”

Merlin did not expect such a benefit. In Phantom, it seemed like rules were the greatest, and no one dared to violate them. However, now that he reached a higher level, he realized that these so-called rules only restricted the weak.”

“Haha, deputy team leader, only now you’ve realized? Full-s.h.i.+fters gave special privileges no matter where. Even if dozens of people like us banded together, we still won’t be similar to a full-s.h.i.+fter, so what’s the point of special privileges? Of course, if the deputy team leader kills indiscriminately, the team leader or even the Minister would stop the deputy team leader.”

Merlin nodded. The reality was that both Phantom and the royal family gave special privileges to full-s.h.i.+fters. They were above the rules and regulations.

Perhaps this might cause some damage but when a person’s strength reached a certain level, rules and regulations would have no effect. A strong person could only be restricted by another strong person.

For example, the team leader of the Combat Team, Hert, was stronger than Merlin now. Therefore, he could stop Merlin from killing indiscriminately.

After Iza took Merlin around the Combat Team, he gradually learned the terror of the Combat Team. Now, that he was number two in the team, second only to the team leader, Hert.

However, Hert was not concerned about anything.

“How does the Combat Team usually get missions?” Merlin asked Iza.

“The members of the Combat Team usually receive their own missions, but there are also special ones. For example, if the royal family issued a certain order that requires the Combat Team to remove someone or a certain force. At that point, the team leader would arrange for someone. Of course, the remuneration for appointed missions is very high, and many people like to do such missions.”

Merlin nodded. Although he did not know why the royal family did not make any moves and left the Holy Dragon Empire in such a chaotic state, he knew the royal family’s strength and was at ease.

If the royal family was willing, they could immediately stabilize more than half of the Holy Dragon Empire. They merely seemed to be worrying about something else, or was waiting for something.

In short, the royal family would not be done for as Merlin had predicted. Merlin was relieved that he could stay in the Holy Dragon City without worries.

After visiting the Combat Team, Merlin went to the Logistics Team. He had a full 1,500 contribution points which were an unimaginable amount and needed to be used well.

Thus, he went to the Logistics Team and found Belle immediately. After all, Merlin was more familiar with Belle in the Logistics Team.

As soon as Belle saw Merlin, a smile appeared on her face as she said, “Leon, how are you? You’re a big shot in the Combat Team now. Deputy team leader, you’re number two in the whole Combat Team!”

The deputy team leader of the Combat Team was far from what the Logistics Team could match. Even the team leader of the Logistics Team could not compare with the deputy team leader of the Combat Team. The status between the two was as large as heaven and earth.

“I want to exchange some materials,” Merlin said bluntly.

Belle readily knew that Merlin needed Nourishment Pond materials. However, she hesitated for a moment before she whispered, “Leon, you’re a peak fourth-form s.h.i.+fter now, right? Even if you’re not at the peak yet, you’re almost there. Your concern now is how to become a full-s.h.i.+fter, right?”

Merlin nodded. He was not at the peak of the fourth-form yet, but he would be able to reach that level by exchanging some Nourishment Pond materials.

Moreover, he was indeed paying attention to full-s.h.i.+fters. After all, only full-s.h.i.+fters could truly become strong and have a say in this chaotic world. Otherwise, even if Merlin was strong enough, he did not even know the royal family’s arrangement and remain in the dark.

Merlin was still not strong enough. If he could become a full-s.h.i.+fter with a high-tier almighty beast will, it would definitely shake the entire royal family, as well as the entire Holy Dragon Empire.

“Why? Do you have any good suggestions?”

Merlin knew that Belle had been in the Logistics Team for a long time and would probably be able to provide some good suggestions. After all, Merlin did not know much about becoming a full-s.h.i.+fter.

“Leon, in the Logistics Team, there’s the royal family’s greatest reward. Whoever is able to acc.u.mulate five thousand contribution points will be allowed to come close and get the chance of feeling the Sacred Lion Beast for 36 hours, which is three days. Although many people think that achieving five thousand contribution points is impossible, I know that the former Minister of Phantom once acc.u.mulated five thousand contribution points. He had the opportunity to stay beside the skull of the Sacred Lion Beast for 36 hours. Of course, the Minister was already a full-s.h.i.+fter at that point. After the visit, his strength became unfathomable, and even the powerful King Ursus Hert had to submit to the Minister. Therefore, I think you should try and acc.u.mulate enough contribution points to exchange for that.”

Belle hesitated but said everything she knew. She had a favorable opinion on Merlin and always felt that he had a unique aura. Belle had always been confident about her feelings, and this time was no exception. 

“The Sacred Lion…” Merlin murmured in a low voice. The sacred beast was the ultimate power in this world. Merlin even suspected that the sacred beast was the embodiment of the Almighty Beast World’s will, or carried a part of the Almighty Beast World’s will.

In short, the sacred beast was extremely terrifying. Merely looking at it would give one infinite benefits, much less approach it. It was because the Holy Dragon royal family had the skull of the Sacred Lion Beast that their almighty beast bloodline reached the very top. It was an even higher tier than Merlin’s Blood-eye Dragon.

It served to show how frightening the Sacred Lion was. If there was a chance to get close to the Sacred Lion for three days, Merlin would not give it up.

However, five thousand contribution points was indeed a goal that seemed difficult to achieve.


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