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Merlin had a total of six spells. Before he left the Dark Magic Region, Wizard Leo had given him all necessary First-level spells. Thus, he did not lack in First-level spells so he would need to make a good choice as his second First-level spell.

Merlin’s first First-level spell was Earth-type Defensive spell, Guardian Monument. This spell had indeed helped him tremendously. If he did not possess Guardian Monument when he fought against the Spell Casters recruited by Longardi, he could never be able to stand against Wizard Heghar’s Second-level spell attack with just Earth Guard.

After having a Defensive spell, Merlin thought that his Offensive spells were less powerful. After all, neither Fireball nor Thunderbolt Net could break through the defense of some First-level Defensive spells.

Even in the case of Wizard Heghar, Merlin had only succeeded in killing him after casting the strengthened version of Dark Mist and dragging Wizard Heghar into an illusion. Merlin’s Fireball and Thunderbolt Net were nowhere powerful enough to kill Wizard Heghar alone.

Merlin had thought about this matter for a long time. Albeit his offensive power was insufficient, if he compared Furious Flame with Dark Light Realm, the latter was undoubtedly more useful to Merlin.

Once he cast Dark Light Realm, even the wizards with Mind Power comparable to Third-level Spell Casters could not break through it.

Dark Light Realm had a strong hallucination effect. Regardless of how strong the Spell Caster was, he could almost be trampled at will if he had fallen into its illusion.

Thus, Merlin made the decision for Dark Light Realm to be his second First-level spell!

“The Matrix, a.n.a.lyze Dark Light Realm’s Spell Model!”

“Beep. Mission established. a.n.a.lysis begins!”

The Matrix began to a.n.a.lyze the Spell Model while Merlin waited in silence as he meditated.

After approximately half an hour, the Matrix finally reconstructed Dark Light Realm’s Spell Model. However, the time spent during the a.n.a.lysis was slightly longer than usual.

“Beep. One hundred eleven thousand three hundred and sixty-eight Dark Light Realm’s Spell Models have been reconstructed!”

About one hundred and ten thousand Spell Models had been reconstructed. This number was around the same as that of Guardian Monument which Merlin had constructed before. The next parameter would be compatibility.

“The Matrix, a.n.a.lyze the compatibility between Dark Light Realm and Dark Mist!”

The Matrix began to a.n.a.lyze the compatibility between the two spells rapidly. Compatibility was crucial in constructing an advanced spell with a beginner spell as the base.

“Beep. a.n.a.lysis completed!”

The Matrix had completed its a.n.a.lysis. Merlin quickly looked at the result and found that the compatibility between Dark Light Realm and Dark Mist was rather high. One of the Spell Models even had ninety-seven percent of compatibility with Dark Mist! Such compatibility had not been achieved by any Guardian Monument’s Spell Model.

Then, Merlin began to choose the best Spell Model by considering overall performance in terms of compatibility, stability, and power. He had gotten used to this process, so he did not take a lot of time to select the best one that suited him.

“Dark Light Realm! Let’s begin to simulate it with Mind Power…”

After choosing the Spell Model, Merlin controlled his Mind Power and began simulating Dark Light Realm’s Spell Model gradually.

However, after taking a brief glance, Merlin noticed that the Dark Light Realm’s Spell Model was extremely complicated. It was far more complex than Guardian Monument’s Spell Model.

In fact, the more complicated the Spell Model, the more Mind Power would be needed to simulate it. When Merlin was considering Dark Light Realm at the Resource Tower, he was advised to be “cautious”, proving the complexity of Dark Light Realm’s Spell Model. Now that he had seen it with his own eyes, it was truly complex to an unimaginable extent.

The Spell Model of some Second-level spells might even be less complicated than Dark Light Realm.

Merlin had simulated a third of Dark Light Realm’s Spell Model with his Mind Power, then he stopped. He opened his eyes and shook his head helplessly. He muttered, “Too complicated. I don’t have enough Mind Power. It seems that if I want to successfully construct Dark Light Realm, I require the maximum Second-level Mind Power or even Third-level Mind Power!”

The Dark Light Realm’s Spell Model was too complex; it required an immense amount of Mind Power to simulate it. Thus, even if Merlin had improved his Mind Power through cultivating advanced Mind Meditation Spell and taking potions, he still could not simulate Dark Light Realm’s Spell Model in his Awareness.

If he simulated it forcefully, he would probably put himself in danger. Merlin would not do anything without absolute confidence.

Although he was regretful that he could not construct Dark Light Realm, Merlin was rather calm. Hence, he proceeded to choose another spell.

Frigid Ice was a good choice. After all, if he successfully constructed Frigid Ice, Merlin would have satisfied one of the conditions to cultivate Pandora Demon Ability, Glacial Finger. He could begin cultivating it after he found hundred years’ ice bone marrow in the future.

Although the strength of Glacial Finger was not known, Merlin thought that it would not be that bad. After all, Frigid Ice, which was a First-level spell, was one of the basic conditions to cultivate it. At the minimum, the strength of Glacial Finger would be greater than that of Frigid Ice.

Even though he was attracted by the cultivation of Glacial Finger, he was clear that Frigid Ice was only a Binding spell. Even if it had ice poison, its offensive ability was obviously less powerful than Offensive spell, Furious Flame.

Merlin’s current Mind Power could only support him to construct a First-level spell. Thus, he would need to decide between Frigid Ice and Furious Flame.

“Never mind. Let’s construct Furious Flame first. In this way, I’ll possess both First-level Defensive spell and First-level Offensive spell. It will help me to balance my ability!”

Merlin considered his choice for a long time and finally decided to go with Furious Flame since Demon Ability, Glacial Finger, still required hundred years’ ice bone marrow. Merlin had not heard of this item before, so he might never find it in this life. This meant that he might never cultivate Glacial Finger.

After some considerations, Merlin thought that it was more fitting to construct Furious Flame first.

He had chosen Furious Flame’s Spell Model a long time ago. When Merlin was back in the Dark Magic Region, he had attempted to construct Furious Flame but he failed due to insufficient Mind Power.

Since Merlin’s Mind Power had increased significantly, he still could not construct a complicated spell such as Dark Light Realm. On the other hand, he would not face any problem in constructing Furious Flame.

Following that, Merlin closed his eyes and Furious Flame’s Spell Model popped in his mind in a three-dimensional image.

Merlin controlled his Mind Power and began to simulate Furious Flame’s Spell Model.

One hour, two hours, three hours…

Until he reached the six-hour mark, Merlin’s mind suddenly quivered. At once, a scorching aura appeared rapidly. Countless Fire Elements appeared next to Merlin.

An element was originally without shape and color. However, if a large number of Elements gathered, they would manifest in a shape. For example, a flame was, in fact, formed by countless Fire Elements, just like ice crystals which were formed by numerous Ice Elements.

At this moment, fiery-colored Elements could be observed around Merlin. This showed the high saturation of Fire Elements around Merlin!

“I did it!”

Merlin opened his eyes and a hint of excitement jumped in his eyes. He had finally constructed his second First-level spell, Furious Flame!

Furious Flame’s Spell Model in Merlin’s Awareness was absorbing endless Fire Elements from his surroundings, acc.u.mulating Magic Power rapidly.

Along with the successful construction of Furious Flame, Merlin now had two First-level Spell Models in his Awareness. The other four Spell Models were Zero-level spells.

Two First-level Spell Models had brought immense pressure upon the other four Zero-level Spell Models. Everything in Merlin’s Awareness had completely lost their equilibrium. There would not be any problem in the short-term but no one knew what would happen in the long run.

The worst it could be was the complete destruction of his Spell Models. Thus, Merlin still could not relax after only constructing two First-level spells. He would need to construct First-level Spell Models for his other Zero-level spells as soon as possible to maintain the balance between the Spell Models in his Awareness.

“Let’s test its power!”

Merlin wanted to know how strong his First-level spell, Furious Flame was, so he pointed his finger to the front. Ice crystals immediately formed on the ground.


Merlin cast Frost continuously a dozen times, alternating it with Large Frost. The ice crystals formed were extremely st.u.r.dy.

By using Fireball, Merlin would still need some time to completely melt the ice crystals formed by Frost.

“Furious Flame!”

Instantly, Merlin cast Furious Flame which he had just constructed. At once, a scorching aura appeared and the temperature in the room appeared to elevate rapidly.

The flame of Furious Flame was not in the shape of fireb.a.l.l.s; it was a line of fire shot into the air, winding around the ice crystals on the ground.

Each line of fire of Furious Flame was highly compressed, so it appeared extremely unstable. Once it hit the target, it would explode.

This was the reason why Furious Flame was named as “furious”.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

After the line of fire touched the ice crystals, the unstable, highly compressed flame immediately exploded. Its power was much stronger than Merlin’s Large Fireball.

Those ice crystals were completely melted in the blink of an eye. The remaining water from the melted crystals had even evaporated into vapor by the high temperature. Only a charred black hole was formed on the ground.


Merlin could not help but draw in his breath. The strength of Furious Flame had exceeded his expectation. Initially, he thought that Furious Flame was a rather common First-level spell but he did not expect it to be this strong. Judging by the power of its flame, not only did it melt the ice crystals but it also blasted a huge hole through solid ground.

In fact, Merlin did not understand why Furious Flame was a common spell but possessed immense strength. These two traits offered different characteristics and the difference was huge. He later understood that many Spell Casters constructed Furious Flame due to its strong offensive abilities.

The ordinary version of Furious Flame was already this powerful. What would the strengthened version of Furious Flame be?

Merlin did not continue the testing as he was extremely satisfied by the performance of Furious Flame.

If he encountered Wizard Heghar again, Merlin could blast through his Defensive spell by relying on the offensive ability of Furious Flame and kill him without casting the strengthened version of Dark Mist!


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