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Chapter 505: Deep Slumber

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


When everything had settled down, Wizard Ossais’ figure appeared. He looked at the post-battle sky, and spotted Wizard Mogan and Wizard Yatho, so he asked cautiously, “Wizard Yatho, Wizard Mogan, why have you come here?”

Now, after the Sky G.o.d’s occurrence, Wizard Mogan who had been originally disgruntled with Wizard Ossais, was even more displeased than ever. If not for the fact that Merlin possessed three Maxims, it would have not ended well.

Therefore, Wizard Mogan sneered at him. “Why? Wizard Ossais, you chose a brilliant location. Heh heh. Merlin almost died!”

“Wizard Merlin was in danger?”

Wizard Ossais took a double take at the cave. At the moment, due to the huge battle involving two Legends and a G.o.d, the cave had been completely destroyed and leveled into flat ground.

Wizard Yatho was also currently dissatisfied with Ossais because this place had turned out to be the Sky G.o.d’s hiding place. Moreover, if not for Merlin’s stroke of luck, Wizard Mogan would not have allowed this matter to rest.

“Ossais, how did you choose a place like this? The Sky G.o.d had been hiding underneath the cave. The spirit monsters were deliberately arranged by the Sky G.o.d to mask his aura. How did you not discover it?”

Wizard Yatho reprimanded sternly. This time, he was indeed a little shaken. If Wizard Mogan had not coincidentally been in the Yatho Dimension, it might have turned into a big trouble.

In fact, it might have turned into another hundred-years long war!

Ossais did not speak. He took one glance at Merlin, and vaguely figured out what had happened before that. Ossais noticed that with the Sky G.o.d’s boundless, unrestrained, and terrifying aura, there might be trouble brewing for the Yatho Dimension.

However, he did not expect that the Sky G.o.d’s appearance was linked to Merlin and the others, and in the exact cave that he had designated. He had almost caused a catastrophe.

“Great Wizard Yatho, I was too careless. Besides Wizard Merlin, what about Damsy and the others?”

Ossais only saw Merlin but he did not see Damsy at the others. As for Damsy and the others, Ossais was quite satisfied with them as they had the potential to inherit his Occult Mind Spells.

It was precisely because of the potential he saw in Damsy and the two others that he gathered them together for the test. Although it appeared like a test on the surface, he was using the test as a method to enhance the Mind Hearts of Damsy and the others. In fact, he was hoping that they could break through to achieve the Eighth-level Mind Heart.

Seeing that no one spoke, Ossais’ face became grim. Finally, it was Merlin who whispered, “Damsy, Fury, and Giado were all killed by the Sky G.o.d!”

When it was confirmed by Merlin, Ossais’ expression tensed up briefly, then grimace appeared on his face. He did not expect that the three Wizards he had hopes in, were all dead.

After a long pause, Ossais spoke, “Very well, Wizard Merlin. You’ve emerged from the cave alive, so naturally, you’ve pa.s.sed the test. I’ll abide by my promise and teach you top-of-the-line Occult Mind Spells!”

Upon Ossais’ agreement to teach Occult Mind Spells to Merlin, Wizard Mogan’s expression began to warm slightly. Then, all of them stepped into a s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage and returned to Wizard Yatho’s palace.

Inside the brilliantly-lit palace, Wizard Yatho and Wizard Mogan were seated high up on the throne. Their expressions were solemn, and their auras were as boundless as the sea.

These two Great Legends were staring at Merlin or more specifically, at the black cat Didimoss on Merlin’s shoulder.

The black cat Didimoss’ current mental state was slightly listless and sleepy, an effect from swallowing too many spirits.


The first to speak was Wizard Mogan. “Merlin, do you know what it means when the half-spirit pet on your shoulder swallowed those spirit monsters, and gradually transforms into a living being?

Seeing the solemn expression on both Great Legends, several thoughts flashed in Merlin’s head but he shook his head and replied, “Teacher Mogan, Didimoss was actually a spirit of a Runic Magic Circle and only became a half-spirit by pure chance. He said that if he swallowed enough spirits, it’ll speed up his transformation into a living being. Is there something wrong with that?”

“Wrong? Haha, what can be wrong? Didimoss is a half spirit that wants to become a living being. It’s a truly difficult process that goes against the natural order, but once he’s successful, he’ll possess unpredictable supernatural powers! Since he’s only a cat and isn’t naturally powerful, he might only have powers of an ordinary Legend once he becomes a living being. If he’s slightly more powerful, he can even rival those peak-level Legends or even the Great Honored Legends!”

It was Wizard Yatho who spoke. His tone revealed his excitement because the transformation of a half-spirit into a living being was a phenomenon that could only be encountered but not sought out. Throughout the vast dimension, only a small handful of spirits would have such luck and opportunity, so, it was extremely rare.


Merlin could not help but exhale a breath of cool air. As long as Didimoss could reverse the spirits and become a living being, then he would immediately possess formidable powers that rivaled an ordinary Legend!

This was truly unbelievable. If it was someone else, Merlin might not believe it at all. However, these words were spoken by Wizard Mogan and Wizard Yatho, who were both Great Legendary Wizards.

Merlin looked at the black cat Didimoss on his shoulder. He did not expect Didimoss to have such potential. It was also an alignment of various coincidences that gave rise to such an opportune potential.

“However, simply swallowing this meager amount of spirits would never be enough. Didimoss now desperately requires spirits. Even if he cannot absorb them now, he must still temporarily store the powers of the spirit. I’ll give Didimoss a leg up and let him swallow spirits until he reaches his limits. Then, once he has fully digested the powers of the spirits, he should be able to properly transform into a living being and possess incredible and powerful power! Being able to reverse the natural order and possess incredible power that rivals the powerful existence of a Legend is also a huge fortune!”

Once Wizard Yatho had finished speaking, he mobilized the power of the dimension, and opened several s.p.a.ce pa.s.sages consecutively.

“Swish swish swish.”

From inside the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage, Wizard Yatho caught one spirit after another from various places in his dimension. They were all caught and presented before the black cat Didimoss.

Some of the spirits were strong and some were weak, but they all seemed to have been bound by Wizard Yatho, and strewn in front of the black cat Didimoss, allowing Didimoss to swallow them.

Presented with so many spirits, the black cat Didimoss also swept aside his sleepy look. His two green eyes glowed brightly, and then he opened his mouth and inhaled.


In an instant, countless spirits were swallowed by Didimoss in a single gulp. Satisfied, the black cat Didimoss leaped onto Merlin’s shoulder and began to snore soundly.

The black cat Didimoss relied on the Runic Magic Circle, so while he snored away, his body became completely concealed. Even Merlin, if he did not pay attention, would not notice him.

“Good, he has fallen into a deep slumber. This means that he has reached his limit. Once he has fully digested those powers, he may undergo a complete transformation as well as possess powers that rival a Legend!”

A small smile appeared on Wizard Yatho’s face when he saw the black cat Didimoss’ antics.

Merlin hesitated for a moment and asked cautiously, “How long will this take?”

“Three to five months at least, and perhaps even up to tens or hundreds of years.”

Wizard Yatho shook his head. Regarding the actual time frame, no one could tell for sure.

If the black cat Didimoss had truly changed forms, then it would be akin to an overnight success for him. Even Merlin could not provide any help to Didimoss and could only wait quietly.

“Well, Merlin, Occult Mind Spells aren’t something you can learn in just a day or two. Why don’t you stay here for a while, so that you can seek guidance from Ossais at any time?”

Wizard Yatho summoned a Spell Caster to lead Merlin out. Merlin would be staying in the Yatho Dimension for a while until he had fully mastered the Occult Mind Spells.


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