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Chapter 652: Return II

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Splash splash.”

Merlin trailed behind Wizard Setoh in the Void Zone. He did not how long they flew before Merlin heard the sound of flowing water in the Void Zone which had no time nor s.p.a.ce.

“I’m beginning to imagine sounds…”

Merlin shook his head slightly, and said with a bitter smile. The Void Zone would not possibly have flowing water, much less the sound of such a thing.

“Splash splash.”

However, this sound grew louder and louder, seeming to reverberate in Merlin’s ears.

“You’re not hallucinating!”

Wizard Setoh suddenly stopped, and pointed at a direction next to Merlin. “Look, what’s that?”

Merlin followed Wizard Setoh’s gaze. The scene in front, which had been empty, after a gesture from Wizard Setoh, was instantly replaced by an image of unparalleled magnificence that appeared before Merlin’s eyes.

A gigantic waterfall plunged from above but it was not water that was flowing but a golden light. These golden rays flowed as one ma.s.sive waterfall, and seemed to be never-ending.

Moreover, below the giant waterfall, the pooling golden light rapidly converged as a starry universe. In that starry universe, there was a dimension shaped like a ball of fog.

This was a dimension. Merlin had seen many dimensions in the Void Zone, and this ma.s.s of fog definitely contained a dimension!

“Merlin, here’s the Glorious Land. Can you guess what that golden waterfall is?”

Wizard Setoh looked at Merlin with a dry smile as he asked.

“Golden waterfall?”

Merlin looked carefully at the golden ribbon of flowing light. He did not discern any force of a Maxim from the golden rays of this waterfall but he would not be mistaken about this imposing presence. This was surely more terrifying than a Maxim.

The golden light was everywhere, surrounding the Glorious Land tightly like a lake. In order to enter the Glorious Land, one must pa.s.s through this lake of golden light to even approach the dimension.

Merlin thought about what Wizard Setoh had said about how the Glorious Land was jointly sealed by the three Great Arcane Wizards. With that, Merlin raised his head and said tentatively, “This golden waterfall, and the golden river – is it the seal of the three Arcane Wizards?”

When Wizard Setoh heard this, he laughed heartily. “Haha, not bad, Merlin, you’ve guessed correctly. This golden waterfall and river are the seal of us three Great Arcane Wizards indeed. If there was someone who could look through our concealment, and they tried in vain to approach the Glorious Land, even a mighty Lord would be instantly killed when they enter the golden river!”

Seeing the cold glint in Wizard Setoh’s eyes, Merlin’s heart jolted. Even a Great King would be instantly killed. This was enough to show the importance of the Glorious Land toward the three Great Arcane Wizards for them to join forces and set up such a fearsome seal.

“Don’t be afraid. There’s a part of me in that seal too. I’m unable to open the other two sides, and a Great Legend would have no way of entering. However, it’s just you alone, and you’re not a Legend. I only have to release the seal that I’ve placed, and you’ll be able to pa.s.s through the golden river and enter the Glorious Land!”

Merlin nodded and became thoughtful. Since this golden river was not a Maxim, and neither was it Elemental energy that Merlin was familiar with, it was a mystical force that Merlin had never seen.

With this bubbling curiosity, Merlin asked softly, “Wizard Setoh, what power is this golden light?”

“What power?”

Wizard Setoh lifted his gaze, and looked toward the Void Zone, his eyes deep and inscrutable.

“Indeed, this isn’t a Maxim because this is the power of the natural order that only ultimate existences can connect to!”

“The power of the natural order?”

Merlin was shocked. He knew that even the Void Zone in fact abided by the natural order. Ultimate existences were likewise limited by the natural order, and no one could break it.

A reversed living being like the black cat Didimoss was reversing the natural order. A being like this, as long as they did not die, would have unimaginable accomplishments in the future.

Ultimate existences were unable to transcend or overcome the natural order. Nevertheless, because of that, the most important standard of becoming an ultimate existence was the ability to connect to the natural order, and receive the greatest possible power permitted under the natural order.

Strictly speaking, ultimate existences were still like Lords, only they were able to successfully connect to the natural order and obtain powers far beyond any Lords. As long as a place had the natural order, the abilities of ultimate existences were nearly endless.

It was not surprising that Merlin would find this golden light to be something unfamiliar. This was the core strength of ultimate existences, to connect to the natural order and seal the Glorious Land. Only then could one escape the G.o.d of Light’s investigations, preventing him from learning about the Glorious Land’s exact position.

“Alright, Merlin, are you ready?”

Wizard Setoh asked with a serious expression.

Merlin nodded. “I’m ready! However, Wizard Setoh, I have one last question. After entering the Glorious Land, how do I leave?”

Merlin pointed at the golden river. He found it hard to imagine – with such a powerful seal, after he had returned to the Glorious Land, how should he come out?

Wizard Setoh shook his head as he explained, “You don’t have to worry about this. The seal we’ve placed is only directed toward the outside but doesn’t affect the inside of the Glorious Land. One only needs to have a Legend’s power. They don’t even need to be a Legend to directly fly out of the Glorious Land. It’s not that different from the ordinary dimensions of the Void Zone. Now that you have the seventh form of Darkness Eye, you can leave the Glorious Land at any time!”

With that, Wizard Setoh’s body exuded golden rays all over, and a marvelous fluctuation induced a sense of reverence in Merlin.

“The natural order?”

Merlin raised his head but saw nothing. Nonetheless, from the depths of his heart, he was overwhelmed by reverence. Nothing else besides the omnipresent natural order would have such an effect of him.


Following Wizard Setoh’s great roar, the entire golden river seemed to be stirred up by a giant at full strength.


The golden light began to boil over but a part of it started to surge apart furiously, and a perfectly straight pa.s.sage appeared, allowing entrance into the Glorious Land.

Merlin drew in a deep breath, and slowly approached the pa.s.sage. The flowing golden light within made him feel a sense of veneration like he did not dare to step in. Wizard Setoh’s body was glimmering with a golden light that was exactly similar, and he appeared incomparably divine.

“Merlin, don’t forget the mission I’ve a.s.signed you to destroy the Church of Light! How can we allow the origin of our Spell Caster civilization to be under the G.o.d of Light’s constant influence?”

Wizard Setoh’s voice rang beside Merlin’s ears. Merlin nodded, and without a backward glance, resolutely stepped into the pa.s.sage.

This pa.s.sage looked to be rather short but in truth, it was very long. Merlin increased his speed. He could even see that the wisps of golden light were folding into each other, which meant that it was strenuous for Wizard Setoh to open this part of the seal. After all, the seal was a unified whole, so if Wizard Setoh opened a part of it, it would be suppressed by the other two parts of the seal.


Merlin finally got through the pa.s.sage, and made it across the golden river. He stood before the thick white fog. This was the closest he had been to the Glorious Land. All he had to do was take a small step, and he would return to the Glorious Land.

Merlin turned to look back. He could still see the piercing golden glow of Wizard Setoh’s body, and behind Wizard Setoh was the boundless, impenetrable Void Zone.


Merlin let out a long sigh, then turned back firmly. His body transformed into a beam of light, and he immediately flew into the Glorious Land, hidden within the white fog.

“Glorious Land, I’m back!”

Merlin shut his eyes, and his figure soon vanished in the dense, white fog…


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