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Chapter 802: Wrath of the Fat Cat! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Be destroyed, haha…”

The Lord G.o.d of Light stood in the Void Zone and regarded the Arcane Cities a distance away from him with a malicious look. There stood the final twenty-six Lords of the Spell Caster civilization.

Most importantly, the Arcane Cities were the symbol of hope for all Spell Casters. Previously when Setoh Arcane City collapsed, it had caused anguish in the hearts of countless Spell Casters. If he could destroy the two remaining Arcane Cities, it would tear down not just the Arcane Cities but also the Spell Casters’ confidence.


When the holy light landed on the Arcane Cities, the cities shook vigorously. The holy light contained the power of the natural order. Fortunately, the Arcane Cities were created by the three Ultimate Arcane Wizards. Therefore, they had the ability to withstand the Lord G.o.d of Light’s power of the natural order.

However, this was merely a slight resistance. Following a continuous siege of holy light rays, the Arcane Cities were at their limits.


Finally, a crack appeared on the defensive layer of the Arcane Cities. The twenty-six Lords in the Arcane Cities paled. They could almost sense the aura of death descending upon them.

“This time, our Spell Caster civilization suffered such a catastrophe. Is there no savior for us?”

Many Great Lords felt utter despair in their hearts. The power of an ultimate existence could not be countered by the sheer number of Lords. Whether it was twenty-six Lords or double that number, it was futile.

The moment the three Arcane Cities collapsed, the confidence of the Spell Casters would be destroyed. Perhaps, when that time comes, the civilization war would no longer be necessary because the Spell Casters would have lost their will to fight.

“Meow… Finally, I’m awake. Hmm? What’s happening?”

No one noticed that from one of the Arcane Cities, a black furry cat as fat as a large dog was blearily opening his sleep-laden eyes. He looked around and saw the entire Arcane City on the verge of destruction by those terrifying rays of holy light.

“This is bad, how can the Arcane Cities be destroyed? Where are the three great Arcane Wizards? I just woke up and am famished. Those light rays look quite delicious.”

The fat black cat stretched his mouth open. Suddenly, a huge feline silhouette appeared over the sky of the Arcane Cities, opening its mouth to swallow the rays of holy light.

“This… What’s this?”

“It swallowed them. Why I’ve never seen this black cat before? What sort of creature is it?”

Even the twenty-six Great Lords of the Arcane Cities did not know where the black cat came from. All they knew was the Lord G.o.d of Light’s holy light which contained the power of natural order was unexpectedly swallowed by the black cat. It was quite embarra.s.sing, to be honest.

“A black cat?”

The Lord G.o.d of Light was also slightly stunned, obviously confused as to this black cat’s origins.

Nevertheless, after swallowing the multiple rays of light, the black cat felt uncomfortable and moaned. “What’s happening? I can swallow almost everything but swallowing these things make me feel so uncomfortable… I can’t, it’s too painful, I need to offset some of its strength.”

The black cat’s huge body grew a few times bigger. His gaze s.h.i.+fted abruptly toward the dense formation of puppets around him. Since all twenty-six Lords stood guard in the Arcane Cities, the puppets encountered almost no resistance as they conquered the numerous dimensions belonging to the Spell Caster civilization. All they wrought upon those dimensions was destruction!

“Gulp gulp gulp.”

The black cat opened his mouth and swallowed these innumerable puppets. His mouth was like a bottomless pit. Not a single puppet could escape being inhaled and swallowed.

“Phew… That felt good. My stomach feels much better now. I guess some things aren’t meant to be swallowed.”

The black cat transformed the freshly-swallowed puppets into his own energy to offset the terrifying powers of the holy light earlier. At this time, the black cat discovered that not everything should be swallowed.

“All… All swallowed? It’s still unharmed?”

The twenty-six Lords were baffled. This black cat who appeared out of the blue was incomprehensibly magical. Not only had it swallowed the Lord G.o.d of Light’s holy light but also swallowed the innumerable puppets. With that, the dangerous predicament faced by the Spell Caster civilization was temporarily cleared. Nonetheless, they still did not know what sort of creature this black cat was.

The Great Lords might not know what it was but upon seeing this black cat, Augustus and Ceci were overjoyed.

“Didimoss, he finally awoke at this moment… That’s right, he’s an existence who had reversed natural order so his accomplishments are unimaginable. Some time ago, I allowed him to swallow as much as he liked, then he started to transform, and fell asleep. Now that he has awakened, judging from his formidable talent, he was comparable to a Greatest Lord?”

Many thoughts flashed past Augustus’ mind. Most of all, he was grateful that Didimoss’ existence was only known to four people – the three great Arcane Wizards and Merlin.

After all, an existence which had reversed the natural order held a great appeal to many of the ultimate existences. Back then, the three Arcane Wizards did not want to attract any trouble, so they started to nurture Didimoss secretly. Surprisingly, that had played out better than expected. The black cat Didimoss’ innate talent had become even more formidable. It could even swallow the holy light which contained the power of the natural order, and escaped harm.

Generally, only a Greatest Lord was able to directly oppose an ultimate existence. Similarly, an ultimate existence could not kill a Greatest Lord. However, such a formidable existence only existed in legends. There were no Greatest Lords in the G.o.d Alliance, Rock Tribe, Tree Tribe or the Spell Caster civilization.

The black cat Didimoss who appeared out of the blue, however, unexpectedly possessed powers comparable to a Greatest Lord!

“A life form that had reversed the natural order?”

Finally, the Lord G.o.d of Light, who was also an ultimate existence, cracked the mystery. Although he did not know the background of the black cat Didimoss, he could see the black cat’s unique characteristics, which was a life form that had reversed the natural order.

This was a creature of legends that was even rarer than a Greatest Lord. No one could predict the extent to which a life form that had reversed the natural order could grow into. It could achieve the level of an ultimate existence or maybe even beyond an ultimate existence. Nothing was impossible.

This was because once a life form had reversed the natural order, it represented infinite possibilities!

The black cat Didimoss heaved a breath of relief. At last, that unpleasant feeling of the holy light had disappeared. It was at this moment that he noticed the situation in the Void Zone.

The black cat Didimoss possessed high intelligence, so he was able to decipher the tense situation with just a single glance.

“Augustus, Ceci. Hmm? Where’s Setoh? Where’s Merlin?”

The black cat Didimoss only knew the three great Arcane Wizards and Merlin. However, at this moment, he did not see Merlin or Setoh.


A figure flew toward him from behind. Seeing this fat black cat, Merlin was filled with unparalleled familiarity.



Although Merlin was merely a Maxim avatar, the avatar still possessed Merlin’s own emotions. Furthermore, Merlin was deeply affectionate toward the black cat Didimoss.

Especially after the Blackfire Lord and Arcane Wizard Setoh died, Merlin had lost everyone he knew. Thus, seeing Didimoss was even more emotional.

“No, this is your Maxim avatar! Merlin, what’s happening?”

Immediately, the black cat Didimoss could tell that this Merlin was merely an avatar.

“Didimoss, Setoh is dead! Didimoss, you’re the only one who can hold back the Lord G.o.d of Light slightly for now. It won’t be too long. I’ll be back soon!”

Merlin’s turned his gaze toward the Lord G.o.d of Light. Currently, he was already rus.h.i.+ng back to the battlefield as fast as he could but he was still a distance away. Therefore, they could only count on Didimoss to block the Lord G.o.d of Light.

Luckily, upon Didimoss’ latest awakening, he seemed to turn extraordinary. Didimoss did not have to confront the Lord G.o.d of Light. Instead, he only had to buy time.

“Hehe, a life form that had reversed the natural order. Augustus, you managed to hide a life form that had reversed the natural order secretively! Regardless of how promising its potential, it’s useless now. All the better, I’ll catch and study you closely. Perhaps, I can unlock more secrets of the natural order.”

A look of greed arose in the Lord G.o.d of Light’s eyes. A life form that had reversed the natural order was a great temptation to any ultimate existence.

While the ultimate existences were integrated with the natural order and possessed unrivaled power, they were still bound by the natural order. No matter what, they were unable to break the boundaries of the natural order.

Therefore, they hoped to find any method of reversing the natural order. For this reason, those life form that managed to reverse the natural order through various combinations of chance naturally became an object of fascination among the ultimate existences.

However, life forms that had reversed the natural order were so rare that even an ultimate existence hardly came across one. Didimoss’ appearance was not considered a bother to the Lord G.o.d of Light but instead, a huge gift.


The Lord G.o.d of Light made a grabbing motion with his hand. His holy light converged and formed a huge hand that made a vicious swipe at the black cat Didimoss.

Simultaneously, the black cat Didimoss understood the danger he was in. Thus, he expanded his body size again to almost as big as a dimension.

“You’re one of those who killed Setoh. Feel the wrath of Didimoss.”

The black cat Didimoss still remembered Setoh who used to capture some good things from him to swallow. Now that Setoh was dead and the Spell Caster civilization seemed mired in danger, Didimoss’ heart was boiling with anger.

Nonetheless, he knew the Lord G.o.d of Light’s fearsomeness so he dared not swallow this terrifying holy light which contained the power of the natural order. Hence, he transformed into his huge body. His huge mouth turned into a horrifying black hole and madly swallowed the dense innumerable puppets in the Void Zone.


The black cat Didimoss’ mouth was filled with incredible suction, so regardless of whether the puppets were comparable to ordinary Legends or Honored Legends, they were unable to resist his suction power. All of them were sucked into Didimoss’ body.

Subsequently, Didimoss’ aura became even more formidable than before. Of course, there was also its boiling rage – the wrath of a fat cat!

“Go!” After swallowing hundreds and thousands of puppets, the black cat Didimoss looked at the holy light which was approaching, and spat. Immediately, a giant fireball was spat out of Didimoss’ mouth and collided brutally with the holy light.


This collusion was extremely forceful. This time, the holy light did not manage to engulf Didimoss’ fireball as easily as the others. It was merely slightly stronger. By the time the holy light could fully surround the fireball, it had been more or less completely consumed.

In their first direct confrontation, the black cat Didimoss had managed to resist the Lord G.o.d of Light!

“Natural talent to convert energy?”

The Lord G.o.d of Light looked thoughtful. Looking at the black cat Didimoss, he could roughly guess Didimoss’ natural talent.

This natural talent was the conversion of energy. Earlier, the black cat Didimoss had swallowed so many puppets, and used its natural talent to convert it into a fireball which was able to withstand the Lord G.o.d of Light’s attack.

Didimoss’ natural talent was extremely formidable because the more enemies he had around him, the more powerful he would become!

The Lord G.o.d of Light’s guess was not far from the truth. The black cat Didimoss’ natural talents were swallowing and trans.m.u.ting. Previously, Didimoss only had the swallowing ability but after this awakening, he had transformed. His trans.m.u.ting abilities finally became much stronger.

This natural talent might be powerful but there was also an obvious flaw. Without a sufficient number of enemies, from where could he trans.m.u.te enough energy?

“Get rid of these puppets. I’ll handle the black cat!”

The Lord G.o.d of Light waved his hand curtly, and the puppets swiftly retreated. Even the Lord-level existences from the Rock Tribe and Light G.o.d Organization retreated.

All that was left standing in the Void Zone was the gradually more dazzling Lord G.o.d of Light and the incomparably huge black cat Didimoss!


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