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Read A World Worth Protecting Chapter 358 – Deterrence!

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Chapter 358: Deterrence!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Through the footages from the live stream, everything was simply too frightening. On the spirit screen, w.a.n.g Baole was standing alone in front of the Beast Tide. He merely bellowed, and instantly, all the ferocious beasts were like frightened, obedient puppies—retreating with fear and tumbling into a mess.

That scene instantly took all the viewers watching the live stream through the spirit screen by surprise. The other candidates and their servants in the New Mars Region felt everything even more distinctively, as a frightening vibe erupted. That feeling spread only a small area but was sufficient to cause everyone’s mind to buzz, and their hearts to be filled with fear.

“What’s going on?”

“w.a.n.g Baole… What… What did he do?”

“How is that possible? This irritating fatty merely gave a command to withdraw, and that managed to make all the ferocious beasts so fearful!” All the candidates and their servants were taken aback, and they looked at w.a.n.g Baole with disbelief and fear. That was especially so for Kong Dao and Li Yi.

What trick is w.a.n.g Baole playing? Li Yi was suspicious, while Kong Dao’s gaze constricted. He was born in the ferocious beast sea and had a mysterious beginning. His instincts were sharper than other people, and that made him feel everything even more strongly.

This frightening force comes from the galactic firmament… Kong Dao inhaled deeply. In his eyes, an additional layer of mystery was now shrouding w.a.n.g Baole.

Additionally, the ferocious beasts in the other areas felt the frightening vibe. They were now running away at high speed in fear, distancing themselves from w.a.n.g Baole with all their might.

Everything that happened created chaos on the battlegrounds, and at the same time, it also made w.a.n.g Baole’s prowess even more prominent!

w.a.n.g Baole looked calm, as if everything to him was as simple and straightforward as blowing a puff of air. Now, as his gaze swept in all directions, he slowly raised his head, looking towards the firmament while carrying a look of steadiness in his eyes. He looked like a formidable expert.

Even though he was a little fat, his looks weren’t bad. In terms of his ability to scare, he could make everyone frightened and unable to see through his tricks.

However, in reality, w.a.n.g Baole was delighted and feeling full of himself. He was left without a choice previously and decided to silently chant the Dao sutra in his heart.

w.a.n.g Baole wasn’t afraid of the suspicions that came with the arrival of this frightening vibe. During the preparation process, which took place even before he entered the a.s.sessment, he had already antic.i.p.ated that this would happen. He evaluated the trade-offs and eventually concluded that if he was really left without any other choices, he would have to be determined.

There was still dignity in his heart. After all, there was a saying in the high officials’ autobiographies that when something was known only by a small portion of people, it could be considered a secret. Right now, it seemed as if he was living in darkness. Everyone who found out about the secret in this darkness would instinctively become greedy and would vie over it.

However… If everyone came to know of this matter, it would no longer be a secret. Instead, it would be exposed like the people standing under the sun. As there was greed, there would be inevitable acts by people to contain and restrict each other. That would actually be the safest outcome.

That was unless everyone who was greedy congregated together. However, right now, with the New Mars Region being watched through live stream by the entire Federation, it was impossible for the greedy people to reach a consensus and join forces.

Therefore, w.a.n.g Baole knew very well that as long as the regulations of the Federation remained in place, and as long as it wasn’t chaos right now, then the theories about secrets as outlined in the high officials’ autobiographies would hold!

After all, the Spirit Inception Era had just begun, and no one would dare say that they didn’t have secrets and unique opportunities. If not, why was it that some people managed to become Core Formation cultivators, while some still remained as True Breath realm cultivators amongst the innumerable crowd?

All these are related to one’s capabilities. Similarly, it was also related to one’s fate!

At the same time, amongst the live stream viewers from the Federation, the major figures from the Federation, including the Martian Colony Governor, all of them narrowed their eyes. Thoughts ran through their heads when the giant tree suddenly tightened its fists. No one could see through what was happening, but he was reminded of an incident in Coulomb Basin, and that made him grit his teeth. He knew that w.a.n.g Baole was pretending again, and a glow immediately flashed across his eyes. Instinctively, he wanted to speak up about it, leveraging on this incident to make w.a.n.g Baole a hated individual, and at the same time, making himself the subject of jealousy and fear!

However, just as he was about to open his mouth, he frowned slightly and thought about it. He merely cursed w.a.n.g Baole for being sly under his breath, and helplessly gave up the thought of causing a ripple effect.

The giant tree was the only one who knew those thoughts. It was without question that the others had no idea what he was thinking about, but at this moment, numerous major figures of the Federation looked bizarrely at w.a.n.g Baole through the Spirit screen. They were all clear that w.a.n.g Baole must be holding onto some sort of special tool.

Amongst them, there were some whose first thought was to find out what that unique tool was. However, they soon hesitated. w.a.n.g Baole was gradually becoming more powerful and would become a Primary Rank Four n.o.ble once he successfully became the mayor of the New Mars Region, which would make him a high official of the Federation. To a certain extent, as the zone he would be in control of was a critical area, he would hold a power similar to those who were Primary Rank Three n.o.bles.

Even if w.a.n.g Baole didn’t become the mayor of the New Mars Region eventually, the thought of revealing his secrets in public still made those who carried the intent hesitate.

After all, no one who achieved their current position was a fool. Even if they were momentarily consumed by ridiculous thoughts, they soon got a grip of themselves…

The reality was that there was an entirely different meaning to finding out the secret through one’s own effort and revealing everything in public. Everyone wanted to be in possession of the secret, and that made it difficult for everyone to join forces. The matter should never be exposed, even if a consensus was reached, or if there was an agreement for someone to act. Otherwise, it would become an indelible mark if people from the Federation were to know about it.

This was a matter that people of higher status, cultivation, and dreams, should never get themselves involved in.

Furthermore, w.a.n.g Baole had quite a background… To a certain extent, it could be said that once he became the mayor of the New Mars Region, those who had the intention to risk it would have no choice but to give up on their plans.

In reality, w.a.n.g Baole also knew well that he was taking a risk this time around. However, through his evaluation, he concluded that nothing was certain in life. Therefore, there was no harm to risk it during certain crucial turning points in life!

If I win, I would have made a giant leap towards becoming the mayor of the New Mars Region. If I lose, I will just quietly return to the Dao College and suck up to the Grand Supreme Elder. On the battleground, w.a.n.g Baole lifted his head and looked in all directions. He felt for his storage bag, which contained three sculptures that he had created.

One was of the Federation President Duan Muque, the other was the Grand Supreme Elder, while the last was that of the Martian Colony Governor. That was the escape route he had thought for himself. If anyone were to ask him about what happened today, he would showcase the three sculptures, and say an obvious but irrefutable lie.

Whatever, I, w.a.n.g Baole, do, will be full proof! w.a.n.g Baole was delighted as he felt the frightening vibe that he had attracted slowly dissipating. He was more than accustomed to that feeling.

As he thought about how he had only bellowed out two words but could result in such a strong and frightening force erupting, w.a.n.g Baole felt that with a simple snap of his fingers, the capabilities he exhibited were to be feared. He didn’t care much about the nagging feeling that seemed to be waking him up somewhere in the depths of the cosmos.

However, if I use this trick too many times, would it really awaken? w.a.n.g Baole, who was in a state of delight, suddenly harbored this thought. He got a shock, but when he thought of Little Missy who was always accurate and truthful in her words telling him that everything was fake, he slightly heaved a sigh of relief. However, he was still fearful and planned to confirm the theory with Little Missy after the a.s.sessment concluded.

*Otherwise, every time I chant the sutra, it would be like slapping an asleep person before running away, then returning to slap them again… *The more w.a.n.g Baole thought about it, the more nervous he grew, and he decided not to ponder over the matter anymore. Right now, as he watched the Beast Tide shunning away from his territory and approaching the zones belonging to the other candidates, w.a.n.g Baole felt that he was safe. He kept his Dharmic Armament, and calmly and arrogantly walked back to his base, his hands behind his back.

The moment he returned, he immediately activated some of his puppets and directed them towards the bases of the eliminated candidates, furiously tearing down and moving their belongings as others watched on.

At the same time, Li Yi’s shock was slowly transformed into hatred as the Beast Tide arrived, and as she watched w.a.n.g Baole shamelessly tearing down everything. However, she was helpless and could only try to resist with all her might.

The Beast Tide this time, however, was extremely powerful. Very soon, the base of one candidate was destroyed, and he had no choice but to crush the jade slip and get transported away.

w.a.n.g Baole grew agitated as he witnessed what happened. He activated some puppets again to continue the process of tearing down and transporting the resources. In order to prevent the Beast Tide from interrupting the puppets, w.a.n.g Baole gave his all and made his way there personally, while chanting the Dao sutra…

Just like this, the entire process was extremely smooth. As others resisted the beasts while cursing under their breaths, w.a.n.g Baole successfully emptied two bases and began to construct his own base furiously.

Until now, there were only half of the original ten candidates left resisting the Beast Tide. Amongst them, other than Li Yi, Kong Dao, and w.a.n.g Baole, the remaining two were finding it hard to withstand it. Eventually, one of them could no longer hold on, and even before w.a.n.g Baole could send his puppets to the base, and even before the current Beast Tide ended, the sixth Beast Tide suddenly began!

In the loud boom, within the Divine Armament Catacombs, more ferocious beasts emerged, covering a larger area than before as they roared!

It was at this moment that w.a.n.g Baole had finally gotten sufficient resources to construct the stronghold that was suitable for combat. As loud clanging noises reverberated within the base, this gigantic block-like stronghold suddenly let out loud booms.

It was in operation!

w.a.n.g Baole was revitalized. He raised his right hand and pointed towards the incoming Beast Tide in the distance.

“Eternal Fortress, suppress them!”


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