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ABO Cadets is a Webnovel completed by Die Zhiling, Điệp Chi Linh, 蝶之靈.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Volume 1: San Romia Military Academy

Chapter 1: Admission to Military School

Rennes planet on the edge of the Cigar Galaxy, this is a very barren and desolate planet, with a population of less than 100 million. Unlike other planets with four seasons and habitable spring-like atmosphere, Rennes was frosty, snowing all year round. The entire planet was a world of snow and ice, white as far as the eye can see.

Such a cold place was inhabited thanks to the huge amounts of energy reserves stored under the planet’s surface—a mineral named blue crystal that is essential for making large warships. His Majesty even dispatched an army stationed to oversee the mining of this precious mineral.

Cosmic Calendar 798 winter, on December 24, Christmas Eve. RN1317 Rennes planet, a very ordinary civilian residential area. In an ordinary living room, a virtual Christmas tree with different colors of laser lights pulsing to the rhythm of some music. The music and constantly flashing lights filled the simple three bedroom house with a festive atmosphere.

There was a scent wafting from the kitchen.

A beautiful woman is cooking seriously, next to her is a young girl, her hair up in ponytail, decorating a colorful cake. The smell of the food and the sweetness of the cake mix together, creating a smell that’s easy to open the appet.i.te.

Out from the wind and snow a young juvenile enters the house, from the door he was immediately attracted by the rich aroma.

The teenager was apparently an Asian boy, with ink-black hair and bright eyes, his soft snowflake-light black hair was against his ear, in stark contrast to his fair complexion.

The boy held out his hand, breathed into his palms and gently rubbed them together, his ears were bitingly red. He quickly changed out of his shoes and took off his warm coat, walked into the kitchen and greeted the busy woman with a smile: “Mom, I’m home! ” – listening to the sound of his voice was like listening to a string of sweet musical notes.

The cooking woman turned to greet him, but when she saw the boy’s red ears, she could not help but worriedly say: “Is it that cold outside? Xiao Yuan, quick go take a hot bath, the food will be done soon. ”

Lin Yuan said with a smile:” It’s all right, I’ll help you guys! ”

He went to his sister’s side, curiously looked at the cake and rolled up his sleeves to help, but his sister frowned and pushed him away:” Go, go, go, the less people in the kitchen the less chaos, there’s no need for your help, just wait to eat!” Lin Yao pushed her brother out the door, while rubbing his silky black hair until it was messed up to satisfaction.

Lin Yuan can’t help but say, “Sis, I’m not Hobby, can you not rub my head like that?”

Hobby, the small white dog he picked up two years ago in front of the s.p.a.ce station, his sister often rubbed it from head to toe, she’d even weave its long hair into a braid.

After hearing his master’s voice, a little braided Hobby happily ran in and rubbed up against Lin Yuan’s leg, issued a little whine of grievance. Lin Yuan picked it up sympathetically.

Lin Yao stared at him: “You still haven’t taken a shower?”

After saying this she gave Hobby a stern look, the little dog immediately fearfully shrunk his head into Lin Yuan’s arms.

“……” Lin Yuan quickly held Hobby and turned away so it couldn’t suffer from his sister’s gaze attack any longer.

When he came out of the shower the food was already spread out on the table. There was a round cake, delicately covered with a ring of fresh strawberries, written on it was “Happy 18th Birthday Lin Yuan”.

Although his sister has an aggressive personality, she has a hand for cooking, especially her delicious handmade cakes. The virtual candles on the cake in the dark room is like a burst of fireworks. Lin Yuan’s heart can’t help but fill with warmth. Although they’re only virtual candles, blowing out candles has always been their family tradition.

He was born of Christmas Eve. Every year his mother and sister would use this ancient and solemn way to celebrate his birthday. Although he grew up without a father, and didn’t know what type of personality his father had, he never lacked for warmth in his single parent family. His mother’s cooking and his sister’s personally baked cake, was the best birthday present he could have.

Lin Yuan started to cut into the cake, but was stopped by Lin Yao: “Hey, don’t forget to make a wish.”

“Oh, yeah.”

Lin Yuan smiled, gently close his eyes, clasped his hands, and made a wish– the same wish he’s made every year since he knew what a wish was –To get out of here one day.

Lin Yuan always felt that he did not belong here. In his dreams, there would always appear a warm aqua blue planet with sunny skies, sea and sand, fresh air and green plants, a planet suitable for human life. He did not want to stay in this barren desert land of ice and snow all his life. Rennes had fewer and fewer residents each year, and seeing those people one by one moving to other galaxies, Lin Yuan could not help but think: “One day I’ll leave here with my mother and sister.” He wanted to take them out of this cold and desolate place, and live in his warm, spring filled dream planet.

–Fortunately, this desire will soon be achieved.

Because he just got an admission letter from the San Romia Military Academy.

After dinner ended, Lin Yuan returned to the bedroom, dug through his backpack and took out an exquisite dark blue envelope. The envelope paper was very high quality and felt thick in his hands. The right corner of the envelope had a beautiful insignia, similar to the wings of an Eagle, printed on it– the coat of arms of the Lacey Empire Army.

In this age of accelerating technology, connection between people was through e-mail and visual communication devices, this ancient letter sending is very rare, only the San Romia Military Academy would use such a grand way to contact students. Of course, an e-mail message was also sent out. This paper acceptance letter was sent to students as a souvenir.

–San Romia Military Academy, Lacey Empire’s best military academy. Many of the empire’s generals, the Marshals, and even the Empire’s Majesty, Mark Strand, have studied there. For this reason, San Romia Military Academy’s exquisite paper acceptance letter was carefully treasured by many students, it even became their crowning glory.

Lin Yuan touched the letter, his lips can’t help but rise slightly higher, his black eyes filled with undisguised delight.

–I actually got in!

Soon, he’ll be a San Romia Military Academy student, the wise generals and His Majesty himself will be his alumni!

His mother and sister were watching the news on the virtual optical screen in the living room, Lin Yuan sat down by his mother, handed her the envelope, hugged her shoulders, smiled and said, “Mom, take a look at this. ”

“What is it?”

A little doubtful, Mrs. Lin took the envelope, saw the lower-right corner of the envelope had an Eagle pattern, fingers shaking a little, took a deep breath, and opened the envelope to see the silver printed handwriting on the beautiful letter.

–San Romia Military Academy admission notice.

Student Lin Yuan, with outstanding results on the entrance examination, is admitted to San Romia Military Academy as student No. 598 of the military command section. Please report to the Academy on or before January 18, cosmic calendar 799. The woman suddenly closed the notice, face pale, and looked back at Lin Yuan: “You secretly attended the army’s public exam?!”

“……” Lin Yuan was shocked silent, he thought when his mother saw the letter she’d be happy for him, but his mom’s shocked expression didn’t have a hint of joy and she rarely spoke to him in such a shrill tone.

Lin Yuan paused, quizzically scratched his head and said: “Mom, I’m sorry, you were in hospital, the Military Academy was open for admissions and I didn’t have time to tell you……”

“Yeah, Lin Yuan told me he was signing up!”

Lin Yao tried to clear her brother’s name. She took the notice from her mother hands, reading the letter back and forth several times carefully, after confirming, Lin Yao rubbed her brother’s hair: “Good for you! I really didn’t expect it’d be real! San Romia Military Academy! Wow, that’s the best school in this whole empire! ”

Lin Yuan felt embarra.s.sed by her pet-like hair rubbing, quickly moved his head to avoid the clutches of his sister, and secretly sneaked the innocent dog relaxing in the corner of the sofa into his sister’s hand. Lin Yao shifted targets, held Hobby in her arms, rubbed his little fluffy head, and said with a proud expression: “My brother will certainly become an excellent warship Commander! No, forget being a commander, my brother will be a five-star General! I was a General’s sister, hahaha! “

Little Hobby: “Woo wowo…..”

Lin Yuan: “cough cough … …”

The two siblings were joking around, turned around only to find that their mother’s face was paler, her fingers were even slightly trembling.

Lin Yuan worriedly asked, “Mom, what’s wrong?”

Lin Yao also put down the dying from excessive rubbing Hobby, said:” Mom, don’t get angry, you were sick in the hospital, Xiao Yuan just didn’t want to worry you so he didn’t say anything. ”

Mrs. Lin was silent for a moment, looked at her son:” Well, do you have to go to military school? Isn’t it better to test to another school? After all, military … …Military schools are very strict…… ”

Lin Yuan waved her concerns away with a smile: “I’m a boy, that type of hard work is nothing, plus being a soldier has always been my dream, I always wanted to grow up and go to a Military Academy.”

Lin Yuan paused, finally puzzled at his mom’s reaction, “Mom, you don’t want me to go to San Romia Military Academy?”

“Of course…of course not……” Mrs. Lin just laughed, “that’s our Empire’s best school, the entrance examinations are very strict, only a small amount of students are admitted each year, you pa.s.sed by your skill alone, Mom is very happy for you. ”

Mrs. Lin stood up from the couch and gently rubbed his head,” You guys talk, I’m going to bed early.”

The siblings watched her leave, both eyes looked at each other quizzically. They could not perceive their mother’s abnormalities, Mrs. Lin personality has always been gentle, they thought she looked pale because she was too excited and because of her poor health.

After she left, Lin Yao once again entered into “My brother’s been admitted to the top school in the Empire” Ecstasy, she told her brother a variety of things to pay attention to, while gallantly leading him to his bedroom to quickly pack his luggage.

–Only a short two weeks before San Romia Academy opens its gates.


At 11 o’clock in the evening.

Raging winds, heavy snow, a beautiful woman wrapped in a thick coat appeared at the doorway of a Villa, she rang the bell, and was soon invited inside.

The woman’s pale fingers were trembling, her voice rose at the sight of the person who appeared in front of her: “Professor Fornt, you have to help me think of something……”

The professor was already more than 50 years old, slightly portly figure, and as a doctor, he was very gentle towards people. He saw Mrs. Lin’s pale face, quickly brought her to the living room, and poured her a cup of hot water. He softly whispered, “Mrs. Lin, don’t worry, please speak slowly.”

Mrs. Lin clutched the cup in her hands, her lips quivering, and said:” Ahhh, Xiao Yuan…he enrolled in the San Romia Military Academy, and was accepted …Oh my G.o.d, he kept telling me he’s joining the military…. ”

Fornt was shocked silly: “You mean, the directly governed by the military San Romia Academy?”

Mrs Lin nodded, her face tense. Fornt’s face also changed, “As far as I know, San Romia Military Academy’s rules are very strict.”

“I know, if a student is admitted to the academy, they’re required by the military to report on time, otherwise they will be considered a deserter….” Mrs. Lin paused:” But, but how can I let him go to military school? He’s an Omega … …Oh my G.o.d, he’s already 18 years old what if in school he….. ”

Mrs. Lin was afraid to continue. At 18 years old, an Omega will enter their first season of their life. An Omega will completely lose control during estrus, dominated by their nature, they’ll only aspire to be embraced, be occupied, be marked. In the military there are countless Alpha, a single Omega who can enter estrus at any time, aren’t they no different than a sheep thrown into a den of wolves?


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