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Chapter 079. The Uninhabited Planet

Ling Yu had an awfully long dream.

Black clouds shrouded densely overhead in his dream, there was darkness between the heavens and the earth and lightning streaks across the vast sky like it was fiercely splitting the earth open. The rumbling explosions of thunder were deafening and the rain poured heavily down making his clothes thoroughly drenched in an instant.

He has seemingly once again returned to his youth, in those dry and dull yet simple years of life in the underground city.

The youth in the dream grasps the metal wire and quickly walks across the top of Locke Castle. The downpour pelts against his body, but he doesn’t care at all. He leaps onto the roof and then drops to the ground in three or two leaps with a single-minded focus.

The leather shoes came in contact with the ground and produced a pleasantly light “pa” sound. The youth wiped the rainwater off his face with his hands and pushed open the heavy metal doors of the villa. He took a lift and entered a room on the ground floor.

Ling Yu directed his clear voice towards the kitchen: “Brother, I’m back.”

There was someone cooking in the kitchen, a youth with the same tall and thin build, wrapped in a white ap.r.o.n. The youth’s expression looks very gentle, he turns his head around to give a smile to the Ling Yu who looked to be completely drenched like a drowned rat, he throws a towel over at him in pa.s.sing: “Quickly go dry yourself off, you’ll catch a cold.”

“En.” Ling Yu took the towel and patted his black hair dry. He turned around and went to the living room to take a seat.

Ling Feng soon came out with two plates of stir-fried vegetables in both of his hands: spicy pak choi and julienned potatoes. This is the thing they usually end up eating more often than not. The food inside the underground city’s storage is limited, meat is even more extremely rare, and the menu for the two brothers has always been monotonous like this. Fortunately, Ling Feng’s culinary talent is very good and he can make all kinds of things out of simple potatoes and Chinese cabbage.

Ling Feng dished out a bowl of rice in front of his younger brother and smiled as he said: “Uncle Sean told me today that our ident.i.ty cards are already done being forged. You can still go by your original name. When I go to school, I will change my name to Sander. This way, it won’t arouse people’s suspicions. Next winter when we go take part in the exams, so long as we inject out inhibitors on time, we can live the rest of our lives as Betas.”

Ling Yu heard his own voice excitedly say: “Great, I really want to hurry up and go see the world outside.”

Ling Feng smiled and asked: “Do you have a school that you want to go to?”

Ling Yu raises his head and says: “I want to take the entrance examination to St. Romia Military Academy, naturally the best military academy in our Empire.”

Ling Feng’s complexion slightly changed, “Are you insane? You want to go to the army? If by any chance you are discovered……”

Ling Yu calmly said: “Brother, we were predestined to be Omegas from birth, whether it be a doctor or a teacher, once you are discovered, it is the same great crime regardless…… If so, why can’t I do what I’d like to do?”.

Seeing that his older brother had fallen silent, Ling Yu continues on to say: “The Empire has been hard-pressed in the war against the Federation. The Empire’s front line has already been consecutively defeated in battles for several years. I want to be a soldier. I want to pilot a mech to the front line to make those Federation b.a.s.t.a.r.ds join their ancestors— this is my biggest dream. Brother, just consent to it.”

Ling Feng frowned: “But there are so many Alphas in the military academy……”

Ling Yu said: “You can rest a.s.sured that I will be far away from them. Moreover, the inhibitors Uncle Sean gave us are very reliable, as long as I inject them once every three months no one will know that I am an Omega.”

Ling Feng silently looked at his little brother for a long time and only then said in a low voice: “Are you not afraid of dying on the battlefield?”

Ling Yu smiled and said: “Compared to straightforwardly fighting to the death on the battlefield, being put under house arrest like other Omegas to be used as a birthing machine…… don’t you think that is even more dreadful?”


“Brother, we didn’t have our parents around as children, you are my sole relative in this world. If one day, something bad really happens to me on the battlefield, you must not feel sad no matter what.” Because, for Ling Yu, this is truly the right place to die……


Ling Feng was suddenly roused from his dreams.

He also had the same dream of those difficult yet austere days of his youth living in the underground city together with Ling Yu.

The SAV-II virus wreaked havoc and s.n.a.t.c.hed away their father’s life that year and their mother also died from poor health after giving birth to the two brothers. The twin brothers were single-handedly brought up by Dr. Sean, who was a Beta.

He and Ling Yu have been interdependent on each other from their childhood, treating each other as their only close relatives. Together, they spent an endlessly long 18 years in the pitch-black underground city without a glimmer of daylight. Later on, they went their separate ways and tested out for different specialized fields. After the two went to school, they couldn’t help but find themselves getting in touch with one another less and less, however, the subtle telepathy between them had never been broken off.

Even though they were separated by a great distance, he can still sense the existence of that person and sense his breath of life.

However, at the moment……

This sort of connection was suddenly broken off.

It was as if that younger twin brother of his who was born on the same day abruptly faded away from this world.

Ling Feng sat on the bed in a daze, tears continually slipped from the corners of his eyes, and his face had unwittingly been ice-cold for a long time.

Suddenly, a powerful arm stretched out from behind him and tightly wrapped around his shoulders. At the same time, a warm hand lightly brushed his cheek, gently wiping off the unceasing torrent tears falling from his eyes for him.

Udir’s low deep and low voice rang in his ears, “What happened to you? Did you have any nightmares?”

Ling Feng hangs his head down and shakes as he wraps his arms around Udir, burying his face into the warm embrace of the other party.

He could sense that his little brother has encountered great danger. He even felt that his brother already seems to have no signs of life……

The twin brothers who had been living interdependently for so many years and could even sense each other’s existence, for this kind of connection to suddenly disappear, it is as if a piece of himself had been dug out from the bottom of my heart, it was as if the other half of his soul was suddenly pulled away from his body……

Ling Feng only felt that the bottom of his heart was incomparably empty.

His younger brother might have already died, this kind of feeling makes him despair to the point of nearly falling apart.


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