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Chapter 142 Spirit Intent

The familiar curtain of light rays fell apart and left behind a bronze-colored mahjong tile with a 3D word ‘ten’ drawn on it. It was filled with an aesthetic aura.

“Congratulations on receiving a time emblem!”


Sun Mo couldn’t help but whistle. He had received the thing that he needed the most. If not for the fact he needed to save up to purchase that great teacher halo, he would’ve bought a bunch of time emblems and upgraded all his skills to ancestor-grade.

The price of a good dictated the quality, just like how the grade of a skill dictated its power.

After attempting the grandmaster-grade Spirit Gathering Rune Drawing Technique and experiencing the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, he felt uncomfortable looking at expert-grade skills.

Nothing could be done, having obsessive-compulsive disorder was a pain in the a.s.s.


Lu Zhiruo pouted. Even though she didn’t detest it, why did Teacher Sun always touch her head? Because she was too stupid? Did he touch her head so that she could become more clever?

“Yes, that must be it. Teacher’s Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands is very formidable!”

Lu Zhiruo felt that she had discovered the truth and was suddenly moved to tears. However, why didn’t she have any feeling after being touched on her head?

(Can it be that I’m really too stupid?)

Ding! Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +15, Friendly (658/1000). Sun Mo who was still immersed in joy was startled by the notification and looked at Lu Zhiruo with an astonished gaze. (What did you imagine this time around?)

(I know that you’re my little crazy fan, but you don’t have to be so exaggerating, can you? If it continues, I might become arrogant!)


The papaya girl leaned her head toward the side and revealed a bright smile, seeming just like a fresh flower blooming in summer. However, she quickly became serious.

“Teacher, I will definitely work hard and not disgrace you!” “En!”

Sun Mo took the chance to touch his lucky star’s head again.

The papaya girl made use of this situation and rubbed her head against Sun Mo’s palm.

He couldn’t deny that this feeling was extremely good. It felt even softer than the meek Siamese cat from his colleague’s house, making Sun Mo want to rear a cat in his house too.

Finally, it was time for the highlight of the show—the golden treasure chest!

After the brilliance scattered, a skill book quietly floated in front of his eyes, twinkling with golden-colored rays of light.

“Congratulations, you’ve received grandmaster-grade ‘Basic Ma.s.sage Technique’. This consists of the fundamentals of the ancient ma.s.sage technique. You can utilize it before and after cultivation for warm-ups and maintenance.”

Sun Mo had previously grasped the Muscleforge Technique, Circulation Technique, and Living Blood Technique. They were all special ma.s.sage techniques that targeted a certain area of the body. As for this Basic Ma.s.sage Technique, it could be used anywhere and by anyone as a supplement to the big 4 branches of the Ancient Ma.s.sage Technique.

“Oh well, I really am becoming a foot-ma.s.seuse this time around.”

Sun Mo was speechless. The skill book was pretty good and very functional, but its name was extremely unpleasant to hear, not high-end at all.

Sun Mo then looked at the color of the sky. It was noon break and was still early for the afternoon lesson.

“Zhiruo, don’t practice anymore. Come, let’s go to Ziqi’s house.”

Sun Mo took the lead. On the way, he conveniently studied the Basic Ma.s.sage Technique.

Li Ziqi had bought the house long ago. After knowing that Sun Mo was staying at the crowded intern teachers’ dorm, she gave him a key and let him stay there as he pleased.

The teachers from Central Province Academy were never short of money; hence, they basically had acquired houses near the school’s vicinity. This residence that Li Ziqi had bought wasn’t the most expensive one, but it had the best environment for meditation and cultivation. Hence, she didn’t need to worry about people disturbing Sun Mo’s peace.

Lu Zhiruo rushed over to take the key and opened the lock. Then she walked in.

Sun Mo’s cultivation arts needed to be kept confidential. Otherwise, according to Li Ziqi’s thoughtfulness, she would’ve arranged for female servants to serve on the side.

“Prepare for a bit!”

Sun Mo instructed.

At the east wing, after a short while, Lu Zhiruo had changed into a pair of silk short pants and a little sleeveless top.

However, Sun Mo couldn’t see it. Just like previously, his eyes were covered up with a black scarf.

“Teacher, why do you need to wear that?”

Lu Zhiruo didn’t understand. “Could it be for some kind of ceremonial procedure?”

“Lie down!”

Sun Mo didn’t answer. He couldn’t possibly say that he was afraid he couldn’t control himself because of her big papayas, right?


The papaya girl fit herself snugly on the bamboo bed and lay down perfectly like a salted fish.

Sun Mo didn’t dilute the ancient whale oil with water this time around and poured it straight on her body. Then he started applying the Basic Ma.s.sage Technique.

Sun Mo’s ten fingers rubbed across Lu Zhiruo’s shoulders. “Am I a little fat?”

Lu Zhiruo was a little worried. Recently, she had been eating until full every day and felt that she might have become fatter.

If she was being resented due to this, what could she do?

However, Sun Mo didn’t pay attention to it, focusing on the ma.s.sage.

After a few minutes, Lu Zhiruo felt very thirsty and her whole body was covered in sweat. She felt as though she had been thrown into a huge iron pot and was being stewed.

The essence of the ancient whale oil started to seep into Lu Zhiruo’s body. And coupled with the ma.s.sage technique, it gradually upgraded her apt.i.tude.

Since the genie didn’t appear, Sun Mo could only do it himself and it took him about 1 hour.

Sun Mo’s hands weren’t tired, but he was feeling annoyed!

“I’ve really become a foot-ma.s.seuse now.”

As he was kneading and rubbing papaya girl’s toes, Sun Mo wanted to cry but no tears were coming out. Nothing could be done; there were many acupoints on the feet that needed to be pressed on.

Finally, the entire set of ma.s.sage ended.

Lu Zhiruo had long since fallen asleep from comfort. Her saliva flowed over her neck and dripped onto the floor.

“Wake up!”

Hearing the smooth breathing sounds of the papaya girl, Sun Mo wasn’t too happy and gave her a slap.


The sound of the slap was clear and crisp.


Lu Zhiruo sat up, rubbed her eyes, and looked at her surroundings dumbfoundedly. “Is it time to eat? I’m not hungry yet, I’ll go later!”

Just as Sun Mo was hesitating on whether to give her another slap, Lu Zhiruo suddenly shot up from the bed. As she was too anxious, she knocked herself against the leg of the bamboo bed and it was so painful that she grimaced in pain.

“Teacher, I… I…”

Lu Zhiruo was so anxious she wanted to cry. Her teacher was helping her to tuina and ma.s.sage her, but she had fallen asleep. She must be looking for death!

“It’s ok, go take a bath and pack up!”

Sun Mo turned around and pulled down the scarf that was tied around his eyes. After that, he went to the courtyard, took out the time emblem, and kneaded it into pieces.

Bronze-green fluorescence immediately sputtered onto Sun Mo’s body and he was entirely misted with a layer of green.

Some abstruse and mysterious images flowed through Sun Mo’s head. However, he digested and mastered them comprehensively. They then became a part of his memory and instinct.


“Congratulations, your Grand Universe Formless Divine Art has experienced 10 years of tough practice. Third level ‘copy’ has been upgraded to grandmaster-grade, and the fourth level ‘spirit intent’ has reached expert-grade.”

Sun Mo stood at his spot and was finely appreciating the essence of the fourth level.

As it was called spirit intent, it meant to let Sun Mo copy the skills from his opponents, not only in the form of shape and appearance but in the form of spirit as well.

One must know that for a matter like a person’s spirit, it was the hardest to imitate.

This was like the same kind of calligraphy but when drawn by different people, there would be a different kind of appearance, and the same thing happened for cultivation arts.

This type of spirit intent was to copy over the opponent’s spirit as originally as possible.

In simple words, Sun Mo could not only imitate the spirit from newbies who were new to cultivation, but could also imitate those from sword heroes or gun saints.

Only when he could imitate both the spirit and appearance would he be able to teach his students effectively.

After Lu Zhiruo finished packing, she didn’t return to school immediately but stayed in the courtyard and started to cultivate the first level of Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. She was very serious; her little solemn face had no other expression and was like a rigid poker face. “Your mentality is incorrect. You need to treat cultivation as a form of enjoyment!”

Sun Mo coached. “Oh!”

Lu Zhiruo scratched her head. “How do I treat it as a form of enjoyment?”

“When you’re practicing the moves, you must feel happy and don’t wish to stop.”

Sun Mo explained.

Lu Zhiruo pondered over it and split open her mouth as though she was smiling. Then, she continued to practice varying moves and styles.

Sun Mo was speechless. However, he also understood that Lu Zhiruo had endured great mental pressure for not being able to reach the body-refinement realm successfully.

If she still couldn’t do it by thirteen years old, it would prove that she didn’t have the gift for cultivation and was just an ordinary person. She would then be withdrawn from school.

“Alright, stop practicing, let’s play a game now!”

Sun Mo made Lu Zhiruo stop. Then he pulled out his wooden blade and drew a big square in the middle of the courtyard. “Let’s play a catching game. If I catch you within 3 minutes, then I win and you have to receive my punishment. If I can’t catch you, you win and you can punish me!”

“No…… no, how can I punish teacher!”

Lu Zhiruo hurriedly shook her head.

“This punishment can be anything, such as make me cook your dinner tonight or help you to buy some food, etc.”

Sun Mo explained.

“Can I ask you questions?!”

The papaya girl blinked her big eyes and looked at Sun Mo. She was extremely interested in her teacher’s past.


Sun Mo nodded. “Then let’s quickly get to it!” Lu Zhiruo tightened her fists and seemed to be staring at something. Her mind was highly focused and she couldn’t stop mumbling 3 minutes to herself.

Sun Mo pounced on her.


Lu Zhiruo was like a wild cat that had been startled by a pa.s.ser-by. She immediately scuttled out of the way. Sun Mo’s eyes brightened. The papaya girl was suddenly very agile and her movements were more coordinated than when she was cultivating, could she be an actual combat-type?


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