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Chapter 57: Invulnerable Glaze Golden Body!

There was no sound around except for the summer breeze.

Zhang Sheng’s facial expression turned from hopeful to stunned. She could’ve just continued talking in her dreams, must she have shouted ‘teacher’?

It was ridiculous! It got him excited for nothing.

Zhang Sheng stared at Lu Zhiruo while dragging his footsteps down the stairs, but until the end, she didn’t have any intention of acknowledging him as her master.

“Humph! One day, even if you were to acknowledge me as your master, I will not agree to it!”

Zhang Sheng cursed.

(I must also recruit a female student with bigger b.r.e.a.s.t.s than this papaya girl!)

Sun Mo went out and saw Lu Zhiruo sleeping. Her saliva was almost flowing out.

“Cough cough!”

Sun Mo coughed and pinned the wooden blade on his left waist.

When Lu Zhiruo heard the sounds, she jumped up immediately with a bow and greeted, “Teacher, good morning!”

“Ok.” Sun Mo nodded his head. “Let’s go and eat!”

Hence, Sun Mo walked in front with Lu Zhirou tagging behind like a big-breasted little tail. They headed toward the canteen.

Their usual breakfast consisted of porridge, egg chives buns, as well as a small plate of salted vegetables. Lu Zhiruo’s meal was more sumptuous as it had two more eggs.

Lu Zhiruo peeled off the and pa.s.sed it to Sun Mo first.

“I bought it for you.”

Sun Mo didn’t eat.


Lu Zhiruo was very obedient compared to Li Ziqi, who would have started a bout of argument. This papaya girl would lower her head while eating and was always following Sun Mo’s instructions.

Sun Mo checked for a bit. The lucky treasure chests that he would get every midnight were lying inside the black-colored storage cabinet quietly. He planned to open them all once the number reached 18, an auspicious number.


“Congratulations! You have won your first match against another teacher. You achieved an accomplishment ‘defeated a teacher for the first time’, and the prize is one golden treasure chest.”

System’s notification sound rang abruptly.

Sun Mo extended his hand. Touching Lu Zhiruo’s head, he spoke calmly,

“Open it!”

Sun Mo’s tone had no sense of urgency, as though he was a veteran who had pa.s.sed the flower bushes countless times. Those black fungi had no way of raising his excitement anymore.

“This is a golden treasure chest, why aren’t you excited?”

The system was curious.

“Can the excitement increase my chance of getting a peak-grade item?” Sun Mo replied.

“It can’t!”

The system felt that Sun Mo was thinking too much.

“Then why should I be excited?”

Sun Mo took a small sip, enjoying the porridge’s nice temperature. Then, he ate some salted vegetables to enhance the great taste, how yummy!

The system was silent, having not meant it that way. But Sun Mo’s words seemed to make sense, it couldn’t even retaliate!

“Stop dilly-dallying, open the box!”

Sun Mo was worried that if they continued talking, the luck he had received from the papaya girl’s body would disappear.

The treasure chest disappeared and a ray of golden light burst in the air, leaving behind a piece of stone tablet that was shaped like a mahjong tile but bigger. It was illuminating rays of bronze-colored light.

On the stone tablet, there were carvings of totems that could not be understood by humans, giving off a mysterious vibe.

“Congratulations, you have received ‘time emblem’. After using it, one of your skills will seem to have endured ten years of cultivation. The proficiency index will be increased by one grade.”

Sun Mo’s eyes brightened after reading the introduction, so he decided to add an egg to his porridge.

This must be some good item, probably costing a thousand favorable impression points if sold at the shopping store.

“Which skill should I use it on?”

Sun Mo did a self-examination. Currently, the cultivation arts he knew were Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, which he had just begun practicing, and Immemorial Vairocana, proficiency index: elementary.

The rest were grandmaster-grade Divine Sight, expert-grade Circulation Technique, and grandmaster-grade Muscleforge Technique.

He also had three great teacher halos, namely ‘Priceless Advice’, ‘Ignorant and Incompetent’, as well as an exclusive ‘Soul Imprint’. They were all of elementary grade.

“Host, what do you think?”

The system asked.

“If you have a brain, you will know how to choose!”

Sun Mo replied ruthlessly.

The system became silent instantly, too angry to talk.

Divine Sight, Circulation Technique, Muscleforge Technique, they were all of sufficient usage.

‘Priceless Advice’ as well as ‘Ignorant and Incompetent’, both had great effects. Although he had never used ‘Soul Imprint’ before, he knew it wouldn’t be too shabby.

By increasing the proficiency index, the three great teacher halos could be sustained for a longer period. Its effect would be increased and there would be a greater enveloping range. Even if he were to be formally employed into the faculty, he would only have 5 students. He should be able to make do with these halos for the time being.

As for cultivation arts, Immemorial Vairocana could copy random cultivation arts of the opponent’s, and once it was increased by another grade, it would be able to target a specific type of cultivation art.

Sun Mo decided to give up on upgrading it after a lot of consideration. Even if he was able to copy a specific type of cultivation art from his opponent, it wouldn’t be very useful. The crucial factor was because Immemorial Vairocana was exclusively owned by him, the mentioned effect had not been verified. As for Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, it was one of the best cultivation arts in this world. Numerous people had hoped to learn this cultivation art, so one could imagine just how great it was.

‘Grand Universe Formless Divine Art level 2, Invulnerable Glaze Golden Body. It would greatly increase your ability to withstand damage.’

‘If you want to learn your opponent’s cultivation art, you must experience their attacks. Only once you have withstood them all will you be able to grasp its essence.’

‘Level 3: copy, you are now able to imitate your opponent’s moves, exerting similar powers and skills.’

Looking at the introduction of this saint-tier cultivation art, Sun Mo had decided on it.

In the nine provinces, great martial artists were treated with respect. Hence, even though great teachers held different occupations, they still regarded teaching martial arts with the highest form of respect. Sun Mo felt that he should first increase his fighting power.

Last time, the compet.i.tion’s content was on their capability to coach the students. But what if Sun Mo was challenged to a fight during the next round’s compet.i.tion, what would happen if he were to be killed or disabled by his opponent?

Sun Mo had not forgotten that because of An Xinhui, many male teachers felt as though that Sun Mo had stolen their household’s rice from them. They couldn’t wait to punish him!

Yes, it would definitely be correct to increase his fighting power.

Sun Mo found an excuse and went to the toilet. While there was no one, he took out the time emblem and kneaded it into pieces.


Bronze rays of light sputtered out and landed onto Sun Mo’s body, leaving a layer of green fluorescent on him.

Sun Mo almost burst into vulgarities, couldn’t it have used another color instead of green?

However, the effect felt extraordinarily good. He could feel the warmth on his body, with many images pertaining to the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art emerging in his mind.

Time flew, and it felt as though ten years had pa.s.sed.


“Congratulations, Grand Universe Formless Divine Art level 1’s proficiency index has been increased to grandmaster-grade. Level 2 Invulnerable Golden Glaze Body has been increased to expert-grade. Please continue to improve.”

The system’s monotonous notification sound rang.

“Is my apt.i.tude that bad?”

Sun Mo felt that he should at least reach level 3!

“If someone reached the grandmaster-grade in any skill, it would mean that they had achieved mastery in it and would be addressed as a Grandmaster. If you don’t spend more time building a solid foundation, then your path of cultivation will soon come to an end.”

System explained, “This cultivation art is a saint-tier one, it’s naturally hard to practice.”

“Understood.” Sun Mo expressed his understanding, “How many favorable impression points do I have now?”

(I should just go with level 2 then. Since my favorable impression points have increased by a bit, I could use the points to buy a new time emblem and increase the art to level 3 straight away.)


The system replied succinctly, “Please continue to improve!”


Sun Mo thought for a bit. The majority of the points were contributed by honest man Qi Shengjia and papaya girl Lu Zhiruo. Hence, even though Lu Zhiruo’s potential value was extremely low, she could still be of use.

Moreover, even if she was useless and unable to contribute favorable impression points, she had a pair of ma.s.sive b.r.e.a.s.t.s! Ma.s.sive b.r.e.a.s.t.s brought justice, power, popularity, love, and contribution!

Of course, the most important thing was how ma.s.sive b.r.e.a.s.t.s increased his luck. Sun Mo could feel every time he touched the papaya girl’s head before opening the treasure chest, the chances of him getting a peak-grade item would be greatly increased.

Sun Mo stopped letting his thoughts run wild. After calming his energy, he focused his attention on practicing his cultivation art.


Faint golden-colored runes immediately began to appear on Sun Mo’s complexion, and they seemed abstruse and mysterious. They were even illuminating a weak but faint fluorescent, making him look more sacred and divine.

“What is this? It brought along the power of blinding someone’s eyes?”

Sun Mo was speechless, but at least they weren’t any nonsensical forms of runes. If they appeared to be something like a left Azure Dragon and a right White Tiger, he’d rather not have it.

Sun Mo held his fists, walked near the wall, and slammed it.


Cracks shaped like spider webs started to extend on the wall. However, Sun Mo’s hands didn’t feel any sense of pain. If he were to do this in the toilet of No. 2 High School, his finger joints would have been swollen.

Invulnerable Glaze Golden Body, it indeed had some extraordinary aspects.

Sun Mo immediately brought Lu Zhiruo to the combat strength dojo. He found a combat strength bronze man and started throwing punches.

Bang Bang Bang!

As Sun Mo’s fists were launched one after another, he could feel the gradually increasing pain. After throwing a punch with all his strength, the pain on his fists became unbearable.

“The way you’re testing is useless, Glaze Golden Body’s defense will only increase accordingly with the state of the pract.i.tioner. However, it will never become invincible.”

The system’s words exposed Sun Mo’s intentions. He had intended to make the Invulnerable Glaze Golden Body an ‘invincible’ skill that was immune to damage.

Sorry, that would not be possible.

“I’m not that greedy.”

Sun Mo pouted. Anyway, the attacks from body-refinement and spirit-refinement realm cultivators wouldn’t be able to break his Glaze Golden Body. If he were to coach students personally with this cultivation art, he would be very safe.

Sun Mo was not afraid of getting injured. He had only wanted some dignity, as it would be very disgraceful to be injured by a student.

“Teacher, are you still going to practice?”

Lu Zhiruo asked timidly.

“I’ll try again!”

Sun Mo started to use Immemorial Vairocana against the combat strength bronze man. Unfortunately, there was no feedback received.

“Teacher, you can only be formally employed after recruiting five students. You’re still short of one, and today is already the last day of the student recruitment meet.”

Lu Zhiruo felt it was necessary to remind Sun Mo.

“Don’t worry, as long as there’s fate, I will definitely get a student.”

After Sun Mo spoke, someone continued, “Teacher Sun is so calm!”

Lu Zhiruo turned her head and saw a young man standing not far away. He was skinny and had a pale-looking complexion. Occasionally, there were a few sounds of him stifling his coughs.

“It’s you?”

Lu Zhiruo recognized this sickly person. “What are you doing here? To acknowledge Teacher Sun as your master?”


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