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Read Abyss Domination Chapter 251 – Step By Step (2)

Abyss Domination is a web novel made by (诸生浮屠), Eminent Student Of Buddha, Zhusheng Futu.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Abyss Domination Chapter 251 – Step By Step (2)

Chapter 251: Chapter 64 Step by Step (2)

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

The houses in this world were simpler and unrefined.

If there were people who are familiar with European history or tried other historical games, they would find that their houses were relatively simple and unrefined. Some of the wood used to build these houses did not even have their barks cut clean. It was not as refined as the Central Plains at the same time. But it was also good. That way, building a house would be faster. Craftsmen could build houses quickly as long as they had enough hands. In the future, Soran would make red bricks, and these temporary wooden houses would be retired.

Although cement might have seemed important, it wasn’t. As early as thousands of years ago on Earth, there was a construction method of “digging and filling a trench then burning the earth and supporting the mud walls with wooden bones”. Even if there was no cement, clay, gypsum, limestone, etc. could be used as a mixing agent. However, those houses that were finally done would not be as solid as the reinforced concrete, nor as high. Most of the houses in the world were only single-floor bungalows. If you planned to build a second story with attics, you could mix wood with bricks.

Soran’s plan had taken into account many different things.

A day pa.s.sed quickly.

Soran sent half of his men out, mainly to continue transporting resources. Although six s.h.i.+ps of resources were enough for their food and clothing for more than three months, they were not enough to build a town. Before the infrastructure here could be self-sufficient, all the things required would have to rely on the Port Tylon as a transit station. Most of the other pirates thought that Soran was going to build a base in the Overseas Islands, and they would never have thought that he planned to go even bigger than what everyone had thought.

Pirate kings all had overseas lairs, such as the Devil Island for the Swamp King, such as the Wrathscale Island for Ashrod.

Most people thought that Soran was going to build his lair in the Overseas Islands, and have a large number of pirates to take control of the sea route. Then rely on the route to make money.

The second day morning.

After Soran finished segregating the simple encampment, he joined the labor process as well.

Although he knew there was still a lot to explore here, he was patient and focused on the construction of the camp. As long as the camp was completed, this area would be his territory. Even if there was an attack, he could still defend it. He could slowly explore the surrounding areas in the future. But if the camp was not set up, in case of an attack by the indigenous people, then things would be quite troublesome. Even if the pirates did not have a lot of casualties, but most of the slaves would have died.

Resources, population, land.

Soran stood up quietly and then looked inside the tent where Vivian tilted her little head while flipping the pages of a book. She used her little white hand to hold the quill pen to paint on the white paper. He could not help showing a smile on the corner of his mouth. Vivian was talented in the Sorcerer profession. Sorcerers did not need to learn too much, and casting was dependent on their talent. But Vivian also took a sub-profession as a Wizard. Now, she was learning the magic by herself and master the way Wizards cast their spell.

He took a look and left.

The little girl was more obedient and seemed to have known that he had some important planning to do. At most times, she quietly did her own things.

Soran quickly brought over a bunch of people and headed towards the forest.

A lot of trees were cut down yesterday, but they were only used to build tents in a simple arrangement. Today, more wood was needed. It was better to finish up a part of the fence outside.

Because of this, Soran had to do it personally!

— “Bull’s Strength!”

Soran looked at the forest in front of him. He first added a strength spell to himself, and then went to a trunk that was as thick as a thigh. He took a deep breath. With the sound of “clang”, the legendary Curved Sword appeared a cold light. Then he chopped the big tree in front of him. With the sound of creaking, a big tree fell. Soran did not even look at it again. The subordinates at the back went forward with swords and axes. In a flash, they had cut off all the branches on it.

Very quickly!

A simple log appeared in place, behind came two big pirates. One on each side, carrying it away.

At this time.

Soran had already cut down three big trees in front of him. Twenty or thirty pirates were scattered noisily. They took their swords and axes and chopped them at random. They piled the cut branches on the other side to make a fire. Then they sent the three logs back. Houses were being built in the camp and fences were being built outside. This amount of wood was not enough.

Soran was chopping them down fast!

He was cutting down the trees at a rate of three trees in a minute. He took a rest of ten seconds after chopping down one tree with a sword, and then he cut down another tree. Now there were at least 60 or 70 people behind. Even though there were so many people behind to deal with the felled trees, there were still more than 20 to deal with. The pirates outside were responsible for carrying the wood back. They all looked sweaty and tired.

Soran’s breathing was still very stable, Extraordinary Const.i.tution was undoubtedly evident in this case!

He cut down fifty trees in a row, then stopped. He took a little breath to relax his arm and moved it around, which was numb due to continuous exertion. All the pirate subordinates behind were busy. They hurriedly tried to get the other felled wood ready, and send it back to the camp to build a fence. Soran stopped not because his body could not bear it, but because the duration of ‘Bull’s Strength’ was up. This kind of work needed strength enhancements. Without magic, the efficiency of chopping would be greatly reduced.

But Soran memorized a lot of spells in advance.

He had not only memorized “Bull’s Strength” for all the level two spell slots but also memorized the [Empower Spells] version of “Bull’s Strength” for the level three spell slots.

A normal version of ‘Bull’s Strength’ was just used.

If it was the empowered spell version of level three ‘Bull’s Strength’, after casting, the effect and duration on Soran could be increased by about 50%.

This was the value of empowered spells.

The efficiency when Soran personally made took action was amazing. In just an hour or two, he had already cut down hundreds of trees, and then a large group of pirate subordinates were busy processing and transporting the wood back. Now, part of the whole camp’s fence has already been completed. The slaves were driving logs into the ground under the command of the pirate leaders. It was estimated that a solid wooden fence could be completed in a day or two.

This was just the beginning!

What Soran wanted to set up here was not simply just a fence.


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