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Read Abyss Domination Chapter 279 – A Low-Grade God Slaughtering Spell

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Chapter 279: Chapter 92 A Low-Grade G.o.d Slaughtering Spell Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

There would be many dark cells in the ruins.

The people in this world also had this habit. Whether n.o.ble or wizard, many liked to build secret compartments to keep stuff. Some of them even built compartments in places that others couldn’t imagine. Therefore, when adventuring in underground relics, it was necessary to have a teammate who possessed excellent Search skills and an intuitive sense of the location of treasures. Such a role would usually be filled by the Rogue.

A teammate who could sniff out the treasures had always been very popular in adventures!

Soran’s intuition was not very good.

Strictly speaking, he had no intuition abilities. It was only by careful observation and rich experience that he was able to realize that there was something wrong with the wall. There were differences in the joints, and the color was a little lighter. After he reached out his hand and knocked on the wall a hollowness could be felt. Then he tested it with a sword and chiseled it open. It was not realistic to find the location of the opening mechanism for this kind of ancient relics, because it may have been completely damaged.

Previously when Soran was still inexperienced, he got stuck behind a statue and was unable to find the opening mechanism.

Finally, it was the Barbarian in their team who figured it out using an ax, and they found that the hidden mechanism had been damaged. If they did not use violence to open it, they would have never found the mechanism outside. That was when Soran began to study the art of destruction and violent demolition techniques in the exploration of underground relics. The key to this demolition technique was to destroy the important structures without damaging the things inside. It was also a very useful craft, which was very useful in many underground relics.

“Tang, Tang, Tang!”

Soran touched the box and knocked it a little. After he was sure it wasn’t a trap like device, he began to prepare to pry the lock. However, after just poking the tool into the keyhole twice, he then pulled it out. He used the handle of his sword and smashed it directly towards the lock. He smashed it three times in a row and finally broke the lock of the box.

Soran looked back at Vivian. The little girl opened her mouth slightly in awe. She had seen her brother unlock locks with exquisite techniques in the past, but had never seen him smash it so violently before. After all, Soran used to be known as the clever thief, as his strength was not as great as it was now. Soran then said slowly, “the lock inside is rusted. There is no way to open it.”

“Stay behind a little.”

“I’m not sure if there are traps.”

Vivian nodded gently then back off a little.

Soran put the box on the ground then opened it carefully. There was no sound of mechanical movement or magic trigger. It looked just like an ordinary box. He was very careful as many traps were deadly. There was not much in the box; Soran saw two gemstones—one was diamond, the other was a red Onyx, and there was also a magic scroll and an empty crystal bottle.


Soran threw the diamond and red Onyx to Vivian. The little girl reached out to catch it and smiled. Her big beautiful eyes narrowed into a crescent moon. She wiped the dust on the gem with her sleeve and then put it away. Vivian likes gems—she liked both diamonds and Jadeites. Part of her gems were from Soran, while the others she robbed them from pirate heads below.

However, it was mainly because of Lilian!

To this, Lillian even disputed, “I’m the Witch of Terror! Wouldn’t it be disgraceful if I didn’t have a lot of gems? That’s why what’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is still mine!… Hahaha!”

The bottle was empty.

It may have contained some potion in the past, but this kind of crystal bottle usually used oak stoppers; thus a lot of potions would have had already evaporated. Even if the potion was still there, Soran dare not taste the potion which was at least a hundred years ago. Some people had died doing this. They tried the potion which was extremely old then died instantly. One of the things that Soran absolutely would not do would be to consume any relic—Including water!

Soran was a little surprised that the scroll was completely preserved. The material of the scroll had to be very good to be preserved for such a long time. He opened the magic scroll carefully, fearing that it would get damaged due to too much strength, but it seemed that Soran was worried too much. The scroll was actually made from leather as it felt rough to the touch.

This may be a high-grade magic scroll!

Soran was rather happy when he thought about it as many high-grade magic scrolls were very expensive.

However, when Soran saw the mark on the scroll, his face showed a slight disappointment.

There were markings on the scroll which indicated which level it was.

It was a level 3 magic scroll because there were three marks on the corner of the scroll. This was the norm thus this scroll was probably a level 3 scroll.

A level 3 spell.

It didn’t seem to be of great value!

Soran had bought a number of these scrolls from the City of Wealth. Maybe this scroll was similar to the ones he had bought. But when Soran looked at the scroll in front of him, he suddenly got a little confused because he couldn’t understand the symbols on the top. It seemed that it was the scroll in the period of the Arcane Empire, and it used some kind of secret language that was difficult to understand. It seemed that this scroll had a protective mechanism that prevented people from copying.

Maybe it’s not as simple?!

This was the first idea in Soran’s mind because it was unnecessary to use a secret language on a level 3 magic scroll unless it was a very special powerful spell or someone’s unique spell. Magic was not all the same; there were innovations and changes a lot of times. But most of the common magic was the same. Unique magics were rarely spread, while some of them were even lost. For example, the spell Mordenkainen’s Sword, which was very commonly used by wizards, started as unique magic, and then gradually becoming more common.

An unknown language?

No problem!

Soran could still study it slowly after taking it back. Besides, Vivian was beside him. If he couldn’t understand it, maybe Vivian could. Soran carefully picked up the scroll and handed it to the girl beside him. He then asked, “Vivian! See if you can understand the symbols here! This seems to be a special scroll. “


The little girl frowned and looked at it. Then she whispered: “Big brother! It’s all cryptic. I can’t understand much of it, but I know the name of the spell. “

“Melf…Melf’s Minute Meteors!…”

“This seems like a level 3 spell. Why would it say meteor? Maybe it’s powerful?”

Melf’s Minute Meteors?!

When Soran heard this name, he became shocked.

Immediately he became excited and said, “No wonder! It’s this spell! No wonder it needs to be encrypted!…”

A level 3 G.o.d slaughtering spell.

The legendary, Melf’s Minute Meteors!

The reason Soran was deeply impressed by this level 3 spell was very simple—it was used to kill a G.o.d successfully. The spell killed the first demiG.o.d Lich that appeared in the time of Avatar Crisis! That was how the spell became the number one low-grade spell that could challenge high-grade figures. It was also the only low-grade spell that could break divine law!

“Melf’s Minute Meteors [Evocation, Trans.m.u.tation]: the caster creates small meteors in his hand. This energy creation is regarded as a + 5 rare grade weapon, which can cause 3 + explosion damage to the target, as well as 3 additional burn damage. The number of meteors created is equal to the spell level + 1. The caster cannot use other weapons to fight before all the meteors are consumed. “

The spell did not seem very interesting.

From the perspective of damage, it would not be comparable with Fireball at all, because Fireball from a high-grade spellcaster could do 100 damage. But there was a very special thing about the spell Melf’s Minute Meteors, which was that it was a magical creation and was regarded as a + 5 rare grade weapon. Thus even the demiG.o.d Lich could not be immune to the explosion damage caused by it. From the perspective of penetrative effects, even Soran’s Icingdeath was no better than Melf’s Minute Meteors.

It was also very effective against dragons, as it could pierce its tough scales. The spell was like a hand grenade; anywhere it lands, it would create a small hole.

Lastly, it became popular because it looked cool when cast.

The caster’s hands would be wrapped by fire, and then two small fiery meteors would spin around the palm of the caster. When attacking, the caster would throw them out creating a terrifying sound and explode violently after contacting the target. At the same time, the caster’s hands will automatically generate new meteors until the number of meteors created by the spell reaches the limit.

Imagine wizards throwing down a bunch of fiery meteors down!

Unfortunately, this was not an easy spell to learn and remained one of the more rare spells.


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