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Read Abyss Domination Chapter 280 – A Demons Skeleton

Abyss Domination is a Webnovel completed by (诸生浮屠), Eminent Student Of Buddha, Zhusheng Futu.
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Read WebNovel Abyss Domination Chapter 280 – A Demons Skeleton

Chapter 280: Chapter 93 A Demons Skeleton Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Melf’s Minute Meteors

The greatest significance of this spell for Soran was that it could break the defenses of almost any enemy, whether it’s a dragon, a devil, a demon, a demiG.o.d Lich, or a Saint. The Melf’s Minute Meteors could break their protective s.h.i.+eld and cause certain damage to these enemies. Maybe the damage would not be high, because these enemies have high damage reduction, some of which could even reach more than 90%; but as long as damage could be caused, it means that the enemy could be killed.

Previously many guilds would band together and use this level 3 spell to kill G.o.ds.

Pure blooded dragons were immune to most physical attacks without armor breaking attributes. High-level demons and devils were immune to common weapon attacks. In theory, the demiG.o.d Lich could be immune to + 3 rare grade weapons, while the Saints had divine law to help them. Only + 5 or higher rare grade weapons could break their protective s.h.i.+eld.

Legendary items were rare.

There were even fewer weapons that could reach the legendary level. Most of these weapons were well-known and most of them were in the hands of powerful story related NPCs. Therefore, the defense breaking ability of the Melf’s Minute Meteors had a strategic purpose.

That was why it was also called the most accessible G.o.d killing tool!

Getting the magic scroll of Melf’s Minute Meteors was a complete surprise.

This spell could cause full damage to Spirits. In theory, it could break the defense of demiG.o.d Spirits and finally kill some hard to deal with demiG.o.d Spirits.

Furthermore, it belonged to the lost spells.

Born during the Arcane Empire, it was now only held in the hands of a few wizards.

Soran carefully put the scroll away. Then he looked at Vivian in front of him and motioned the little girl to follow him. The nearby buildings were connected, but they had been badly damaged. There was nothing alive there. After circling the place once more and not finding any more secret compartments, he approached the wizard tower. It was very troublesome to search the whole site carefully. Since Soran didn’t have so much time now; he could only explore the area first.

Out of nowhere, their surroundings were filled with a greyish thick fog. When he walked to the outside of the city, he became shocked.

He saw a ball!

No, no, no.

It should not be called a ball, but a certain gla.s.s cover which covered a wide shelf. There was a skeleton on the shelf, but they were not human-like. It had sharp tusks, thick bones, horns on the head, feet like cattle, and a pair of skeletal wings protruding from both sides of the spine.

Soran immediately recognized it…because he had seen them before in the Abyss h.e.l.l!

In front of him was the skeleton of a demon, and it was even very difficult to deal with a high-grade demon. If Soran remembered correctly, it should be one of the most difficult monsters to deal with: the [Balor].

“Challenge rating 16, Monster level 21 up. Huge creature of another world (Chaotic, Interplane, Evil)”

It was a creature that was similar to the dragons.

“Who was the creator of this wizard tower?”

Soran could not help but stop, and at the same time, reached out to stop Vivian, who was full of curiosity. Soran then answered, “This is the skeleton of a Balor. It seems to have been dead for a long time! The master of this wizard tower should be a very powerful legendary Arcanist. It is obvious that he captured or summoned this Balor and then imprisoned it here! “

Before they even got close to the wizard tower they had already encountered this.

Soran started to ponder if this place was too much for him.

Legendary wizards were a dangerous existence!

Legendary Arcanists were G.o.d-like!

If someone told Soran that there was an army of Golems in there, he would have believed it. That was because the famous battle of the legendary sword saint, that was, the battle of the Golems, was due to the inadvertently activated defense mechanism of a high-grade wizard tower. At that time, there were more than ten Diamond Golems, more than one hundred Steel Golems, and hundreds of Clay Golems, Stone Golems, Iron Golems, etc.

“Let’s stop here.”

Soran stood in front of the Balor skeleton and thought for a long time. Then he said, “Vivian! Let’s stop here this time. I have a bad feeling that the danger here is beyond our scope. It’s better to wait for Gloria to come. After all, she knows more about wizard towers than we do. Maybe we can enter the tower without activating the defense mechanism here. “

It was a bad idea to not be careful.

Be it Soran or Vivian, neither of them could be sure that there was no labyrinth here.

In short, they do not have enough knowledge to distinguish whether there was something similar to the Eight-Trigrams formation in front. If they had rushed impatiently, they may get hit by a spell or be transmitted to a dimensional s.p.a.ce. The easiest way to understand “Labyrinth” was a magic version of the Eight-Trigrams formation. If a person could not find a way out of the formation, then the person could only smash their way out.

“Look over there big brother!”

Vivian nodded softly. Although there was another voice in her head shouting about what a stupid wizard tower it was, and that she could flatten it in seconds; the little girl still suppressed the troublemaker who was rash. Vivian’s intuition told her that it was dangerous there, thus she would never allow Lillian to run in recklessly. The little girl looked around. As the fog in front of them faded, she seemed to have seen something and said, “Big brother! The plants over there are so strange! “


Soran heard her and looked intently. His eyesight was not as good as Vivian’s, which was not the problem of vision, but the power gap between the two. Soran’s eyes were still normal, but Vivian’s eyes were close to that of a deity. Soran had minor divinity thus he gradually saw through the fog in front of him, and saw some very strange plants.

It was familiar.

These plants were very similar to the mutant anthropophagous plants he saw in the material plane. The plants here did not grow randomly like its counterpart in the material plane, but they were more like garden plants: well-trimmed and placed in specific spots.

It seemed that this was the front yard of a mansion.


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