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Chapter 214 Finally I“m able to go home

While the five teens were out shopping, in a remote region, inside an underground safe house, Carlo and his companions were taking turns torturing Reghinald. Yet no matter what they did, Reghinald just wouldn’t talk. Carlo and the others have tried everything. They tortured him, bribed him, and even tried tempting him. Yet no matter what they did Reghinald just wouldn’t answer any of their questions.

On the other hand Reghinald would always have a counter offer. He tried to bargain with Carlo, telling him he would give a little bit of information in exchange for his release. Obviously Carlo didn’t agree since he needed to know what Reghinald was truly planning.

When Carlo was thinking of how to persuade Reghinald to talk, he finally remembered something. Reghinald claimed to be the actual Reghinald Berdonia, the brother to the founder. It doesn’t matter if he was crazy or if he was telling the truth, all that matters was Reghinald truly believed this, and Carlo could use it to his advantage.

Reghinald who was given the bare minimum of water and food, was now extremely pale, yet he still felt confident. As long as he was alive he could still turn the tables, and even if he dies, he would still live on.

While he was thinking this, Reghinald heard footsteps.

“I wonder, what wonderful torture awaits me today.” Even though his voice was weaker than before, Reghinald as arrogant as before.

“No torture today. I just wanted to see the traitorous prince of Berdonia.” The moment Carlo said this he felt Reghinald radiate bloodl.u.s.t.

“Oh, did I hit a nerve? Reghinald Berdonia, the one and only younger brother of Raul Berdonia the founder. After the victory against the Granado Empire, Raul Berdonia and his men created the free nation of Berdonia, which was once called the Kingdom of Berdonia. Once the kingdom had settled down, the younger brother who was getting arrogant because of their victory against the supposedly invincible empire decided that they were strong enough to completely annihilate the Granado Empire. Of course our wise founder knew that his brother’s plan was a foolish endeavor.”

When Carlo got to this part of his story he noticed that Reghinald was trembling in anger. ‘This guy truly believes his Reghinald Berdonia. Well just a bit more and he will finally snap.’

“Raul knowing his brother’s ambitions stopped him. Of course the foolish Reghinald wouldn’t go down without a fight. He with his influence gathered other like minded individuals to start a coup, but our ever brilliant founder expecting that his brother would do that, had suppressed the coup with ease. It was then Reghinald spouted his last words, Why brother? With that the young prince died, and peace was restored in Berdonia. Nice story right? If I was the founder I would be ashamed to have such a selfish, self-centered brother.”

The moment Carlo said those things, Reghinald couldn’t contain his anger anymore and screamed at Carlo in anger.

“Who the h.e.l.l are you calling selfish and self-centered if anything it was my older brother who was selfis.h.!.+ I only thought about Berdonia, and what’s good for Berdonia! Was it wrong for me, to wish for true absolute freedom! If we attacked the Empire back then, we would have ended it all and be truly free! Yet now look what has happened, our armies and the people of Berdonia have grown weaker and more treacherous and became people like you! If my brother was smart, and ended the Empire back then, do you think we would still be having constant skirmishes with them? It might look peaceful for those people in the cities, but they don’t know how many are truly dying to keep this fake form of peace!”

Hearing Reghinald shout out his beliefs and conviction made him really look like the actual Reghinald Berdonia. Carlo then shook his head and sighed.

“Are you stupid? If your really are the actual Reghinald Berdonia, which I’m sure you aren’t because he died on that day, and I’m sure no human can live that long, but still even if you are him, you must know how stupid you are. If Berdonia attacked back then, the Empire would have crushed them. The only thing they could do at that time was defend, and your stupid coup made it even harder to do that… Still if Berdonia did attack and somehow won, how many men do you think would die, how many women and children would have become widows and fatherless. Do you still think Berdonia would exist up to this point… What am I doing… Explaining such things to a crazy person, who thinks he’s a dead prince from long ago. You’re nothing more than a fake that thinks his real.”

“What would a commoner like you know! What do you understand if you weren’t able to live at that time! How dare you call me a fake! I am Reghinald Berdonia and none other! If my brother was really so great, then why did they revive me instead of him?! Why would they make a dozen clones of me, instead of him!? Why would they-” Reghinald wasn’t able to say anything anymore and simply fell flat on the ground dead.

Carlo surprised by what happened look around and found nothing suspicious. He then checked the dead body and saw that there were no external injuries. Then he thought it might be poison or something similar hidden within the body.

‘The problem is how did it activate? Does it work when he says a keyword of some sort? Still I guess he wasn’t entirely lying. A clone of a dead prince with extreme ideals, and he’s not the only one based on what he just said whoever cloned him made a lot. He did say they, obviously someone that could make clones of a dead prince and revive his memories is part of a large organization. I wonder what they could be planning… Hmmm, I’ll just think about it later, for now I can finally go home… I wonder what my two cute children are doing at the moment.’

As Carlo was thinking this, he headed to the meeting room and explained to his companions what happened .


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