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Chapter 402

After killing the five bears Alex who was walking towards the squad saw Kyle and was surprised to see that he had his eyes covered in bandages . He was about to ask what happened but Emily suddenly wailed .

“Onii-chan! Onii-chan! What happened to you! Who did this?! Tell me who did this to you and I’ll rip them apart! I’ll make them suffer and kill them!” Emily hugged Kyle tightly not wanting to let go .

Kei was also surprised to see Kyle in this state . “What happened? Was it one of the monsters?”

Kyle while patting Emily’s head trying to calm her down answered . “No, it was while I was fighting that crazy chick that captured you . Don’t worry I killed her already . ”

“How can I not worry! Onii-chan, you’re blind now!”

“It’s alright I don’t know what happened but after we blacked-out, I woke up, and I noticed that I could see my surroundings better than before . Of course, I’m not able to see with my eyes, but the sound, the smell, the feel of the wind . All of this helps me see the world better than before . In fact not only did my other senses improved by leaps and bounds, but it seems like I acquired another sense . I’m not sure how but I can tell the weaknesses of living beings, I can pin-point their weakest spots . I think after I went blind I became an even better marksman . ”

Kyle smiled as he suddenly hugged his crying little sister .

“So, there’s no need for tears, but I suggest all of you, take out your weapons . Another wave of those bear monsters is coming . ” The exact moment Kyle said this a roar was heard .

“What the f*ck when did bears attack in packs?!” Sora shouted in anger as he got ready for the upcoming battle, but before anyone could take out their weapons, Alex stood in front of them signaling them to stop . Rachel and Evangeline who were beside him were surprised to see him smile a similar smile to Sir Lyner’s .

“There’s no need for you guys to do anything, I finally understood what kind of ability I gained and it’s pretty powerful . ”

The others were confused and couldn’t understand what Alex was saying, but before they could ask what he meant the bears appeared .

This time it was a larger number of bears than before . Yet this didn’t cause Alex to feel threatened like moments before instead for some reason, he felt excited . Alex then started to calculate something and after mumbling something under his breath he stomped on the ground, creating a wave of earth .

The force of the wave pushed the bears up into the air . Alex then did some swiping motions and a condensed blade of air pa.s.s through the bears cutting them in half making it rain blood . Alex then spun his index finger up in the air which created a s.h.i.+eld of wind that blocked the rain of blood .

Alex then looked at his dumbfounded companions and said, “I think I’ve gained something similar to magic that you can find in anime . ”

Emilly and Oliver who were dumbfounded like the rest were suddenly jolted into action when they heard Alex mention magic .

“That’s so awesome!” The two suddenly shouted .

“Don’t celebrate just yet another wave is coming!” Kyle warned as he got his weapon ready .

. . .

While Alex and the others were trying to survive the never-ending wave of monsters in the middle of the forest . Rika was able to gather around twenty people from the surrounding area . It wasn’t much but they were the only people that were able to survive .

Anita did a quick check on each one of them and found the exact same organ that suddenly appeared in their bodies . As she was trying to figure out if there was a downside to this new organ, the people that were saved were getting a bit stressed .

“What happened? Is this the end of the world?! Are those monsters that the government secretly created, or are they aliens?! Were we probed?!”

“Let me go! Let me go! Jeniffer is out there waiting for me, she needs to be saved!”

“Don’t be stupid, you and I saw the exact same thing! Jeniffer was eaten alive by that monster!”

“NO! That can’t be, that just can’t be!”

“A worn torn world, where monsters roam and all of humanity has gain superpowers, in this world, I’m sure I can become the hero . This is the story of s.h.i.+nji the hero of humanity! That has a nice ring to it . ”

“Where’s my Luka?! Has anyone seen my son Luka?! Luka honey mommy is here!”

“This is it, this the end! Ragnarok has come!”

“She was there . . . I just neede to extend my hand a bit further and I would’ve reached her . . . Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? . . . ”

“d.a.m.n it! Why won’t you let me go?! I want to go and kill all those motherf*cking monsters! They took everything from me!”

Voices of anger, sadness, excitement, and numerous others echoed throughout the living room . Rika then stomped on the floor making it shake . Everyone finally quieted down as they looked at Rika . Michel who was standing at the side taking care of the kids nodded in approval of what Rika did .

“All of you need to shut up! I know most of you are scared, some of you are angered, and the others are in sorrow, but! We have no time for that! Times have changed, and we are now in the middle of enemy forces! If you people want to survive this ordeal you should listen to me!”

“Why should we listen to Empire sc.u.m like you!” One of the men shouted, which made the others look at him as if he was stupid . Rika with her otherworldly beauty looked at the man . That one look of hers was able to shut the man up .

“This is no longer about what country you are from, what race you are . This is now a matter of survival . If you are not willing to listen, the go and die at a gutter somewhere! Don’t bring us down with you!”


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