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Adopted Soldier is a web novel created by Lynerparel.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Chapter 62

“Fine I apologize for calling Evangeline Kain a b*tch . ” Kim Suho reluctantly apologized . When the members heard him, they released Kim Suho, that is except for Alex and Saya .

“I already apologized what more do you want!” Kim Suho started shouting since the two people who were the most threatening didn’t move from their previous positions . Alex indeed heard Kim Suho’s apology, but he didn’t care for it, since he was still a bit mad . Saya on the other hand didn’t remove the ballpen from in front of Kim Suho’s eye since she knew that the apology was insincere, all the other members knew, except for Alex .

“Alex, Saya that’s enough . . . This guy has his own pride as well, and he wont go beyond this, even if you do kill him . . . He will never apologize as sincerely as you wish . ” Rachel with a tired tone of voice was the one who spoke, hearing her voice Alex pressed his finger a bit and made Kim Suho’s throat bleed a little, before getting behind Rachel .

Everyone from the Gaming Club as well as Kei who saw that Kim Suho was bleeding a little, had finally understood that Alex, could literally kill him at any moment . The Gaming Club members were scared at the same time excited, it was like there was an actually fighting game character right in front of them .

While everyone was amazed at Alex’s action, Saya’s hand blurred a bit, and Kim Suho’s eye was pierced, or that’s what he thought had happened . The ballpen for a moment felt like it pierced through his eyes, was that an illusion? . . . Kim Suho was sweating profusely, the moment the two monsters released him from their grip, he felt all the strength from his legs disappear, as he fell down on his b.u.t.t and breathed heavily . He looked at Alex, and Saya with a bit of fear, but their was more resentment in that look than fear . Kim Suho might not be a powerful individual, nor did he had the backing of a powerful family, but he had his own pride which he had shown as death was knocking .

“Well I guess that’s enough as punishment . ” Saya smiled devilishly at Kim Suho before retreating back to the other members of the Mercenary Club .

The girl with sleepy looking eyes sighed . “Now that’s done, can we please speak civilly now?” Oliver was about to answer, but the androgynous looking girl spoke first .

“What where you thinking Luvia?! Inviting these guys!” Luvia looked at the angry face of the androgynous looking girl, she then proceeded to look at the two other members who stayed quiet the whole time, after looking at their expressions, Luvia closed her eyes, thinking for a bit . After a bit of thinking Luvia opened her eyes and answered .

“I did it for the club, Blair . ” When Blair heard Luvia’s simple answer she could only shut up . The situation of the club was pretty desperate . Kim Suho wanted to say something, but gritted his teeth . This was like selling one’s soul to the devil, just to gain one wish . Still Kim Suho loved the Gaming Club so much, he didn’t mind selling his soul to the devil, who was in this case the Mercenary Club .

After confirming that her fellow club members were done talking, Luvia once again faced the members of the Mercenary Club .

“I’m sorry about all of that . . . Since I was the one who invited you here, without the knowledge of my club members, please accept my apology . ” Luvia bowed her head . Seeing this move most of the resentment Alex’s group had was slowly going away .

“It’s alright, everything you guys are doing, is simply a reflection on how much you love your club . ” Oliver was the one who spoke as the representative of the group since he was the club president and all that .

Luvia lifted her head and looked directly at Oliver’s eyes . Her sleepy looking eyes didn’t betray any sort of emotion, her poker face was actually at the same level as Alex’s .

“Thank you for accepting my apology . So for starters allow me to introduce myself . I’m the vice-president of this club, my name is Luvia Reinfordth . These are my fellow clubmates, you already met the president of course, Kim Suho . Here is the ace of our club Blair, the one standing behind her, is our resident know it all s.h.i.+n, and last but not the least Richard our all rounder gamer . “

Aside from the three that the Mercenary Club members already saw, the two who where hiding in the back of the room stepped forward . The one they called s.h.i.+n was a tall lanky looking boy, he was easily the tallest one in the room, but because of his skinny frame he looked like a stick of sorts . Richard after bowing his head greeting them, went back to playing .

“Nice to meet you all, allow me to introduce my fellow club members as well . ” Oliver introduced all the members present, even Emily was introduced to the Gaming Club . Knowing Emily’s existence made the members of the Gaming Club excited . Emily was a legend in the gaming community of this city . At first they weren’t sure if this Emily was the same as the Emily in the urban legends, but seeing her hack into their phones proved that she was the real deal .

“Now that we are all properly acquainted, I would like to officially request the Mercenary Club to help us . There is an upcoming tournament this coming Sunday, and we would like you to help us win that tournament . ” Luvia directly asked what she wanted from the Mercenary Club .

“What kind of tournament is it?” Rachel could already guess what kind of tournament it was but still asked the question, since they needed to be sure .

“It’s an FPS tournament . The game is the newly popular game created by Battlefield Gaming Studio, it’s called Perfect Soldier . The game is simple, one team will be Soldiers, while the other team are Mercenaries . The Mercenary team needs to plant a bomb in a certain location depending on the map, and wait for it to explode or they could kill all the enemies . The Soldier team on the other hand needs to deactivate the bomb if it has been planted properly, or kill all of the enemies . Those are basically the rules, the game is going to be a race to sixteen, the first team to win sixteen matches is the victor . “


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