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Read After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

You Kun himself was a psychic ability user, and he was more than familiar with any mind attack. So in that split second, he was sure that he had been attacked and entered the illusion created by the other party. However, he wasn’t able to avoid it— which was normal. After all, his opponent was a Level 6 psychic ability user, so long as he bore in mind that everything was fake and just ignore the content, everything would be fine.

In this s.p.a.ce, he once again underwent his childhood to his adulthood, and finally, to the end of the world… All kinds of emotions flashed by in great volatile… pride, panic, arrogance, fear, grievance, joy… And finally, he was back to today’s battle. Just when he was about to be happy that he finally broke free of the illusion, an ice arrow suddenly pierced his heart and froze all of his blood.

They lost the battle and were expelled from the base. In the beginning, they went to a small base, and relying on their ability’s levels, they became the most powerful people in the base. They led a life of riding roughshod over the people. But, under all sorts of sugar-coated attacks, w.a.n.g Feng soon fell in love with someone else. He personally killed him, dug out his crystal nucleus and gave it to his new lover. The crystal nucleus of a Level 4 psychic ability was considered a generous gift. He knew he was dead, but his consciousness seemed to be attached to his crystal nucleus and he looked at all this in cold eyes. So, it turned out that the people of this base hated how he and w.a.n.g Feng acted, however, they had a secret way to strip others off of their abilities and use them for their own use. They were willing to tolerate them all this time because they took a fancy to w.a.n.g Feng and his abilities. After getting him killed, they once again made an attempt to strip off w.a.n.g Feng’s ability. Eventually, w.a.n.g Feng, who had become an ordinary man, ran out with his crystal nucleus that was extracted of its energy. He didn’t run too far away before he was attacked and killed by a horde of zombies. He watched his former lover slowly dying off, and in his heart, there was only the pleasure of getting his revenge done.

Yun Kun who was fully immersed in the illusion had lost senses of his surroundings. He had long forgotten his original advice to himself and was unable to differentiate whether this was reality or fantasy. It was not until he saw w.a.n.g Feng completely cease his breathing that he became clear-headed. He lifted his eyes and it was still the barren piece of land. But before his consciousness returned to himself, he felt a coldness in his chest. An ice arrow pierced his heart and froze all of his blood.

It was the exact same scenario he had seen in the illusion.

The terrified You Kun did not notice that w.a.n.g Feng, who was fighting side by side with him, had the same exact expression as him, and there was an also an ice arrow in his chest.

The outcome of the battle had been decided and an electronic sound beeped, prompting that 30 seconds later, players would be disconnected from the virtual reality scenario.

Zhang Zhiyin also heard the prompt, he turned to Yin Nian and asked him prudently, “Yin… Dr. Yin, is the battle over?” He was trembling in fear and dared not look at him squarely in the eyes, instead, he stared at his chin.

“Yes.” Yin Nian briefly replied and stood up. He turned his back and looked into the distance, only leaving his back figure for Zhang Zhiyin to see.

Zhang Zhiyin felt like Boss was throwing a tantrum… He knocked on his head and pursed his lips, peeking at the figure before pondering to himself quietly. When they were lying down just now, his temperament was clearly very gentle and good-spirited. It was just like every time he had played with the cat, but it suddenly changed… The brain circuit of the boss was really quite unusual.

But the boss that suddenly changed his mood was also very cute. With this in mind, Zhang Zhiyin, who felt that he was completely hopeless, covered his face in silence. The next second the sky spun and the earth spiraled, and he was back in the real world. The Bai Mang a.s.sociation’s staff took the connecting devices off his body responsibly.

They lost the game. You Kun and w.a.n.g Feng looked at each other, and neither of them spoke. At least, none of them had any stronger response to this result— like they had already subconsciously accepted it.

They went back quietly to pack their things without saying a word. n.o.body dared to stop them and n.o.body knew whether they should stop them or not. Everyone gave way to them.

You Kun and w.a.n.g Feng did not mention to each other what they saw in their illusion during the battle. They don’t say anything but just buried a deep suspicion and jealousy in their hearts.

The base leader was unwilling, but there was nothing he could do. In the end, he went away unhappily. Although his base was large, he did not want to offend the Bai Mang a.s.sociation, which was a unique force. Otherwise, if Bai Mang a.s.sociation no longer provided them with the latest technology, their base’s development would experience more challenges compared to other bases. Sooner or later, they would just go into decline.

His goal had been achieved, and it was easily won too. Zhang Zhiyin breathed a sigh of relief and turned to peep at Yin Nian.

Yin Nian was still in a bad mood, he stood at the side with his straight face on. Sang Le and the people of Bai Mang a.s.sociation dared not even breathe as they talked to him on the side.

Seeing that the other party did not notice himself at all, Zhang Zhiyin laughed and thought that Lord Boss just so happened to have some purpose and had helped him conveniently. He breathed slowly again like he had released something from his heart, conversely, it became even more desolate.

He organized his mood, stretched his body slightly, and greeted Dadao and Xiao Jin who had been waiting for him to leave.

“Doctor, doctor?” Sang Le bared his teeth and whispered awkwardly at their doctor who had been watching the young man leave. Undoubtedly, Doctor was someone with looks and power, yet he was so pa.s.sionate and pure when it came to someone he liked. It was so much that Sang Le felt strenuous and embarra.s.sed when he looked at him. He very much wanted to grab at his collar, shake him vigorously and shout, “Doctor, why don’t you swiftly, nimbly, straightforwardly, hurriedly go for it ah! As long as you express a normal love proposition, any normal person will not reject you!”

But he dared not. He was scared. This was not just anybody else. This was Dr. Yin. So he could only shrink his head and continue to rub between his fingers anxiously until his hair fell off.

Sang Le always had an inexplicable sixth sense that one day, if someone got together with their doctor, there would be hope for the end of the world.

As a result, only when the person had completely disappeared from his sight did Yin Nian turned back. He pretended that nothing had happened and continued with a straight face, “What’s the matter?”

Sang Le: “… No, it’s nothing. No, I mean, should we leave this place and go to Renaissance Base?”

He understood that Doctor’s love affairs were very important, but Renaissance Base was still waiting for them ah!

Seeing doctor’s eyebrows scrunching, he added, “Base Leader Yang Fu has urged us several times.”

Hearing this name, Yin Nian was even more displeased. He threw out three cold words: “Let him wait.”

Wasn’t that not good? After all, Base leader Yang Fu was also a formidable person in the apocalypse. Sang Le was still disagreeing in his heart when he looked up, only to see the doctor’s unrelentless back drifting away. He immediately solidified his conviction— he should listen to the doctor’s words and let them wait! He firmly believed that only their doctor was the ultimate-ultimate boss that could defeat the ultimate boss! Throughout the end of the world, only their doctor was the most terrific and he should never be provoked!

All the above conclusions came from Sang Le’s daily observation and his inexplicable sixth sense.

It was not until a very long time later that Sang Le, an outstanding researcher, realized that he was not a weak chicken that only had a high-level speed ability. He also had a very rare second ability, which he called “perception”. This power had no other practical use, but it could instinctively sense the true state of many things.

Ah Mu and Ah Kong stayed in Old Zhu’s room and waited for Zhang Zhiyin and the rest to return.

As soon as the door was closed, Ah Kong came up and asked what had happened. Xiao Jin felt unreconciled and shouted out unhappily, “Captain! Why did you let them go like that? It’s not fair at all. They have abilities, they could still live well even if they leave the base, but you’re almost killed by them! You didn’t even mention it to us at all.”

Zhang Zhiyin didn’t expect Xiao Jin to be so agitated. For a moment, he couldn’t control the situation. He could only try to convey his thoughts to the other party. “…I just don’t think I can easily choose to let one person or some people die…”

“But Captain, if you don’t do it, then no one else will punish them. They don’t have to take responsibility for their mistakes. They are still at large.” Xiao Jin stared at him with widened eyes. “It’s the end of the world now, Captain. There is no order.”

There weren’t any order or procedure to measure whether a person should die or not.

Zhang Zhiyin did not know what to say for a moment.

But he was their captain. He had grown accustomed to this role he had unconsciously taken on, to let himself be trusted and depended on by his teammates. From the beginning, he hardly let them down.

He didn’t know what kind of emotion was spurring him on. At that moment, he practically did not think about the consequences or the ways to achieve what he was about to say, so much that there was a certain kind of mood brewing: “If there is no order, then we will create the order.”

After imitating Yin Nian for a long time, no matter what thought was going through his mind, Zhang Zhiyin always displayed a terrifying calmness on the surface of his appearance.

Dadao suddenly raised his head. “Captain, I’ll tell you something about my past.”

“I used to be a lawyer, but I was in the financial field. Suddenly, the apocalypse came. At that time, I was still working overtime and was trapped in my office. My wife was at home. For three days, my communication was cut off and I didn’t get to make any contact with her. At that time, I felt that something strange was happening within my body and I didn’t know it was the awakening of my ability. I was afraid. Then on the third day, I couldn’t wait any longer. The rescue team never came, so I rushed down and killed a lot of low-level zombies all the way. I drove home… In the end, I saw someone getting pushed out of a car… I felt something was amiss at that time. Later, I found out that the person was my wife… She had been waiting for me, and she was worried that something might have happened to me, so she came out to find me… As a result, the car she was on encountered a horde of zombies halfway through, and they pushed her down, trying to take this opportunity to escape…”

“I rushed down to save her, but it was too late… At that time, I fought with the zombies, I was wounded all over, there was blood everywhere… The two men who pushed my wife down were terrified… I killed them…”

“That was my first time killing someone. I don’t know if I would have done this if it hadn’t been the end of the world, but it was indeed the end of the world. No one sentenced them, neither did anyone came to arrest me.” At last, his voice choked with sobs, but he gradually regained his composure.

“Captain, you saved my life. In fact, I have always felt that you aren’t like us. I can sense that you aren’t one with such scars on your body. You’re like someone who is still living before the end of the world… But I believe in you, so Captain, whatever you do, I will help you.”

Zhang Zhiyin suddenly realized that everyone was looking at him.

He seemed to have done something unconsciously again.

Zhang Zhiyin: “…I will try my best.”

The next day, Squad Leader 4 asked him to deliver a doc.u.ment to Yin Nian.

Zhang Zhiyin: “… Why did you specifically ask me to deliver it?”

Squad Leader 4 waved his hand impatiently: “You ask me, I ask who? Why are you so meddlesome? Just sending it will do.”

So Zhang Zhiyin silently went to Yin Nian’s temporary office and knocked at the door.

There was only Yin Nian inside the office. He was seated behind his desk, seemingly reading some doc.u.ments.

Zhang Zhiyin first inwardly calmed himself down before he spoke, “The Squad Leader asked me to deliver the doc.u.ment to you.”

“Put it there.” Yin Nian continued to stare at the desktop in focus, he didn’t even raise his head.

Zhang Zhiyin put down the doc.u.ment silently and prepared to leave quietly, but he felt somewhat a little unwilling.

So he asked carefully, “You… Why on earth did you come here? No, I mean, you don’t look like an ordinary person, why did you suddenly appear here…” He didn’t even know what he was trying to ask. In fact, he wanted to ask why did he, as a villain Boss, suddenly became the Dr. Yin with great compa.s.sion that saved those who are suffering? Nevertheless, he definitely mustn’t let the other party know that he was aware of his real ident.i.ty.

Yin Nian raised his head and glanced at him lightly.

Zhang Zhiyin only felt numb all over, inwardly thinking that Boss, who was now acting as a person of the justice side, shouldn’t unsheathe his sword and starts his killing spree1 because of his nonsensical logic, right…?

His feet were getting sweaty and he wanted to leave. He bid goodbye and wasn’t even bothered about not getting any response from him.

At that moment, the boss’s light voice reverberated in this s.p.a.cious room. Zhang Zhiyin turned around and saw a pair of dark black eyes staring at him very seriously. The owner of these eyes seemed to hold a seam of grievance. He articulated one by one:

“My Mimi is gone. I’m here to find him2.”


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