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Read Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens 9 Pig Faced Li Feng Gou

Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens is a Webnovel created by invayne.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens 9 Pig Faced Li Feng Gou

“Dirty Chun! You didn’t die. You must have beggars luck. You shoul…” Li Feng Gou did not even get to finish his sentence when Mei Liling had already grabbed him by the throat and lifted him into the air.

“Chun’er, Mother is now going to teach you the first rule for us Immortal Cultivators. Never let anyone walk all over you. Always pay blood for blood and a tooth for a tooth. This little fat blob thinks he can bully you then you need to teach him a lesson. Come over here and slap him till he turns pig-faced so that his mother will no longer recognize him.” Mei Liling coldly snorted and dropped Li Feng Gou to the ground.

“If you dare hit me I’ll make sure you get kicked out of this village. Colluding with outsiders to harm village residents is grounds for banishment.” Li Feng Gou yelled.

Fear was evident in his voice. He did not even look at Mei Liling since she scared him to death. So instead he ferociously stared at Ah Chun thinking he could put her in her place and threaten her with banishment. But what he heard next made him dumbfounded.

“Yes Mother, Chun’er will do her best!” Ah Chun smiled sweetly as she slowly walked towards Li Feng Gou.

“I- I mean it! If – If you touch me I will tell the village chief and then you will get banished!” Li Feng Gou stuttered as he still tried to threaten Ah Chun. What did she mean by, mother? Li Feng Gou had this thought as well as he tried to get up to run away.

Li Feng Gou was quickly grabbed by Ah Chun who still had a sweet smile on her face. Later on, when people saw this cute little smile on Ah Chun’s face they would run away in fear. This smile would later be called the Devil’s Smile. Giving Ah Chun the nickname Little Devil.

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*Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

The first slap made Li Feng Gou’s face instantly swell up. Ah Chun was only using her strength in each slap devoid of any Spirit Power. Even though she was not using spirit power, after having her bones reforged she was ten times stronger than that of a Stage Two Martial Pract.i.tioner. Ah Chun was so immersed in slapping Li Feng Gou, Mei Liling ended up having to stop her. Li Feng Gou had already lost ninety percent of his teeth and was spitting up mouthfuls of blood. Ah Chun then picked him up and tossed him out of the courtyard. He made a small grunt as he landed and laid in a heap on the ground.

“Good girl. From now on, don’t let anyone bully you. If they try to bully you just beat them up. If they try to kill you then kill them first.” Mei Liling patted Ah Chun on the head.

“Un! Chun’er understands!” Ah Chun was feeling very good right now.

All the times that Li Feng Gou had bullied her, have now been paid back. She can’t remember how many times she had cried because of Li Feng Gou. So right now Ah Chun was feeling very refreshed.

“Good! Here Chun’er this is for you.” Mei Liling handed a black silverish ring over to Ah Chun.

Ah Chun looked at the ring that was way too big for any of her fingers. It had small designs engraved on to it and a purple gem of some kind embedded into it. Becoming confused Ah Chun looked up at Mei Liling hoping to find an answer. Seeing Ah Chun’s confused look Mei Liling couldn’t help but laugh as she started to explain.

“Chun’er this is an interspatial ring, you drop a drop of blood onto it and it will be bound to you so that it can only be used by you. Also, it will resize to your finger when you put it on. So first p.r.i.c.k your finger and drop blood onto it. One drop will do. After that go grab any keepsakes you might have and put them in the ring. Just use your Spirit Power to interact with the s.p.a.ce inside like this.” Mei Liling smiled and flipped her hand and a jade slip appeared out of nowhere. Then with another thought, it disappeared again.

Mei Liling told Ah Chun that she had already placed a few things inside and to use her Spirit Power to take a peek. Ah Chun did as instructed and p.r.i.c.ked her finger dropping a drop of blood onto the ring. She then placed the ring on to her finger and like how Mei Liling said the ring really did resize to her finger. She then sent her Spirit Power into the ring to see what was inside. There were a few sets of clothes for day to day wear as well as clothes for training. A sword and some jade slips with sword techniques in them and also a few porcelain bottles. Ah Chun pulled out one of the bottles and looked at Mei Liling.

“Besides clothes, there are some jade slips with sword techniques for learning how to use a sword. There are also these porcelain bottles that contain Qi Gathering pills for helping speed up one’s cultivation, White Lotus pills for healing injuries and some Detox pills in case you ever get poisoned. For now, you will not be taking any of them since you will need to focus more on setting your foundation. Since Chun’er skipped the Qi Gathering realm we need to get your foundation settled, before you try to speed up your cultivation too much with pills. With your talent, you will probably break through without needing any pills right now anyway.” Mei Liling explained. She then had Ah Chun run off and get her things.


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