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Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens is a web novel made by invayne.
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at 30th of October 2019 05:40:27 PM
Chapter 95

After the voice finished echoing in Ah Chun’s mind a distortion rift appeared in front of her . Ah Chun immediately gripped her sword hilt and got into a fighting stance . But what she saw was an old man with whiter hair and a beard that grew down to his waist step out from the distortion rift . Ah Chun recognized the old man right away as the same old man she saw in the projection in the sky before entering the Dragon Mist Realm .

The old man looked at Ah Chun as he stroked his beard for a few minutes . His gaze made Ah Chun feel like he was seeing right through her . The powerful aura that he was giving off felt even stronger than Immortal Xiao Ying . Ah Chun instantly knew this man was an immortal a real live immortal!

“Mhm . Not bad! Not bad at all! I can see why you are able to have sword will at your age and cultivation . You seem to be very lucky little la.s.s . ” The old man said . Advertis.e.m.e.nt”Senior my name is Ah Chun, may junior ask senior’s name?” Ah Chun’s palms were starting to get sweaty from nervousness . Just this old man’s gaze was enough to make Ah Chun tremble . But now she understood why the metal armored giant disappeared into b.a.l.l.s of light . The metal armored giant was made out of law energy!

“Oh, my! Where are my manners? My name is Kang Bai but little la.s.s can call me master from now on . ” Kang Bai rubbed his hands together as he smiled at Ah Chun . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Ah Chun felt like she must have heard things so she could not help but ask: “Umm senior can you repeat that? I thought I heard you say I can call you master . “

“Un! That’s right, I have decided to take you as my disciple . I usually only take in beauties with big chest but since you are so gifted I will make an exception for a flat chest little la.s.s like you . ” Hearing the shameless words coming out of this old man’s mouth made Ah Chun gnash her teeth in anger . She was only nine years old, of course, she would be flat-chested!

“What’s wrong little la.s.s? Why are you not greeting your master? Don’t tell me you are stupid? That’s fine too . Even if you are flat-chested and stupid, just because you’re talented I will still take you as my disciple . Now hurry up and kowtow to your new master . ” The old man then waved his hand causing Ah Chun to lose control of her body!

Ah Chun’s body slowly knelt to the ground as she kowtowed to Kang Bai three times . She was even forced to say “Chun’er greets master” . The entire time this was happening Ah Chun was internally cursing the d.a.m.n old man in front of her . She had yet to say anything about agreeing to take the old as her master and here he is forcing her to do the greetings between master and disciple!

Ah Chun could only swallow her anger and accept her fate because the old man in front of her was way too powerful . So once she was able to control her body again she could only force a smile on her face and try to appear to be happy .

Kang Bai took another long look at Ah Chun as he shook his head and said: “Such a pity you are not older with a big chest… Well, such is fate . Little la.s.s, I will be following you around for now on . Do not worry, besides guidance, I will not step in to help you unless you are about to die . Without life or death struggles you will never advance at a good pace . Truth be told you won’t even know I’m even around . Hahaha! Anyway, you no longer have to do any of the tests to earn some c.r.a.ppy inheritances . I will take you to a place that holds every inheritance of my clan . “

Ah Chun was stunned at Kang Bai’s words because he called the inheritances you gain from the Dragon Mist Realm’s test c.r.a.ppy . Ah Chun really wondered how deep the roots are for the clan that controlled the Dragon Mist Realm really was . Just by the fact that this old man himself was an immortal, must mean that his clan roots were very deep .

Ah Chun suddenly felt that having this old man as a master was not so bad . Although he was very shameless and an old pervert at least he was willing to guide her . This was a chance she just could not pa.s.s up . So she knelt to the ground in front of Kang Bai and kowtowed three times before saying: “Chun’er greets master . . . “

Kang Bai was surprised at first but then nodded his head in approval . “Good! My dear disciple! Make sure you learn well . ”


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