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“Sylvie come take a bath with us!” Maria said as she dragged a gloomy Sylvie into the bathroom with a pair of clothes to be worn for sleeping after.

“uuuuuu…” Sylvie continued to cry silently as she just realized what she had been wearing in front of Maria’s family.

“Lily! Come help me start and warm up the water!” Maria shouted as she called Lily.

“Alright big sister! I am on my way, give me a minute!” Lily shouted back from upstairs as one could hear her grabbing some stuff and closing cabinets and drawers.

Maria and Sylvie waited by the bathroom door as they looked at the stairs that lead upstairs until Lily was finally seen running down the stairs while carrying a lot of was.h.i.+ng items including hair conditioner, shampoo, body wash, soap, towels etc…

“I am here big sister! Let’s go take a bath~” Lily said happily.

“How are you even carrying all of that?” Sylvie said with a face that had tears still running down it.

“I dunno? I just can carry them all somehow. Anyway, let’s go start the water!” Lily replied as she ran into the bathroom before placing down all the items before she and Maria used water magic to fill the bathtub and then used fire magic to warm it up.

“Sylvie I’ll wash you before we enter then~” Maria said as she got a bottle of shampoo.

“nnh” Sylvie seemed to gain some light in her eyes again as she was finally able to not wear the maid uniform with cat ears on.

“Wait there you girls. Let mother take a bath with you too! Mother is also tired from her work you know!” Lisa said as she barged in the bathroom with her own pair of clothes.

“Mother!?” Lily and Maria screamed and suddenly turned pale for some reason.

“???” Sylvie tilted her head as she looked at Lisa who had just entered with a confused expression on her face.

“h.e.l.lo little Sylvie! Let me wash you for you.” Lisa said as she took off her clothes before putting it in a basket and slowly walked over to Sylvie.

“Um okay?” Sylvie replied with a puzzled expression as she looked at the two girls who were s.h.i.+vering with a pale and horrified look on their faces as if Lisa was asura herself.

“Alright! My two daughters seem afraid whenever I want to wash their backs for them. I wonder why…” Lisa said as she put her index finger at her bottom lip and tilted her head with a confused expression.

“I wonder why too…” Sylvie muttered as she caught Maria mouthing the words ‘Hurry up and run!’.

“Alright~ Sit and hold still for me please little Sylvie~” Lisa said as she got a small chair and plopped down on it as well one for Sylvie.

“Wa~ You have such nice smooth and soft hair little one.” Lisa said as she was touching Sylvie’s hair.

“Um.. Thank you…” Sylvie said slowly as she was trying to prepare herself for whatever Lisa would do to her. She was hoping it would not kill her.

“Alright, make sure you hold still. I don’t want to damage your skin or hair by any misgivings.” Lisa said as she applied shampoo on her hands and Sylvie’s hair as she started to gently and neatly wash Sylvie’s hair.

“Awa~” Sylvie voiced out in relaxation as she felt that Lisa’s technique for was.h.i.+ng hair was G.o.dly.

“Eh?! Why does it look like she’s enjoying it!” Maria whispered to Lily.

“I don’t know! Whenever momma does it, it hurts!” Lily whispered back.

“Alright, close your eyes little Sylvie. I am going to rinse your hair clean of the shampoo now.” Lisa said as she started to produce small streams of water that fell onto Sylvie’s head like a shower head in Sylvie’s previous life.

“Aa~” Sylvie voiced out again as she had not felt this good while taking a shower as there were no shower heads in this world and solely relied on magic or getting water from a stream and heating it up using fire.

“Alright, I’ll be was.h.i.+ng your body now.” Lisa said as she got a body sponge and put body wash on it before using it on Sylvie’s soft and smooth skin.

“Uwaaaa~” Sylvie couldn’t control it anymore as she lost her strength and started to succ.u.mb to the pleasure she had never felt before and started to weakly lean onto Lisa.

“Er sister, what’s happening to Sylvie?” Lily whispered to Maria as she looked at Lisa and Sylvie.

“I-I Don’t know Lily… I have never seen such a thing before!” Maria whispered back to her as she also intently watched the two.

“Now then little Sylvie, I will have to clean you even more.” Lisa said as she uh yeah, you get the gist and my vocabulary is bad so I can’t type it anyway.

“waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Sylvie shrieked as she laid limp on Lisa and was breathing roughly and rapidly.

“Alright~ We’re done.. Alright you two girls, it’s your turn~” Lisa said as she gently carried Sylvie and put her on the floor somewhere before turning to Maria and Lily.

“Hii!” The two girls screamed as they hugged each other and started trembling very badly.

“Come here you two~” Lisa said as she beckoned them to come gently.

However, to those two it was as if she was Asura, the great demon itself.

“Nooo!!” The two girls screamed as Lisa suddenly got impatient and went over to the two girls and dragged them to the was.h.i.+ng area before doing the same to Sylvie. However, due to how weak they are they felt pain instead of pleasure unlike a overpowered Sylvie.

“That’s done~ We’ll all take the bath soon~” Lisa said as she started to wash herself ignoring the girl who was okay but was looking at her with a beet red face while covering herself up with a towel while the other two were looking at her with hatred while they lay on the ground in pain.



Author : no u werent


Author : She cleaned you


Author : who said there couldn’t be female perverts?

Sylvie : W-w–what do you mean!

Author : Since there is boys love, there is also girls love. Yaoi and Yuri.

Sylvie : oh dear…



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