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Chapter 1727: Bei Xuanming

Commotion swept through the crowd of cultivators.

Changsun Liang was a publicly acknowledged and well-renowned king tier. Even though there were rumors of people defeating him and people rivaling him, none of these rumors could affect his status in everyone’s minds.

He was someone everyone desired to surpa.s.s but couldn’t. In fact, he was so powerful that his might was deeply engraved in everyone’s mind. This wasn’t something that could be changed by a few rumors.

Xiao Sheng couldn’t help but chuckle coldly. Was there anything for his vanquished opponent to be proud about? He wore an expression of disdain as he crossed his arms before his chest. However, no one paid any attention to his behavior.

He was extremely displeased, and he said, “Changsun Liang, do you dare battle me?”

Changsun Liang glanced at him, and said, “We can naturally battle after advancing to the Severing Mundane Tier.”

He wasn’t confident that he could win at this moment, so battling against Xiao Sheng was very likely to end up with both of them severely wounded. At that time, neither of them would be able to advance to the Severing Mundane Tier. Changsun Liang had been famous for many years, and his mind as a king tier was also unwavering. Thus, he naturally wouldn’t disadvantage himself for such trivial matters.

Anyhow, they were still on the path of growth, so was it truly necessary to fight for temporary victory and struggle for temporary fame?

However, his reply was also an admission of Xiao Sheng’s strength. Otherwise, he could have easily defeated his opponent in two or three exchanges without speaking a single word of nonsense. It was also because of this that everyone gained a new understanding of Xiao Sheng.

However, Xiao Sheng still felt extremely displeased. He could clearly defeat Changsun Liang, so why was he only gaining respect because of Changsun Liang’s words?

He humphed in reply. After reaching the Severing Mundane Tier, he would definitely pummel Changsun Liang and let everyone know that he was the true king tier!

“Hahahaha!” Song Ji stood up and laughed heartily before saying, “Brother Changsun, I also want to spar with you after reaching the Severing Mundane Tier! However, it’s best that you don’t lose to anyone else. Otherwise… It’s beneath me to challenge a loser.”

Beside him, Ma Ying’s beautiful eyes were also burning with fighting spirit. She also wanted to defeat the current king tier to become the new king tier.

However, Changsun Liang’s expression remained calm. Since he was a king tier, he naturally had to possess a mindset of invincibility. He had to remain unfazed regardless of how many people challenged him. However, he couldn’t help but grumble in his mind. If Ling Han and the Empress were here, they could dispose of these people far too easily. They would pummel them into questioning life.

‘Has Ling Han come?’

He glanced around, searching for signs of Ling Han. However, Ling Han and his wives were all in disguise, and had suppressed their aura. Thus, Changsun Liang naturally couldn’t discover them.

Meanwhile, Ling Han didn’t want to greet Changsun Liang, either. This was because he had offended far too many people, so greeting Changsun Liang would needlessly drag him into his affairs.

As for Fu Xiaoyun, she remained silent the entire time. Either she was truly gentle and didn’t have any desire of defeating others, or she was extremely confident in herself, and found it beneath her to defeat Xiao Sheng and the others to increase her sense of existence.

Members of the Ding Clan had also arrived, though they weren’t here to send members of their clan into the Severing Mundane Pool, but rather they were here to look for Ling Han. However, there were millions of cultivators here, and many of them were even accompanied by seniors of their clans. Thus, with the Ding Clan’s power, they still couldn’t force the others to obediently cooperate with them. That being the case, would it be easy to find Ling Han?

As for the Han Clan, they genuinely couldn’t extend their influence so far. If they dared to send people here, that would be equivalent to directly provoking the Fu Clan. Thus, they definitely couldn’t do this.

In reality, there were many more prodigies here than just Changsun Liang, Fu Xiaoyun, and the others. Moreover, there were also some cultivators who were slightly inferior, and these people had placed all of their hopes on reaching the Severing Mundane Tier. As long as they flawlessly severed the mundane, their battle prowess would be far superior to those at the same cultivation level.

The Severing Mundane Tier was just as the name suggested. However, what mundane matter one severed and how thoroughly they severed it would all affect the quality of their cultivation level. Thus, there existed a notion of the weakest severance, normal severance, and flawless severance.

King tiers and prodigies would naturally aim to perform a flawless severance. However, few of them realized that they could sever heaven and earth instead of severing a mundane matter that pertained to themself.

Several days pa.s.sed, and it was getting closer and closer to the day when the Severing Mundane Pool would open. Everyone started to become slightly tense and nervous. After all, the step of severing the mundane was far too important. Only by succeeding would one genuinely enter the world of cultivation of the Celestial Realm.

“Huh? Look over there!” someone suddenly shouted as they pointed at the sky.

Everyone looked over, only to see a giant ape in the sky. Its fur was golden, and it was dozens of kilometers tall. However, this was only a mount used to carry a green bamboo s.h.i.+p.

The bamboo s.h.i.+p wasn’t large, only measuring at most 30 meters in length. However, judging by the golden ape’s expression of exertion, this was an incredibly heavy s.h.i.+p. The golden ape huffed and puffed with each step that it took.

Which force was this?

“Look, look at that emblem!” some eagle-eyed person shouted in astonishment as they discovered a moon-shaped emblem on the green bamboo s.h.i.+p.

“It’s the Lunar Sect!” many people shouted in unison.

The Lunar Sect was also a three-star force, though it was located fairly far away from the territory of the Fu Clan. However, of the nearby hundreds of three-star forces, the Lunar Sect could rank inside the top 10. This wasn’t a force that the Fu Clan could rival.

Theoretically speaking, the Lunar Sect definitely shouldn’t have come here. After all, the Lunar Sect also had Mystery Realms similar to the Severing Mundane Pool in their territory. Thus, was there any need for them to travel here?

Hmm? Perhaps some supreme treasure had appeared in the surroundings?

The giant ape slowly descended with the green bamboo s.h.i.+p. This was an Immortal Beast, yet its primal ferocity hadn’t disappeared yet. It continued to bare its fangs and roar at the cultivators in the surroundings.

At this moment, a man walked out from the green bamboo s.h.i.+p. His clothes were elegant, and his figure was slender. As he walked, he radiated with the demeanor of a king tier. This was a dazzling aura of absolute confidence.

“Severing Mundane Tier!” many powerful figures exclaimed in astonishment upon seeing the young man.

Although age would become irrelevant after one reached the Severing Mundane Tier, those who reached the Severing Mundane Tier at an age of several million years old or tens of millions of years old would still astonish those around them. After all, this represented their astounding talent.

This young man was at most 100,000 years old!


A Severing Mundane Tier grand elder at only 100,000 years old? Could they find such a prodigy in the Fu Clan’s territory?

“Xiaoyun,” the young man said with a proud and haughty smile as he quickly turned his gaze to Fu Xiaoyun. “I heard that you were about to sever the mundane, so I decided to come here to accompany you. Anyhow, I also need to perform my second severance, so we can enter the Severing Mundane Pool together.”

Second severance?


Such a young first severance grand elder was already shocking enough, yet this person was actually about to advance to the second severance? This was far too freakis.h.!.+

Fu Xiaoyun nodded in greeting, and a rare smile spread across her face.

These two were?

Some people knew their relations.h.i.+p, so they told it to everyone else.

This young man was called Bei Xuanming, and he was the Holy Son of the Lunar Sect. Moreover, the Fu Clan and the Lunar Sect had intentions of improving their relations.h.i.+p through marriage, and the couple in question was none other than Bei Xuanming and Fu Xiaoyun.

Why was it them two?

This was because both had obtained the good graces of the Return to Origin Palace, a four-star force. They could both enter this super-powerful force, and of the nearby hundreds of three-star forces, this was an honor that only the two had received.

This information started to spread, and everyone could only listen on in envy.

Bei Xuanming was a supreme king tier and the Holy Son of a large sect, and now he even had a stunningly beautiful and powerful partner in Fu Xiaoyun. His life was already perfect, so what more could he desire?

“I’ve heard that there are several self-proclaimed king tiers here. Step forward so I can check you out,” Bei Xuanming said as he swept his cold gaze across everyone. He wore an expression of contempt as he continued, “Before me, Bei Xuanming, who dares to call themself a king tier?”


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